Eve Sturka

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Eve Sturka


Eve Sturka is a resident of an alien planet. Her husband is William Sturka and her daughter is Jody Sturka.

During the events of The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 14 Third from the Sun played by Lori March

Eve walks into the room and listens as Jody explains that her friends noticed that something seems ready to happen. Sturka complains about how every great idea gets subverted into something terrible. He tells Eve to call Jerry Riden to invite him and Ann Riden for cards. He asks Jody to stay for cards and after she tells him that she has a date, he tells her to break it. Sturka walks to the bedroom and Eve asks him what is wrong. He tells her that the war is coming within 48 hours and it will be the end of the world. He continues that they, Jody, Jerry and Ann are leaving that night. During the card game, Eve, Jody and Ann go to the kitchen to get lemonade and cake. The doorbell rings and Carling enters the house. Carling starts asking suspicious questions and notices Eve seems nervous. Carling leaves and Sturka reveals the plan to Jody. The phone rings and Sturka answers it and tells the others that his department called him to work. They drive to the Ministry of Science and park at the gate. They receive a signal from who they think is the guard Jerry bribed, but turns out to be Carling. Carling walks up with a drawn gun and orders everyone out of the car. Jody hits him and Sturka and Jerry manage to subdue him. They all run to the spaceship and take off.