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Ector is a knight in Britain. His wife is Arthur's Foster Mother, his son is Kay and his adopted son is King Arthur.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 1 Homecoming played by Sean Pertwee

Kay and Arthur ride back home. Arthur asks Arthur's Foster Mother and Ector what is going on. Merlin tells Arthur that King Uther is dead and that he is Uther's son. Ector tells Arthur that Merlin is telling the truth and that Merlin brought him to Ector and Arthur's Foster Mother when he was less than a week old and asked them to look over Arthur. The next day, Arthur tells Arthur's Foster Mother that she will always be his mother and tells Ector that no son had a better father. Arthur asks Kay to join him and he, Merlin and Kay ride away.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 2 The Sword and the Crown played by Sean Pertwee

After the funeral for Arthur's Foster Mother, Ector appears and calls to Arthur and Arthur runs to him and hugs him. At Camelot, Queen Igraine apologizes to Ector for the death of Arthur's Foster Mother. A Messenger rides up to Camelot and says that someone is trying to pull the sword from the stone. Arthur manages to pull the sword from the stone, but is injured in the process. Arthur is bandaged by Igraine, Ector and Kay. He recovers and Arthur has his coronation ceremony and the Archbishop crowns Arthur king. Kay is made marshal of England, and Ector and Leontes are made champions. Arthur notices suspicious men in hoods and a battle breaks out. Pellinor is killed by Lot who then fights Ector. Lot fatally stabs Ector, who then sticks a dagger through Lot's neck. Ector tells Arthur and Kay that he loves them and then dies.