Eddie (Die Hard)

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Eddie is part of a group of international thieves.

During the events of Die Hard (1988) played by Dennis Hayden

At Nakatomi Plaza, Eddie puts on the uniform of one of the dead Guards while Tony goes to cut the telephone lines. John McClane pulls the fire alarm and Hans Gruber has Eddie call the fire department and cancels the alarm. After John calls the police, Sgt. Al Powell gets out of his vehicle and Eddie lets him inside the building. Powell briefly walks through the entrance of the building before leaving. As Powell is leaving, John throws Marco's body onto the hood of his patrol vehicle and starts shooting at it. Capt. Mitchell and his SWAT team get ready to enter the building and Hans tells the others to get ready. Rivers and his team advance on the building and the terrorists shoot out the police spot lights. Uli and Eddie shoot and wound Rivers and his team. After the vault is opened, Hans, Theo and Eddie gather the bonds from the vault. As Kristoff is running off with a bag of bonds, John hits him with the butt stock of his weapon, knocking him unconscious. He walks into the hallway and Hans pulls Holly Gennero McClane in front of him and puts a gun to her head. Hans orders John to put down his gun and as Hans is about to shoot him, John starts laughing and pulls a gun he taped to his back and shoots Hans and then Eddie in the forehead.