Dr. MacDonald

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Dr. Macdonald


Alexander Macdonald is the assistant surgeon on the HMS Terror in the Discovery Service for the British Royal Navy.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 1 Go for Broke played by Charles Edwards

At the officer's dinner, James Fitzjames tells the diners consisting of John Franklin, Francis Crozier, Lt. Edward Little, Dr. MacDonald, Lt. John Irving, and Lt. George Hodgson about the time he was shot in China. Crozier sarcastically asks Fitzjames to recount the time he was assigned to guard bird guano. Franklin mentions that Reid noticed a patch of ice that doesn't appear to be summer break-up ice, but isn't concerned. Crozier has a meeting with Franklin and Fitzjames about David Young and Dr. MacDonald tells them Young has dark blood in his stool and he may have tuberculosis. Franklin suggests Dr. Stanley have a look at young and decides to have Young brought to his ship. Franklin gives a speech to the crew about how they will soon accomplish their journey. Six days later, both ships are stuck in the ice and the next morning they wake up to be surrounded by continuous ice.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 2 Gore played by Charles Edwards

Spring, 1847, Crozier returns to his ship and Dr. MacDonald tells him Lady Silence is in good shape. Crozier apologizes to her and tells her in Igloolik, his name was Aglooka. He tells her he wants to help and she tells him to take the ships away or they will disappear.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 4 Punishment, as a Boy played by Charles Edwards

November, 1847, Dr. Stanley examines the body of Pvt. William Heather and tells Dr. MacDonald, Heather's health is not failing. Henry Goodsir stays to watch and learn as Dr. MacDonald works on Heather. After a body is found on the ship, Dr. MacDonald tells Crozier that the body Cornelius Hickey found actually consisted of the top half of William Strong and the lower half of Thomas Evans. Fitzjames thinks a man did it, but Dr. MacDonald tells him it was an animal claw. Little tells them the only tracks they found belonged to the Tuunbaq.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 5 First Shot a Winner, Lads played by Charles Edwards

Dr. MacDonald thanks Goodsir for his help and tells him about when Captain Penny's tooth exploded during an expedition in 1839. Goodsir asks Dr. MacDonald if any of the men are suffering from black gums and Dr. MacDonald remembers reading about a case of lead poisoning. After he is attacked by the Tuunbaq, Thomas Blanky is brought to Dr. MacDonald and John Diggle helps as Dr. MacDonald cuts off Blanky's lower leg after everyone in the room takes a shot. Crozier has Fitzjames, Little, Dr. MacDonald and Thomas Jopson come into his cabin and asks them for help getting him sober and puts Fitzjames in charge for the time being.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 6 A Mercy played by Charles Edwards

January, 1848, Irving gives a briefing to Fitzjames, Hodgson, Dr. MacDonald, Dr. Stanley, Blanky and Lt. H.T.D. Le Vesconte on the status of the ships' supplies. He then mentions that Dr. MacDonald thinks any of the anti-scurvy properties the lemons may have had have worn out due to age. He ends by telling Fitzjames if they reduce their rations by 3/4 then they will run out by midwinter next year. Fitzjames tells Irving to have Diggle and Richard Wall focus on serving salted meats to save the portable food stuffs. Fitzjames releases everyone else, except for Blanky. Carnival starts and Crozier and Jopson arrive later and find the crew drunk. Crozier holds a speech and tells the crew that they need to return to their homes. Crozier tells them that they will be walking to safety. He continues that they should find help from the Netsilik people on their way and should eventually meet up with Lt. Fairholme and his group. Lady Silence stumbles into the crowd and shortly after, Dr. Stanley starts himself and the carnival camp on fire. The fire spreads through carnival and some of the crew are burned to death. Hickey uses a knife to cut open the canvas and kills Dr. MacDonald in the process.