Edge of Sanity (1989)

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Dr. Jekyll attains a killer alter ego after smoking a drug concoction of his own design.


Horror, Slasher


Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde - Anthony Perkins

Elisabeth Jekyll - Glynis Barber

Susannah - Sarah Maur-Thorp

Underwood - David Lodge

Johnny - Ben Cole

Newcomen - Ray Jewers

Flora - Jill Melford

Maria - Lisa Davis

Egglestone - Noel Coleman

Ann Underwood - Briony McRoberts

Lanyon - Mark Elliot

Coroner - Harry Landis

Mrs Egglestone - Jill Pearson

Mr Bollingham - Basil Hoskins

Margot - Ruth Burnett

Maggie - Carolyn Cortez

Cockney Prostitute - Cathy Murphy

Liza - Claudia Udy

Jekyll's Father - Gerard Kikoine


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Detailed Synopsis

A young Dr. Jekyll is hiding in the barn loft watching a women undresses. The women sees him and continues to strip and then has sex with Jekyll's Father. As Jekyll is watching he falls out of the loft and his foot is caught by a stirrup hanging from the loft, causing him to hang upside down. Jekyll's Father then spanks him as the woman laughs.

Many years later, Jekyll wakes up from a nightmare involving his youth. Elisabeth Jekyll asks him if he is alright and he tells her to go back to sleep before walking to his study. The next morning he walks to his job at the hospital, on the way buying a newspaper and saying hello to Mr. Stanton. He mixes up an anesthetic drug of his own design and then applies it to a patient as Lanyon watches. After the surgery, Jekyll tells Lanyon that he has been using the drug itself and it has caused him to have dreams of another level. A nurse walks up to Jekyll and tells him a female patient is waiting. Jekyll and Lanyon inspect the patient, Susannah, and see she is suffering from lashes given to her by her brothers. Jekyll leaves after noticing that Susannah has a close resemblance to the woman he watched from his youth. Jekyll returns to his lab at his home and gives Charlie a dose of a drug he is working on. As Jekyll is working on notes, Charlie knocks over a bottle of ether, causing it to mix with cocaine. Jekyll goes to put out the reaction and inhales a large cloud of the new drug.

He transforms into Jack Hyde and leaves his house. He sees a prostitute and follows her down the street. Johnny invites Jekyll to visit Madame Flora's. Jekyll goes inside and is introduced to Flora and Johnny starts to show him around the bordello. He shows Jekyll a religious themed sadomasochistic show going on and Jekyll runs out of the bordello. He sees a man kissing on Susannah and grabs the man and throws him down the stairs, but when he turns around, Susannah is gone. Maria propositions Jekyll and they go up to her place. After smoking more of his concoction, Jekyll grabs her and takes a knife and rips open her panties exposing her butt. Maria turns around and tries to get Jekyll to have sex with her and then Jekyll starts slapping her and tells her to force him to pray. He starts to pray and then slashes Maria's throat, killing her. The next morning Elisabeth wakes Jekyll up and Bernadette tells Jekyll that Underwood is waiting for him in his office. Jekyll asks Underwood a hypothetical question and tells Underwood he will need his help soon. Coroner shows Newcomen, Maria's body. The Coroner then describes the wounds on the body and Newcomen suspects it is someone who knows anatomy. Jekyll tells Egglestone about his drug discovery and Egglestone insists he announce its creation at the Vienna conference. Egglestone tells Jekyll that if he is sent to Calcutta, then Jekyll may get his job on the board of governors at the hospital. Egglestone then leaves to speak with Mr Bollingham and tells him about Jekyll's work, but Jekyll warns there might be side effects to the drug.

Elisabeth mentions their upcoming trip to Vienna to meet with Vivian and Jekyll leaves to go back to his lab. He smokes more of his new drug and goes to a bar where he meets Maggie. They leave and go to Georgie's hotel and Maggie begs Georgie to let her rent a room. Maggie takes Jekyll to the room, but he continues on to the roof and she follows him. Jekyll notices a peeping tom watching Maggie and tells her the peeping tom likes her. Jekyll orders Maggie to sit down and exposes her chest so the peeping tom can see and then tells Maggie to rub his cane up and down her crotch. As Georgie is looking for Maggie, Jekyll takes the cane from Maggie and holds it against her throat. Jekyll then slashes Maggie's throat and Georgie finds Jekyll standing over Maggie's body. The next day, Newcomen questions a police officer about Maggie's death. At Egglestone's going away dinner, Elisabeth tells Egglestone she made Jekyll promise they will come and visit them. A member of the dinner comments on the murders in London and Mr Bollingham tells her there is no reason to worry. Another man at the table comments India is probably just like the Whitechapel district. Egglestone argues that the inhabitants of India don't realize that civilization can offer them a better life. Elisabeth mentions Reverend Fowler and Mrs Egglestone asks who Fowler is. Elisabeth tells her Fowler is the reverend at St. Michael's in Whitechapel and says how he has opened the church to the prostitutes. Jekyll tells the others that they would not know what to do if they were suddenly given absolute freedom and another member asks if she isn't already free. Jekyll then describes what he means by total freedom by taking the food of the first member and grabbing the arm of Mrs Egglestone. Jekyll shortly after leaves the dinner table after telling the other man at table that he would have to be caught first before society could be put in prison.

When they get home, Jekyll apologizes to Elisabeth for embarrassing her at dinner and she suggests he might be working too hard. As Jekyll is walking away from her, he tells her that he is working with a Jack Hyde at the hospital with a patient that can only be seen at night due to a sleeping sickness. Jekyll does more drugs and then makes his way to Flora's. Susannah approaches Jekyll and propositions him and he accepts and Flora has Johnny bring Jekyll a drink. Susannah takes Jekyll into a private room and she smokes some of his drug and tells him her fantasy of getting revenge on her step-father for raping and beating her. Johnny walks in with three drinks and Jekyll tells him Susannah wants to do unkind things to him and then forces Johnny into a chair. Jekyll then makes Johnny smoke some of the drug and has Susannah take Johnny's pants off. Jekyll then has Johnny tell Susannah to take her clothes off and then has Susannah and Johnny have sex while he watches. Jekyll leaves Flora's and Vera Lockton stops him and Jekyll follows her into the alley and murders her. The next day at the hospital while teaching medical students, Jekyll becomes distracted by the corpse's buttocks and suddenly leaves and Lanyon is forced to excuse the students.

At the church two prostitutes talk about the recent murders in front of Elisabeth. Liza tells a pregnant prostitute named Nelly that she should have gone to get a free abortion like she did. Nelly starts to miscarriage and Elisabeth takes her to the hospital where Jekyll works. The nurse tells Elisabeth, Jekyll isn't there and she doesn't know who Hyde is. Jekyll goes back to Flora's and she tells him Susannah is busy, but Liza is free. He pushes Liza aside and barges in on Susannah who is with a client. Flora asks Johnny to help her and then asks for a gun. Jekyll then runs outside the building. As Jekyll is walking he comes across a prostitute in a carriage. She propositions him and introduces herself as Margot and her coachman as Frank. They ride away and then stop. Frank grabs Jekyll and throws him against the wall and Margot takes out Jekyll's wallet, but finds it empty. Jekyll gets away from Frank and then stabs Margot to death before injuring Frank, who calls him the Ripper. Jekyll goes home and finds Elisabeth outside of his lab. She tells him about going to the hospital and not finding him there. She accuses him about lying about Hyde, but he tells her, Hyde really does exist. At the hospital, Newcomen questions Jekyll about his work and shows him the drug found near the body of Margot. Newcomen tells Jekyll about the description given to the police by Frank of the assailant. Before leaving, Newcomen asks Jekyll to give his opinion on if a doctor could have butchered Margot. Jekyll meets with the Coroner and Newcomen and tells them no doctor could have killed butchered Margot. Bernadette tells Elisabeth that her friends are waiting. Elisabeth goes downstairs and Ann Underwood asks where Jekyll is and Elisabeth tells her, Jekyll is not coming. Elisabeth, Ann and Underwood then go to the opera together.

Jekyll finds a spare drug pipe and struggles with his decision to smoke his drug or not. Elisabeth goes home and Jekyll apologizes for everything and tells her he needs her and she forgives him. Jekyll starts to twitch and imagines Elisabeth as Susannah and Elisabeth as Susannah. He suddenly changes into his Hyde persona and runs away. Cockney Prostitute propositions Jekyll, and after realizing who he is, but before she can run away, Jekyll murders her. Elisabeth goes into Jekyll's lab and finds his scribbled notes and drawings of murdered women. Elisabeth tells Underwood of Jekyll's behavior and he tells her that Jekyll changed his will to provide any inheritance to Hyde. She goes to ask Newcomen for help, but leaves when she sees Jekyll's scarf that was found near the latest victim. Elisabeth goes to the church and asks if any of the prostitutes know about a Hyde and Liza tells her about Susannah. Elisabeth goes to Susannah's place of residence and finds Johnny hanging upside down, bloody, while Susannah smokes from the drug pipe. Jekyll walks up to Elisabeth and tells her to leave. Johnny attacks Elisabeth and Jekyll temporarily changes from his Hyde person back to Jekyll. Elisabeth gets away and goes home, but is then murdered by Jekyll. The next morning, Newcomen is at Jekyll's house and Jekyll tells him the maniac must have followed Elisabeth home and murdered her. Newcomen vows to get the murderer and Jekyll stares at Newcomen with a crazed stare as Newcomen leaves.