Dr. G

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Dr. G


Dr. G is the co-owner of Therapeutic Tech and the owner of a private wine label called G-Wine in San Francisco, California.

During the events of Replica (2005) played by Rick Camp

Dr. G discusses the success of the nanotechnology with Dr. Evelyn Tyler. Six months later, Dr. G calls WonderChip and makes an order for 50 million NANO 3000 chips with Joe Thomas. After Dr. G finishes the deal, he calls someone else and tells them to begin. After her death, Detective Le questions Dr. G about Evelyn and her work and Dr. G tells him, he wishes he could bring Evelyn back to life. Claudia and Joe confront Dr. G and he tells them they are alive, because of him. He calls himself the living god and tells them cloning can solve racism by allowing people to change their skin color if they feel discriminated against. He pulls a gun on them and takes them to the laboratory and shows them the Cloneatron which gives the clones immortality and that he can also clone celebrities. Joe lunges at Dr. G and as Dr. G is about to shoot Joe, Claudia gets in between them and is shot. As Dr. G is about to try to shoot Joe again, Detective Le arrives and shoots Dr. G to death.