Ellis (Die Hard)

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Harry Ellis is in charge of International Development for the Nakatomi Corporation in Los Angeles, California.

During the events of Die Hard (1988) played by Hart Bochner

Ellis walks up to Holly Gennero McClane and asks her out to dinner, but she tells him no and also tells Ginny to stop working and enjoy the party. Takagi walks John McClane to Holly's office and they find Ellis snorting cocaine on her desk. Holly walks in and hugs John. Hans Gruber goes to the 30th floor along with Franco, Alexander, Marco, Uli, Fritz and James. They then shoot in the air to get the attention of the party goers. After sometime, Ellis gets the attention of Fritz and he is brought before Hans. Ellis tells Hans he can help him by bringing him John. Ellis tells Hans details about John including his full name and that he is a cop. Ellis radios John he told Hans that they were old friends and then tells him to surrender and to hand over the detonators or Hans will kill him. John yells that Ellis isn't his friend and Hans shoots Ellis for no longer being useful.

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