Dwayne T. Robinson

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Dwayne T. Robinson


Dwayne T. Robinson is the Deputy Chief of Police for the Los Angeles Police Department in Los Angeles, California.

During the events of Die Hard (1988) played by Paul Gleason

Robinson arrives on scene of the Nakatomi Plaza and he starts to argue with Sgt. Al Powell about whose side John McClane is on. Capt. Mitchell and his SWAT team get ready to enter the building. Rivers and his team advance on the building and the terrorists shoot out the police spot lights. Robinson tells Mitchell to pull Rivers and his team back, but Mitchell insists they are almost in the building and sends an armored personnel carrier, (APC) towards the building. Uli and Eddie shoot and wound Rivers and his team. Alexander and James fire a missile launcher at the APC, stopping it in its tracks. An explosion blows out most of the lower floors, killing Alexander and James. Robinson takes the radio from Powell and tells John they don't want his help. Hans Gruber radios the police and gives a list of demands to Robinson including the release of numerous international revolutionaries. Young Cop tells Robinson that the FBI are there and Little Johnson introduces himself and Big Johnson to Robinson. The FBI then take over the operation. After the terrorists have been killed, John and Holly Gennero McClane leave the building and John meets Powell face to face for the first time and they hug and John introduces Powell to Holly. Robinson walks up to John and demands a debriefing and Karl walks out of the building holding a rifle. As he is about to shoot John, Powell shoots Karl dead.