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Dutch is a survivor of the plague living in Los Angeles, California. He was senior in medical school when civilization was destroyed by the plague and planned to apply to a bio warfare program. Dutch was almost killed by a friend who turned into a tertiary case of the plague.

During the events of The Omega Man (1971) played by Paul Koslo

Before Neville can be executed on a pyre at Dodgers Stadium by The Family, Dutch cuts him free. Dutch then uses explosives to confuse The Family Members. After Lisa and Neville escape from the stadium, Dutch escapes on his motorcycle. He goes to his and Lisa's hideout and introduces himself to Neville. He drives Lisa, Richie, Little Girl, and Neville to Neville's home so Neville can try and cure Richie and then drives back with the Little Girl to the hideout. Later Neville drives to the hideout and tells Dutch that he has created a cure for the plague and asks Dutch if he can get the children ready to leave. Dutch, Little Girl, Tommy, and the other children go to Neville's home and find Neville dying. Dutch takes the last bottle of serum from Neville and then leaves with Lisa, who has been transformed from the plague.

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