Francine Bowman

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Francine Bowman


Francine Bowman is a resident of Leadville, Colorado. Her children are Sarah Bowman and Trevor Bowman.

During the events of Day of the Dead (2008) played by Linda Marlowe

Sarah goes upstairs and asks Francine how she is feeling and Francine thinks she just has the flu. Later, Sarah, Trevor, Nina and Bud Crain pick up Trevor, Nina and Francine and drive them to the hospital. Francine's nose starts to bleed and when Sarah and the others get to the hospital, it is full of sick people. Sarah goes up to the Receptionist and tells her that Francine needs a doctor and the Receptionist hands her a notepad and tells her to write her name on the list. Sarah pressures Young Punk, who is there with Young Punkgirl to give up his seat in the waiting room. As Crain is talking to Francine, he notices she and a large amount of sick people have started to go catatonic including Francine. They then start to change into Wildfire Zombies.