Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)

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College baseball players enjoy and contemplate life before starting the semester.





Jake - Blake Jenner

Jay - Juston Street

Roper - Ryan Guzman

McReynolds - Tyler Hoechlin

Willoughby - Wyatt Russell

Finnegan - Glen Powell

Plummer - Temple Baker

Dale - J. Quinton Johnson

Beuter - Will Brittain

Sorority Girl 1 - Courtney Tailor

Sorority Girl 2 - Taylor Murphy

Cute Coed 1 - Christina Burdette

Beverly - Zoey Deutch

Beverly's Roommate - Sophia Ali

Nesbit - Austin Amelio

Brumley - Tanner Kalina

Coma - Forrest Vickery

Coach Gordan - Jonathan Breck

Sound Machine Doorman - Ernest James

Sound Machine Manager - E. Jason Liebrecht

Sound Machine Bartender - Justin Alexio

Angie - Celina Chapin

Elaine - Shailaundra Manning

Suzi - Lynden Orr

McReynolds Girl - Laura Ritz

Cathy - Zoey Brooks

Sharon - Asjha Cooper

Leeann - Olivia Griswald

Val - Dora Madison

Michelle - Anna Vanston

Country Girl 1 - Tess Cline

Country Girl 2 - Adriene Mishler

Guaranteed Wholesome DJ - Beau Smith

Justin - Michael Monsour

Punk Band Member 1 - Mike Wiebe

Punk Band Member 2 - Fadi El-Assad

Punk Band Member 3 - Ian Walling

Punk Band Member 4 - Robert Marchant

Punk Band Member 5 - Ian MacDougall

Mud Wrestling Champ - Jenna Marie Saab

Mud Wrestling Opponent - Lauren Hale

Wigwam Server - Kay Epperson

Debra Kadabra - Tory Taranova

Astrology Girl - Jessi Mechler

Oz Party Girl - Katherine Sutton

Oz Party Girl 2 - Blaire Clause

The Mad Hatter - Devine Bonnee

The Queen of Hearts - Kaleb King

Cat in Refridgerator - Charlie

Jolly Fox Patron - Myself, uncredited

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Detailed Synopsis

Thursday, August 28, 1980 at 4:06 pm, Jake drives through campus checking out the college girls before heading to the team house. He sees Jay using hand grips to exercise. Jake walks inside and finds a hose going to the second floor, a fridge of beer, an empty bottle of Miracle Whip and bread and bologna and a creaking ceiling. Roper and McReynolds run down the stairs and tell Jake to turn the hose off. After he does, Jake introduces himself and McReynolds tells him his dislike for pitchers after finding out Jake is a pitcher. Jake walks upstairs and hears Willoughby and Finnegan talking about the logic of McReynolds and his desire to have a water bed. Jake introduces himself to Finnegan and Willoughby and then Plummer. Jake is almost punched by Dale who then shows him to his room after introducing him to Beuter. As Jake, Roper, Finnegan, Plummer and Dale are driving to the Jolly Fox they honk at Sorority Girl 1 and Sorority Girl 2, and Sorority Girl 2 tells them to fuck off and Sorority Girl 1 flicks them off. They drive up to Cute Coed 1 and Roper invites her to the baseball house later for a party. They drive up to Beverly's Roommate and Roper invites her to the party, but is shot down, Finnegan tries next and is also shot down by Beverly's Roommate. He tries hitting on Beverly and she leans into the car and says she prefers Jake, the quiet one. Before heading out, Jake makes a note which apartment Beverly goes inside. They go into the Jolly Fox and as they are drinking, Nesbit, Brumley and Coma walk in and they introduce themselves to Jake. They talk about who the weirdos of the team are and then make fun of Brumley's mustache. At the team meeting Coach Gordan introduces the freshman and transfer players. Coach Gordan then tells them the rules for the houses they are staying in, including no alcohol and no girls in the rooms. After the meeting, Finnegan, Roper, Dale, Jake and Plummer go to the Sound Machine club where they greet the Sound Machine Doorman, who lets them in without cover after the Sound Machine Manager tells him to let them in. They meet the rest of the team in the club and Roper tells the freshman to go to a particular Sound Machine Bartender to get free beer. Roper motions to Angie and she and her friends walk over including Elaine and Suzi. They dance while McReynolds has shots with McReynolds Girl and her friends. Dale points out to Jake how Finnegan brings up having average genitals with women in order to get the idea of his genitals in their head. Jake sees Val and Michelle staring at him and Dale and go over to talk with them. They all eventually end up at the baseball house. Jake goes to his room to make sure it is empty and finds Beuter in it with two friends. Beuter refuses to leave and Jake and Val are forced to have sex in his car.

The next day, Beuter tells the team he is leaving for the weekend and his girlfriend might be pregnant and they give him a hard time and make a bet if his girlfriend is in his family tree. During class registration, Plummer asks Finnegan what courses he should take and Jake sees Beverly. Nesbit bets McReynolds he can't cut a baseball in half by swinging an ax like a bat, and then triples the bet after McReynolds does it on his first swing. While playing Space Invaders, Jake teaches Dale and Plummer that the bottom row of aliens don't shoot lasers at your ship. The team goes to the Sound Machine and Jay starts bragging about how fast his pitches are and how many offers he received from colleges. Jake sees Val dancing with a football player named Thompson. Jay demands a screw driver from the Sound Machine Bartender and he and the Sound Machine Bartender get in a fight and the team is kicked out of the bar. They decide to go to a country bar and tell Jay he can't come with them. They change clothes and Willoughby tells Jake he should embrace his inner weirdness. Country Girl 1 asks if they are all on the baseball team and when Finnegan says he is studying to be a cunnilinguist, Country Girl 2 asks what that is. The Guaranteed Wholesome DJ announces to the crowd he is about to play Cotton Eyed Joe and the team gets up and dances.

On Saturday afternoon, Jake beats McReynolds in ping pong, which enrages McReynolds. Willoughby, Jake, Plummer and Dale smoke weed and Willoughby tells them the important thing is finding out who they are and humans used to be telepathic. They try telepathy, but they all fail to guess what Willoughby is thinking about. Brumley challenges Nesbit to a knuckles competition and Jake asks Finnegan if he noticed that everything the team does together is a competition and Finnegan tells him that is why they are a championship team, because of their competitive nature and addiction to winning. Brumley beats Nesbit and next is challenged by Coma. As Jake, Finnegan, Plummer and Coma are walking, Justin calls out to Jake. Justin invites them into the house he is staying at and tells Jake his new ideology of "fuck it and who cares". Justin invites them to watch a show and Jake makes a comment to Finnegan that it seems like they are kind of phony changing their style depending on the place they are at, while Finnegan calls it adaptive. Jake writes a note and tapes it along with flowers on Beverly's door. At their party Finnegan convinces Mud Wrestling Opponent to compete against Mud Wrestling Champ. Nesbit then challenges Mud Wrestling Champ and he loses.

Sunday morning, Beverly calls Jake and invites him over. They talk and she tells him the performing arts is like sports where the people in the program are the best from their schools so the level of competition is greater and she tells him she is moving to New York once she graduates. She invites him to help her decorate for a party at the Oz house. In the locker room before practice, Finnegan, Nesbit and Roper play a practical joke on Jake by telling him that if someone puts their thumb on your solar plexus that you can't get up. Jake takes the challenge and as he closes his eyes and moves his head up, Brumley puts his butt over his face and Jake slams his face into Brumley's butt. Beuter walks in and after telling the team his girlfriend isn't pregnant, doesn't fall for the practical joke. During practice Willoughby is called over by Coach Gordan. Jay takes over as pitcher and strikes out Plummer. Next is McReynolds who hits a home run off of Jay and then criticizes Jay for not being a team player. Roper yells to Coma that the scout Pete Ward saw his at bat. Jay walks over and silently apologizes to McReynolds. Jake goes onto the mound and after striking out Brumley, McReynolds gets a hit off of him. After practice, the freshmen are hazed by being duct taped to the wall while the other players hit balls towards them. They go to the school cafeteria and Wigwam Server tells Finnegan she thought he already graduated. Beuter tells the other players that he heard from a friend that a professor said there was no scientific proof Jesus existed and he has noticed that there is lots of temptation. Plummer and Nesbit tell the others Willoughby was expelled, is really 30 years old and Willoughby isn't his real name. They go to the theater party and while Plummer opens the fridge door, Cat in Refridgerator jumps out. Beverly greets Jake and Debra Kadabra introduces herself to Coma and the others and Coma is turned on by her. Finnegan starts flirting with Astrology Girl and tells her he is a Leo. Jake and Dale walk up and give him a hard time and Finnegan walks away. Beverly acts in a Dating Game parody with The Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts as contestants along with Jake dressed as the White Rabbit. At the party, Beverly's Friend stares at Finnegan, who remembers her and he tries to act like the silent type, which she finds attractive and they kiss. After the party, Jake asks Beverly if she really found him cute or just said that to make the other guys angry and she tells him it is a little bit of both.

On Monday, Jake tells Beverly his application essay was about the myth of Sisyphus and how it applied to baseball and by the gods condemning Sisyphus, they also gave him something to focus on. Beverly then tells him she feels the same way about theater. They go back to her apartment and later they go to the university. They kiss before Jake walks up the steps towards his class and plan to talk to each other soon. Dale and Finnegan give Jake a hard time and Jake sits down next to Plummer in history class and Plummer tells him he hooked up with Debra Kadabra. The professor writes on the board "frontiers are where you find them" and Jake and Plummer fall asleep in class.