Dreamscape (1984)

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A psychic is recruited by a government agency to go into people's dreams to help them with psychological issues.


Science Fiction


Alex Gardner - Dennis Quaid

Paul Novotny - Max Von Sydow

Bob Blair - Christopher Plummer

The President - Eddie Albert

Jane DeVries - Kate Capshaw

Tommy Ray Glatman - David Patrick Kelly

Charlie Prince - George Wendt

Mr. Webber - Larry Gelman

Buddy - Cory "Bumper" Yothers

Snead - Redmond Gleeson

Babcock - Peter Jason

Finch - Chris Mulkey

Mrs. Webber - Jana Taylor

Fred Schoenstein - Madison Mason

Mrs. Matusik - Kendall Carly Browne

President's Daughter - Kate Charleson

Tommy Ray's Father - Eric Gold

President's Wife - Virginia Kiser

Edward Simms - Carl Strano

McClaren - Brian Libby

Dobbs - Bob Terhune

Bill Hardy - Fred M. Waugh

Mrs. Blair - Timothy Blake

Tech Aide 1 - Carey Fox

Tech Aide 2 - Marii Mak

Tech Aide 3 - Claudia Lowe

Newswoman - Anna Chavez

Train Conductor - Ben Kronen

Trolley Conductor - John Malone

Waitress - Mindi Iden

Grandma - Betty Kean

Desk Guard - Trent Dolan

Webber's Brother - Andrew Boyer

Buddy's Father - George Caldwell

Gardener - Ernest Harada

Nurse - Tina Greenberg

Track Announcer - Alan Buchdahl

The Snakeman - Larry Cedar

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Detailed Synopsis

The President wakes up from a nightmare where he sees the President's Wife engulfed by nuclear fire as she calls out his name. Fred Schoenstein checks on him and asks if he needs his doctor. Paul Novotny shows a video of Alex Gardner to Jane DeVries and Bob Blair. Bob tells him that he wants Alex on the project and that he will find him. At the racetrack, Track Announcer gives details on the race. Alex watches as his choice wins the race. After he gets his winnings, Alex is chased after by Snead, McClaren and Dobbs. He runs into the women's restroom and a Grandma loudly calls him a pervert as she storms out of the restroom. Snead and the others find him and Snead tells Alex that he notices he always picks the right horse and he and Snead are going to be partners. Alex throws his bag out of the window and then runs away. Snead and Dobbs find the bag and open it to find it full of toilet paper and Alex gets away in a cab. Alex goes home and listens to his messages on his answering machine. As he is leaving his apartment, a car pulls up and Babcock and Finch introduce themselves and tell him they have a proposition for him. He then gets in their car when he sees McClaren and Dobbs walking towards them. After they make some distance between themselves and McClaren and Dobbs, Alex tells them that he changed his mind, but Finch locks the doors.

They drive to Thornhill College and walk into Bates Hall where a Desk Guard has Alex sign in. He's brought to a room with a one way window. Jane introduces herself to Alex and tells him that they are doing research on dreams. She takes him to the sleep-monitoring station and then takes him to another section where Tech Aide 3 says hello to her and where they monitor dreams in order to fix psychological problems. Tech Aide 2 asks to speak with Jane and Alex walks around and finds an empty room with television screens and a machine with two seats. Paul walks into the room and shakes Alex's hand. He then tells him that he feels Alex has pissed away his psychic gifts. They go to the Village Pub and the Waitress brings them a pitcher of beer. Paul tells Alex about their research of placing someone telepathically into another person's dreamscape which he calls dreamlink. As they are talking, Charlie Prince watches them intently. During the night, Alex sneaks into the dream chamber where Tech Aide 1 tells the others that Buddy's vital signs are increasing. Paul asks how Edward Simms is doing and Jane tells him that Edward is showing signs of extreme agitation and she decides to stop the dream.

In the morning, Paul tells Alex about Buddy and Edward and Alex tells him that he doesn't want to be a part of the research. Paul tells him that the IRS has become interested in his gambling winnings and offers to get the IRS off his back if he helps with the research. While Jane is testing Alex's abilities, he flirts with her. During the night, Edward is taken away in an ambulance in a catatonic state. Alex hears someone playing his saxophone and finds Tommy Ray Glatman laying on his bed playing it. Tommy puts on Alex's jacket and Alex invites him to have some beers and Tommy accuses him of wanting to learn his secrets. Alex is placed in the dream of Bill Hardy. In the dream Bill is standing on top of a large skyrise when a piece of steel girder hits him and causes him to hang by it. Alex goes to help him and falls off the girder. Paul wakes him up and celebrates with Alex for successfully entering Bill's dream. While Alex is getting an MRI, Bob introduces himself to him. While running, Alex stops to speak with Jane and Buddy and Buddy tells him of the monster in his dreams. The President has another nightmare about nuclear apocalypse and the President's Daughter runs and comforts him. Bob is brought to the White House and Fred tells him about The President's condition. The President tells Bob about his dreams and Bob offers to help him. The President then tells Bob that he plans on trying to make a disarmament deal with the Soviets.

Jane interviews Mrs. Webber and Mr. Webber about Mr. Webber's sleep walking. Alex is placed in Mr. Webber's dream and appears in a car with Mr. Webber. They stop at Mr. Webber's house and hear moaning upstairs. They go into the bedroom and see Mrs. Webber in bed with Webber's Brother in front of their children. Under the bed are Mr. Webber's golf buddies, Phil, Dave and Herbie, and hiding behind the curtains are a priest and the Gardener. After the dream, Paul tells Alex that Mr. Webber is suffering from an inferiority complex complicated with sexual performance issues. Alex convinces Paul to let him go into Buddy's dream. Tech Aide 1 hooks Buddy up and when Buddy starts to dream, Alex goes into the dream. He wakes up in Buddy's house with Buddy who tells him about The Snakeman. The Snakeman breaks into the house and they run by Buddy's Father, who doesn't offer to help them. The Snakeman kills Buddy's Father and Alex and Buddy run into an underground area. The Snakeman catches them and Alex grabs it while Buddy kills it with an axe. A Newswoman reports that The President has the flu and is recuperating. Tommy sees The Snakeman drawing that Alex made and Alex admits to him that The Snakeman scared him. Alex asks out Jane, but she tells him no. At the Village Pub, Charlie introduces himself to Alex and says he is working on a new horror book about dreams. Charlie tells Alex about Bob being in charge of covert intelligence. As they are talking a man watches them intently and when Charlie sees him, Charlie leaves.

Alex goes to Jane's office and finds her sleeping. He enters her dream where she is on a train and the Train Conductor asks for her ticket. Alex sits down next to her and they kiss and have sex. Jane wakes up and gets upset with Alex. Bob tells Paul that he is going to bring The President there so they can enter his dreams. While Mrs. Matusik is dreaming, her heart starts beating rapidly. Paul stares at Tommy, who is in Mrs. Matusik's dream and Tech Aide 1 says that Mrs. Matusik's heart has stopped. A Nurse tries to save her, but Mrs. Matusik dies. Alex confronts Tommy at the cafeteria, but Tommy shows no emotion about Mrs. Matusik's death. Alex sneaks into Paul's office and looks up Tommy's file and finds out that he murdered his own father. He meets up with Charlie who tells him that Alex is in trouble and Bob wants to turn him into an assassin. They see some men walking towards them and try to hide among people in a pep rally, but Charlie is shot dead. Alex is shoved into a car with Bob who admits he had Tommy killed Mrs. Matusik to see if it can be done. Bob tells Alex that either he works for him or he dies. Alex manages to escape and Bob tells Babcock and Finch to kill Alex. The President arrives and Alex warns Jane that Blair is evil. Alex is chased by multiple vehicles and rides into the racetrack parking garage. He makes a deal with Snead to slow down the guys chasing after him and again manages to get away.

Paul tells Bob that he is going to expose him and as Paul is leaving with a file on Bob, he is surrounded by Babcock and Finch. Alex goes back to the college and Jane lets him inside. Bob tells Tommy to kill The President in his sleep. Alex ambushes Finch and takes his gun and Jane finds Paul's body in the back of Finch's car. He knocks Finch unconscious and goes to stop Tommy. He goes into The President's dream and finds The President riding a trolley through a destroyed Washington, D.C. Tommy appears in the dream and Trolley Conductor walks up and asks what is going on. Tommy grows metal fingernails and rips out the Trolley Conductor's heart. Alex and Tommy fight and during the fight, Tommy turns into The Snakeman. As Tommy has them trapped, Alex changes his appearance to look like Tommy Ray's Father, distracting him, and The President stabs a pipe through him, killing Tommy. The President accuses Bob of trying to kill him and Bob tells him that there is nothing he can do to stop him. Jane and Alex run out of the building and The President thanks Alex. While dreaming, Bob has a dream that Alex turns into the The Snakeman. The alarm goes off and Mrs. Blair finds Bob dead. Alex and Jane get on a train to Louisville and the Train Conductor is the same one from Jane's dream.