Duchess of Zasyekin

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Duchess of Zasyekin


The Duchess of Zasyekin is a resident of Russia. Her daughter is Zinka and her husband was Alexander Pavlovic.

During the events of Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 1 First Love played by Wanda Luczycka

Vladimir Petrovich goes to the Duchess's house and introduces himself to her. She calls for Boniface and Vladimir invites her to dinner and tells her that Maria offered to help her in any way. She introduces Zinka to him and Zinka has him help her knit. The Duchess tells Zinka that Bierdof has brought her a cat and Zinka runs off. At dinner, the Duchess tells Pietrov Petrovich that her husband squandered all of their money and Maria Petrovich offers to speak to the prince on her behalf.