Escape from the Bronx (1983)

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Residents are ordered to either leave the Bronx or die.




Trash - Mark Gregory

Floyd Wrangler - Henry Silva

Moon Grey - Valeria D'Obici

Strike - Timothy Brent

Hoffman - Paolo Malco

Henry Clark - Thomas Moore

Dablone - Antonio Sabato

Junior - Alessandro Prete

Big Little Man - Massimo Vanni

Jay - Andrea Coppola

Trash's Mother - Eva Czemerys

Juana - Moana Pozzi

Trash's Father - Romano Puppo

Iron Men Leader - Carla Brait

Reporter 1 - Maurizio Fardo

Reporter 2 - Thom Felleghy

Salvatore Furnari

Man Strapped with Bomb - James Sampson

Radio Operator - Enzo G. Castellari


Dablone's Gang

Bronx Residents

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Detailed Synopsis

A member of the DAS orders people to leave the Bronx over a loudspeaker, due to the area being considered uninhabitable. The residents are told they will be given housing in New Mexico. A Resident of the Bronx is caught hiding and then set on fire with a flame thrower by a DAS member. A Radio Operator tells headquarters what areas the different Squads are patrolling. Skyboy 3 is flying in a helicopter when they spot Trash. They start shooting at Trash, but he manages to blow up the helicopter with his revolver. A Squad is sent to Trash's parent's apartment. Trash's Father is arguing with Trash's Mother, who wants to leave, but Trash's Father insists they stay. The squad breaks into Trash's Parent's apartment. Trash's Father attacks them with a baseball bat, but he is set on fire with a flamethrower. Trash's Mother is then set on fire. Trash arrives near Dablone's hangout and is stopped by Big Little Man and two other members of Dablone's Gang. They threaten Trash for not giving them the signal and after a brief fight, Dablone stops the fight and tells Trash to follow him inside.

Trash passes by the Iron Men Leader who greets him. He also passes by the remnants of the Tigers and Zombies gangs. Trash gives Dablone some ammunition he scavenged. Trash tries to convince Dablone to fight the DAS, but Dablone tells him to tell the others to join him and his gang underground. Trash catches people running away with items from his apartment and he attacks them. He finds his parents dead and shoots a looter after the looter throws a knife at him and another one that attacks him. Hoffman introduces Henry Clark to a group of reporters. Hoffman explains to the reporters the companies plan for the Bronx and shows them a model of what the Bronx will look like after construction. Reporter 1 mentions how the Bronx is a dump and Hoffman tells the reporters how the residents will be moved to New Mexico. Moon Grey tells the other reporters that Hoffman is lying and she and Jay are thrown out of the press conference. Reporter 2 asks about the epidemic that has supposedly broken out in the Bronx, and Hoffman tells him it hasn't been contained. Reporter 1 asks if it is true that people are being forced out of their homes and Hoffman lies and says it isn't true. A DAS member asks Floyd Wrangler what headquarters said, and Floyd tells him he doesn't care and he is doing it his way.

Henry Clark leaves the GC Corporation building and is surrounded by more reporters. Moon Grey runs up to Henry and shows him photos of Floyd,who she accuses of being a killer. Henry is hurriedly brought into his limo and leaves. Trash holds his Mother's hand and hears the demolition squads will be blowing up the building. A DAS Member tells Floyd there might be someone still inside the building, but Floyd tells him there is only rats and roaches left and laughs. The buildings are blown up and Trash is forced to run towards the basement. Henry has a meeting with Floyd and tells him the UN is calling his methods genocide. Floyd tells Henry that the remaining people in the Bronx are what remains of the battle in the Bronx that happened previously. A DAS walk over to a group of Bronx Residents and are ambushed by Trash and the residents from the Bronx. The Radio Operator tells all of the DAS to converge on sector R2R. Floyd tells his men that they need to find Trash and kill him. Moon and Jay walk around the Bronx. Moon tells Jay they have to get evidence that the Bronx Residents are being exterminated. Trash and the Residents ambush another group of DAS. They set a group of Residents free, but one of them he has been strapped with a bomb. The bomb explodes killing some of the Residents. As they are running away, most of the Residents are killed. As Jay is taking photographs of the killing, he is burned to death by a member of the DAS. Moon Grey is trapped by two members of the DAS, but saved by Trash.

Henry accuses Floyd of letting Trash and Moon Grey get away and Floyd jokes and points at different areas of the Bronx model and says they are there. Moon Grey is brought to Dablone's hideout. She tells Dablone that he has to do something or they will be in trouble. Dablone tells Moon Grey the DAS will never come underground. Juana tells Dablone she found a member of the DAS lurking in the underground area. The Radio Operator tells the DAS to head in two locations of the Bronx. Dablone tells Juana to keep a lookout up above. Moon Grey tells Dablone he needs to make the GC Corporation negotiate by kidnapping Henry Clark. Trash suggests they use the underground to capture Henry and Dablone suggests they get Strike to help them. Trash and Moon Grey then go looking for Strike. Henry gets a call from Al who tells him he wants a hospital built before the upcoming election and Hoffman tells Henry, it should keep the government out of their business in the Bronx. Trash and Moon Grey are held at gunpoint by Junior who then takes them to see Strike. Trash tells Strike they need his help to kidnap Henry. Trash attacks Strike after Strike calls him a name, but Strike easily beats him. They start to head towards the GC Corporation press conference and Strike tells Trash and Moon Grey that if anyone is injured, they will be left behind. As they go, Junior lays traps behind them. Henry arrives for the news conference and is greeted by the New York Governor Vittle. Moon Grey acts as a diversion and screams that Henry is a liar and she has seen the extermination of people in the Bronx. The Governor says that Moon Grey has a gun and Moon Grey is shot and killed and a cop puts a gun next to her hand.

Trash grabs Henry and Strike shoots some of the cops. Henry gets away from Trash, but is caught by Strike. Trash and Strike bring Henry to the Emergency Exit for the 53 Street Tube Ind. and go underground. DAS are sent to different areas to look for Henry. Henry tells Trash that he isn't the only one responsible for what has happened in the Bronx. Junior runs to Strike and they all head towards the Bronx. Explosives that Junior set kill more DAS troops. Henry gets away from Trash again and manages to find some DAS troops, but is captured by Strike and Trash again who kill the DAS troops. Hoffman has Ms. Gibbs take down a note to the press that Henry has been kidnapped by a group of Bronx criminals who demand ten million dollars. Juana sees a group of DAS organizing around Dablone's hideout. Trash, Strike, Junior and Henry make it to Dablone's hideout and they bring Henry to Dablone. Juana tells Dablone that the DAS are preparing for an attack. Hoffman arrives and okays Floyd using poisonous gas against the Bronx gangs, even if it means sacrificing Henry. Big Little Man sees the gas and screams to the others. Dablone and his gang run to the surface, while Trash and Henry follow Strike and Junior. A battle erupts between the DAS and Dablone and his gang. Trash and Henry get separated and Henry escapes when rubble falls on Trash. Juana is shot and killed. Henry makes it to Floyd, who then shoots Henry dead. Floyd tells Hoffman that Henry is dead and they shake hands. As Hoffman is leaving in his car, Strike shoots the car, causing it to explode. Big Little Man saves Trash and then gives Trash a gun. Floyd shoots and kills Dablone and Big Little Man is shot and killed. Floyd tries to escape in a van, but is killed when Trash shoots the van and causes it to explode. Strike walks up to Trash and smiles and Junior tells Strike, he wants to go back to the underground. Junior invites Trash to come with them, but Trash tells him no.