Exeter (2015)

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A group of young people have a party in an abandoned mental facility.


Horror, Supernatural


Father Conway - Stephen Lang

Greer - Kevin Chapman

Patrick - Kelly Blatz

Reign - Brittany Curran

Brad - Brett Dier

Amber - Gage Golightly

Knowles - Nick Nicotera

Drew - Nick Nordella

Rory - Michael Ormsby

Girl in Torture Chair - Malena Corso

Party Dancer - Meredith Prunty

Rave Party Teen - Ashley Tramonte

Voice - Hilary Pingle

Voice - Jeff Gum

Rave Party Teen - Ryan Boudreau

Teenage Guy - Aaron Dorsey

Rave Scene Party Guest - Lindsay MacDonald

Voice - Jarret Lemaster

Mom - Laura Putnam

Rave Party Teen - Ashley Nicole

Rave Party Teenager - Caitlin O'Neill

Therapy Teen - Adam Teper

Drug Addict Teen - Savannah Lee

Rave Party Teen - Shannon Hartman

Therapy Teen - Kaitlyn Bouchard

Therapy Teen - Alisa Ricci

Therapy Teen - Tyler Clayton Appel

Therapy Teen - Ariel Dorsey

Party Dancer - Jimmy Folco

Guy at Party - Brandon Paul Desorcy

IT Student - Dave Lanoue

Rave Party Teen - Joanne Vieira

Raver - Allison Kirwan

Drug Addicted Teen - Kaia Liotta

Fire Marshal - John Loughlin, John Botka, Domonique Andrews, Xaidenn Rodriguez, Xion Rodriguez, James Ford

Party Patron - Mark Burzenski

Reporter VO, Title Sequence - Steve Sanders

DIY Exorcism Voice - Dyan Humes Nispel

Additional Voices - Bobbie Mannix

Additional Voices - Nicholas Ryan Chung

Additional Voices - Reinhard Denke

Additional Voices - Marcus Nispel

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Detailed Synopsis

A Mom injects herself with heroin and then shoots herself in the head. A Reporter VO, Title Sequence talks about the history of the Exeter School for the Feeble Minded whose goal was to rehabilitate mentally challenged and mentally deranged children. The facility was established in 1916 and quickly became overcrowded with reports of rampant physical abuse and neglect. In the late 1970's the facility was shut down.

Father Conway and Patrick walk the Exeter facility grounds. Conway asks Patrick if he heard back from the state college and Patrick lies and says he was rejected. Greer asks Conway if there is anything else he needs and Patrick tells Greer that the facility is going to be turned into a youth center, which surprises Greer and he tells Patrick the history of the facility. Patrick picks up Knowles who suggests they have a party at the facility. As they are driving, Rory acts like Patrick hit him with the car. Knowles then calls someone and sets up the party. At the party, a guy in a mask jumps on Brad's car, who is having sex in it with Amber. Drew walks up to them and tells Amber she is pretty and kisses Patrick on the head. Patrick introduces himself to Reign. She tells him that her ride home is leaving and he tells her that he will take her home. The party winds down and Reign tells Knowles that she is in town for a family reunion. Amber tells them that everyone is psychic for the day due to the moon being in the seventh house. As Patrick is peeing, Rory tries to scare Patrick and Patrick tells him to leave, but Rory threatens to tell on Patrick.

Knowles tells them that in the 80's the church bought the property and turned it into a rehab facility. He continues that there was once a patient that went crazy and all the other patients went crazy and then the building burned down. Knowles shows them a video of a news reporter talking about Exeter which includes a clip of a Girl in Torture Chair. Reign tells them about a girl she saw that could make herself weightless and they play light as a feather, stiff as a board on Rory. Rory floats for a second and then falls down and then runs away when they notice he peed himself. Reign runs off and Patrick runs after her and she seems overly worried about Rory. They go looking for him and find him cutting himself in the forehead with a knife. Patrick grabs him and Reign tells Patrick that Rory needs a priest. Patrick ties him to a chair and then calls Conway and leaves a message for him. Patrick and Reign tell the others what happened to Rory. Greer shows up and asks what is going on. He threatens to call the cops and then hears Rory screaming. He finds Rory tied up and as he is untying him, Rory twists Greer's head backwards and Greer stumbles out of the room and shoots himself in the head. Brad and Amber get into his car and as they are driving away, hit Conway with the car and Conway is stuck in the front windshield. They drive back and Reign says that Conway doesn't have a pulse.

Reign goes into the attic and shows Patrick a file on Devon Ryer. They read the file which describes the patient as having extreme violent behavior, and a pathological liar with sociopathic tendencies. They watch a tape were Conway says that Devon had abilities to manipulate people and during a recording of a therapy session, Devon attacks a Teenage Guy who calls them a freak. They play the tape backwards and Devon screams that the facility will burn. All the windows and doors suddenly lock in the building. They go to look for Rory and find him floating in the air. Amber looks up possessions on her cell phone and Knowles looks up do it yourself exorcisms online and they re-tie Rory to the bed. A DIY Exorcism Voice then explains the steps for an exorcism. Patrick goes to get holy water from Conway's body and finds him missing. They attempt the exorcism, but it doesn't work and Rory stabs Knowles with a spoon. They tie Rory up again and see the words "speak to me" written on the ceiling. Drew taunts the spirit and a bowling ball falls through the roof at him. Reign then suggests they carve a oujia board. They communicate with the spirit who tells them that its name is Devon, who Patrick recognizes as the name from the file. It tells them to find it and Patrick, Reign, Knowles and Drew run to where Rory is and Rory changes back, while Amber, who stayed behind wipes her hand across broken glass.

Amber becomes possessed and stabs Knowles with a knife in the stomach and starts to chew Drew's face off. Amber runs away and when the others check on Drew they find his tongue missing. He is then killed when a chandelier falls on him. Brad grabs a pickax and wanders off, Patrick and Reign search for a way out and Knowles stays with Rory. Rory leaves to go pee and Patrick and Reign find a wardrobe that when moved, leads to a secret bedroom which belonged to Devon. They find a note from Devon and figure out that Conway was Devon's father. Amber attacks Patrick and Reign and Patrick shoves two toothbrushes into her eyes. Reign then stabs the foosball rod into her back and Patrick crushes Amber's head with a fire extinguisher. As Brad is wandering around, he sees Conway and gets scared and runs off and trips onto the pickax and dies. Patrick and Reign find Knowles' i-pad and Knowles attacks them. Patrick cuts off part of Knowles face with a sickle and then slices him up with an axe. They find Rory in a chest and he tells them that Conway put him there. They find Brad's body and then find the switches for the locks. Patrick flips the switches and as Reign is checking the windows Conway grabs her, but she bites him and gets away. Patrick pushes Rory out of the window and goes to look for Reign. Patrick finds her, but Conway knocks him unconscious and then starts struggling with Reign. She pours gasoline on him and Conway stabs her though the chest with a spike. Patrick finds Reign and then confronts Conway and sets him on fire. Patrick goes back to Reign's body and she awakens. She reveals to him that she is Devon. As she is about to slit Patrick's throat, Rory distracts her and Patrick manages to lock her in the chest and then escapes with Rory as the facility burns down. As they sit outside, Rory tells Patrick not to tell their mom about what he did.

Later two cops investigate the facility and the chest is seen empty.