Dr. Worley

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Dr. Worley


Dr. J.B. Worley owns the School and Sanitarium of Electric Healing in Lower Falls, Brockway, Kansas. He is a graduate of the American School of Electric Healing.

During the events of Return to OZ (1985) played by Nicol Williamson

Dorothy is taken by Aunt Em to Dr. Worley's sanitarium. After Dorothy tells him about OZ he shows her his machine and tells Aunt Em how the machine works. Later, Dorothy is wheeled into his office by Nurse Wilson and he explains to Dorothy how he is going to fix her brain with some headphones and electricity. As he is about to use his machine on Dorothy, the power goes out due to a violent storm. Dr. Worley then goes to check the generator. He dies trying to save his equipment when the sanitarium is struck by lightening and catches fire.

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