Dr. Maggie Sheridan

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Dr. Maggie Sheridan


Dr. Maggie Sheridan is a medical doctor at Greene County Hospital in Eutaw, Greene County, Alabama. She served in the Peace Corps in South America.

During the events of Jaws of Satan (1981) played by Gretchen Corbett

Dr. Sheridan walks in to the hospital and Nurse Peggy tells her Trainman has been trying to say something. Dr. Sheridan says hello to Nurse. Father Farrow walks in to check on Trainman and Dr. Sheridan tells him Trainman's condition is getting worse. An orderly wheels in Farmer as Farmer's Son walks beside his gurney. Dr. Sheridan sees the Farmer and an Intern tells her what happened. She goes to the mortuary and Dr. Owens offers her some home cooked chicken before showing her the bodies of the train engineer and Carnie Kid. He tells her the engineer had a massive heart attack and the Carnie Kid died from a snake bite. Dr. Sheridan suggests they make a public announcement, but Dr. Owens warns her it could cause a panic and ruin the opening of the dog track and anger Matt Perry. She suggests they bring in a snake expert and Dr. Owens mentions Carnie Kid also had a virulent case of Syphilis. Paul Hendricks arrives and is confused when Dr. Sheridan is there to greet him due to his assumption that Dr. Sheridan is a man. He then makes the remark that Dr. Sheridan might be overreacting. They visit the Farmer's hospital room and Farmer's Son tells Paul about the rattlesnake incident. Farmer's Son shows Paul the rattlesnake corpse and Paul continues to think Dr. Sheridan is overreacting. She takes him to see the corpse of Carnie Kid, and after she can't find the body, she asks the Orderly where Dr. Owens is and the Orderly tells her he got a call from Mayor Thorpe. The Orderly then tells her Dr. Owens released the body of the Carnie Kid to Freeburg Crematorium.

As he is heading to the airport, Dr. Sheridan chases down Paul with an ambulance and shows Paul the body of Evelyn and Paul is shocked by her wound. She lets Paul borrow her car and he drops her off at her home. As she is undressing, a snake slithers in her bedroom. She takes a shower and as she crawls into bed, the rattlesnake slithers onto her bed. She calls Paul and he runs to her car and The Snake appears to order the rattlesnake to slither towards Dr. Sheridan. Paul breaks into Dr. Sheridan's house and uses a snake tong to grab the rattlesnake and then shoots it. Dr. Sheridan starts to cry and after Paul slaps her, she slaps him back and they hug. In the morning, Father Farrow goes to see Dr. Sheridan and asks her how Evelyn died. She and Paul tell Father Farrow, Evelyn was killed by a snake. She goes to speak with Mayor Thorpe and he ignores her advice to warn the public. Dr. Sheridan and Paul hold a town meeting and he tells the people he doesn't know why the snakes are attacking people. Mayor Thorpe and Matt walk into the building and Mayor Thorpe demands to know what is going on. Mayor Thorpe says any talk of a snake is a waste of time and Blue Collar Worker asks if the body of a kid at the lake was ever found. Dr. Owens lies and says Evelyn died of anaphylactic shock from a bee sting. After Mayor Thorpe tells the people to calm down and go back to work, Father Farrow tells the people he was attacked by a snake earlier. Mayor Thorpe says the meeting will continue in private and walks into his office with Matt, Dr. Owens, Dr. Sheridan, Paul and Father Farrow. Matt takes over and tells Dr. Sheridan and Paul they have 18 hours to find and kill the snakes and threatens them to keep quiet if they don't accomplish their mission or they will be sent to the local jail on a trumped up charge.

Paul and Sheriff Tatum take a helicopter to search for the snakes, while Dr. Sheridan drives her car. A Biker sees Dr. Sheridan drive by and starts to follow her. The Biker forces Dr. Sheridan off the road and then does it again. He pulls out a gun and orders her out of her car and as he is about to sexually assault her, The Snake appears and the Biker runs away and Dr. Sheridan gets into her car. The Snake shatters her window, but she manages to get away. Father Farrow tells Dr. Sheridan and Paul The Snake is Satan, but Paul thinks it is just a snake. Later, Father Farrow puts on his vestments and receives a call from Dr. Sheridan who tells him Paul is in the caverns. Dr. Sheridan goes to the caverns. Father Farrow walks to the caverns and calls out to Satan and finds Dr. Sheridan on an alter with The Snake above her. He moves Dr. Sheridan from the alter and takes her place. Paul regains consciousness as Father Farrow speaks Latin while holding the cross and The Snake erupts in flames. Father Farrow then leaves the cave with Dr. Sheridan and Paul as The Snake burns.

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