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Flynn is part of an American led NATO force stationed in London. He is a helicopter pilot. Flynn is married with a son and a daughter.

During the events of 28 Weeks Later (2007) played by Harold Perrineau

When Tammy and Andy run into London, Flynn is sent to try and find them. He and a group of soldiers find them in their former house and he radios back to headquarters. Flynn is on duty when he hears that Code Red has been enacted and he contacts Doyle to see if he heard the command also. When Doyle is trying to get an extraction out of London, Flynn tells him that air support is coming to bomb London and he will pick him up at a park outside of London. Flynn later calls Doyle and tells him that a group of infected are on the way towards him and then heads his way. When he arrives he tells Doyle he will only take him with him and then takes off with Sam holding onto the skids of Flynn's helicopter. Flynn uses the blades of his helicopter to kill a group of infected and then shakes off Sam. He then calls Boyle and tells him he will meet him at the stadium. Flynn waits in the center of the stadium and when he finds out Boyle didn't make it, he reluctantly takes Andy and Tammy with him. They fly to France and at some point abandon his helicopter.

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