Father Farrow

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Father Farrow


Father Tom Farrow is a Catholic Priest at St Michael's Church in Eutaw, Greene County, Alabama. He is descended from the Sligo Farrows. Father Farrow's uncle is The Monsignore.

During the events of Jaws of Satan (1981) played by Fritz Weaver

Father Farrow thanks Mrs. Carson for dinner and jokingly compares a saint to a pig. He sits and reads a book and as he goes to warm his hands by the fireplace, the fire goes out. At a dinner party, Matt Perry asks Evelyn if his dog track will be successful and Father Farrow interrupts and criticizes gambling and Matt counters with a remark about the church not paying any taxes. Matt introduces Father Farrow to Evelyn and she brings up the history of his ancestors who personally killed witches and burned temples. Evelyn takes Father Farrow's coffee cup and after inspecting it, drops it and faints. Later Father Farrow walks Evelyn to her car and she tells him he is in danger and sensed the presence of Satan in his cup. Father Farrow makes a joke of the matter and walks away. At the hospital, Father Farrow walks in to check on Trainman and Dr. Maggie Sheridan tells him Trainman's condition is getting worse. Sometime later, Father Farrow tells Troubled Young Man that smoking weed won't solve his problems and suggests he come to church more often to relate his problems to God. Evelyn calls Father Farrow and tells him, his enemy has arrived and they agree to meet later that night. In the morning, Mrs. Carson asks Father Farrow if Evelyn stopped by the night before and then tells him Evelyn is dead. Father Farrow goes to see Dr. Sheridan and asks her how Evelyn died. She and Paul Hendricks tell Father Farrow, Evelyn was killed by a snake. Father Farrow goes to see The Monsignore and The Monsignore tells him the Bishop came to speak with him about Father Farrow, who is apparently not well liked in the parish. Father Farrow tells The Monsignore about what Evelyn told him and The Monsignore tells Father Farrow, his father didn't die in the war, but committed suicide. He continues that while researching family history, The Monsignore found a history of violent deaths every third generation since O'Farough, who was a follower of St. Patrick. O'Farough was known to have burned the shrines of the Druids and destroyed their sacred oaks, until the Druid High Priest put a curse on O'Farough. The Monsignore tells Father Farrow that he must have faith and Satan wants his soul. Father Farrow presides over the funeral of Evelyn, which is attended by Sheriff Tatum, Mayor Thorpe, Matt Perry, Elizabeth Perry, Kim Perry and Mrs. Carson. After the funeral, Father Farrow's cross falls from his necklace and The Monsignore shows him a book written in Gaelic consisting of a Farrow family history. He tells him there was an ancestor named Timothy who was a Priest and third generation son who died a natural death, and apparently killed the demon that was in the form of a snake. The Snake appears and starts to chase Father Farrow and The Monsignore. The Snake ignores The Monsignore and chases Father Farrow into an empty grave. As Father Farrow is trying to climb out of the grave, he grabs a rod iron fence and a portion breaks off that is in the shape of a cross. Father Farrow holds it in front of him as a weapon, and The Snake is repulsed. The Monsignore eventually collapses and dies from a heart attack. At a town meeting, Mayor Thorpe tells the people to calm down and go back to work, and Father Farrow tells the people he was attacked by a snake earlier. Mayor Thorpe says the meeting will continue in private and walks into his office with Matt, Dr. Owens, Dr. Sheridan, Paul and Father Farrow. Matt takes over and tells Dr. Sheridan and Paul they have 18 hours to find and kill the snakes and threatens them to keep quiet if they don't accomplish their mission or they will be sent to the local jail on a trumped up charge. Father Farrow tells Dr. Sheridan and Paul The Snake is Satan, but Paul thinks it is just a snake. He puts on his vestments and receives a call from Dr. Sheridan who tells him Paul is in the caverns. Dr. Sheridan goes to the caverns while Father Farrow gives his church service, but leaves mid service. He walks to the caverns and calls out to Satan and finds Dr. Sheridan on an alter. Father Farrow moves Dr. Sheridan from the alter and takes her place. Paul regains consciousness as Father Farrow speaks Latin while holding the cross and The Snake erupts in flames. Father Farrow then leaves the cave with Dr. Sheridan and Paul as The Snake burns.

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