Eve Parson

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Eve Parson


Eve Sue Parson is a resident of Cliffside, California. Her husband was Dr. Parson and her daughter is Christie Parson.

During the events of Mortuary (1983) played by Lynda Day George

Christie gets home and tells Eve someone was following her, but Eve doesn't believe her and tells her she has had quite the imagination since Dr. Parson's accident. Christie insists it wasn't an accident and accuses Eve of wanting Dr. Parson dead so she could date Hank Andrews. At night, Christie has a nightmare and starts to sleepwalk. She runs inside and calls out to Eve and tells her someone tried to kill her. Eve tells Christie she wants to take her to see a psychologist, but Christie accuses Eve of wanting to get rid of her. Eve and Hank meet with Sheriff Duncan at the marina. She and Hank then drive to the mortuary. Hank leads a seance with Eve and other women. He tries to communicate with Dr. Parson's spirit, who tells those gathered he was murdered. Eve arrives home and Greg Stevens tells her, he and Christie aren't seeing each other anymore. Christie has another nightmare and starts to sleepwalk again. She breaks the window with a knife and wakes up and Eve runs downstairs. Christie tells her about the man in the robe, and Eve asks her if the man in the robe might have been Paul Andrews. She tells her Paul is psychotic and was Dr. Parson's patient. Paul became worse after Mrs. Andrews died and became obsessed with Christie and asked Dr. Parson if he could marry her, but Dr. Parson turned him down. Dr. Parson wanted to institutionalize Paul, but Hank insisted he could take care of him. Christie apologizes to Eve for her behavior and they have a toast of brandy before going back to bed. That night, Paul attacks and kills Eve with the trocar in her bed.