Estelle Longwood

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Estelle Longwood


"Sister" Estelle Longwood is a member of a religious commune in California, that eschews technology. She is married to Brother Ahab and has three daughters and two sons, including Sara Longwood.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 19 Dambreakers played by Pat Delany

Johann Rector gives a sermon about simpler times to his flock, including Sara and Estelle and Rector's Man as Stringfellow Hawke and Kelly Dayton arrive. Kelly interviews Sara and Estelle and Sara tells her she wanted to show the outside world how they live in peace. During the interview, Johann walks into the room and Kelly asks him how it feels living so close to a new technological invention, referring to the Tidewater Project. As Johann talks about what is happening in the outside world, Hawke interrupts him and asks him how he would know what is happening outside the commune. Hana walks in and says the noon meal is about to be served, ending the interview. During the meal, Kelly asks Sara if she misses the modern activities she used to do. Sara looks at Johann and then when he gives her the okay, says she enjoys hearing the modern music when she goes into town to exchange goods, but that life isn't for her. Hawke asks her if she gets lonely, being the only child in the commune and Estelle starts to cry. Hana and Salazar walk over and take Estelle away. As Sara and Estelle are walking in the woods in the evening, Sara looks back at Hawke, who is nearby. Hawke beats up two guards and forces them into a building, which is holding the Longwood family as hostages, including Sara, Estelle and Brother Ahab. Brother Ahab tells them the terrorists came in the night with weapons and took over the camp and Estelle says the terrorists threatened to kill the children if anyone tried to fight them. Sara is chosen to take a horse to try and make it into town to get help. Brother Ahab prays to God with the rest of the commune and asks for deliverance. Sara is thrown in the hostage building and she tells Brother Ahab she doesn't know if help is coming, and Brother Ahab tells everyone, God will not abandon them. Hawke and Kelly drive to the hostage building and free them and Airwolf lands nearby. Hawke gets into Airwolf and he flies after Johann and the bomber.