Dwayne Monroe

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Dwayne Monroe


Dwayne Monroe is a serial killer in northern Louisiana. His brother is Todd Monroe and his wife is Anne Monroe. He murdered Mrs. Mullins and Mr. Mullins, and Mr. Rhinehart and Mrs. Rhinehart.

During the events of The Evictors (1979) played by Glen Roberts

As Ruth Watkins is cutting Ben Watkins a piece of pie, she sees Dwayne standing outside staring at her. She screams and calls for Ben, but when he comes downstairs Dwayne is gone. The Peddler stops by the Watkins house and starts to chop wood when he finds Ben and Ruth gone. As he returns from stacking the cut wood on the porch, he is attacked and killed by Dwayne wielding an ax. As Dwayne is driving the Peddler's vehicle away, Ruth sees him. As Ruth is putting away books, she hears a creaking noise coming from upstairs. Ben calls and tells her he is coming home early and she tells him she thinks someone is in the house, but he can't hear her and hangs up. Dwayne appears at the top of the stairs and when Ruth tries to open the door, it is jammed by a piece of wood. She uses a pan to break a window and manages to run away. Later, Ruth returns home and notices the phone won't work. She sees Dwayne and tries to shoot him, but misses. Dwayne breaks into the house, but walks out again when he sees Ben driving up. Ben walks into the house and Ruth shoots him. Dwayne then walks into the house and attacks Ruth with a large knife, but is shot by Ben and crawls away. When Olie gets home from Ben's funeral, she finds Dwayne in her bed. He pulls a knife on Olie. She tells him that their plan has always worked. Dwayne stabs Olie and after Jake drives Ruth to Olie's house to say goodbye, Dwayne attacks Ruth and Jake runs into the house and shoots Dwayne to death.