Dr. Ian Sussman

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Dr. Ian Sussman


Dr. Ian Sussman is a researcher at Villanova University in San Francisco, California.

During the events of Contagion (2011) played by Elliott Gould

On Day 6, Dr. Sussman reports the virus shows novel characteristics and appears to be chimeric in origin with 15 to 19 kilobases in length and six to ten genes typical of paramyxovirus. Alan Krumwiede runs up to Dr. Sussman with a mini recorder and asks him if the virus was created by the military and tells Dr. Sussman there is talk on the blogosphere the virus is a biological weapon. On Day 7, Dr. Ally Hextall calls Dr. Sussman and tells him he has to destroy his samples. On Day 8, Dr. Sussman is at a restaurant and notices people touching their mouths and feeding their kids as a customer coughs. Later when he is in the lab, Sussman's Assistant tells him she heard they are shutting them down from working on the virus and he tells her to go home and he will destroy their samples. Later, Dr. Hextall tells Dr. Ellis Cheever, Dr. Sussman managed to grow the virus in his lab.