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Dr. Frank "Ryan" Richards is a Mayanist working at a site in Orizaba, Mexico. He is separated from Trish.

During the events of 2012: Doomsday (2008) played by Dale Midkiff

In Orizaba, Mexico, 36 hours before Doomsday, Dr. Ian Hunter calls out to Frank and introduces him to Trish. Frank asks what Trish is doing there and then walks away as Dr. Hunter tells Trish, Frank and his team have been working around the clock to excavate as much as they can before the eruption of Pico de Orizaba. The ground starts to shake and Frank tells them they need to evacuate. Raul runs over and tells Frank the last earthquake opened up the third chamber in the tomb. Frank goes with Raul after telling everyone else to leave and rendezvous at El Tajin. He takes Trish into the tomb and they find a gold crucifix in the third chamber. Pico de Orizaba starts to erupt and they run out of the tomb. As they are running to their car, Raul is crushed by a large piece of tephra and Frank and Trish drive away. In El Tajin, Mexico, 25 hours before Doomsday, Frank inspects the Mayan cross and Trish tells Frank and Dr. Hunter that the C14 sample they took ranges from 300 to 600 AD. Frank tells Dr. Hunter the cross proves early Christians were in the Americas before Christopher Columbus. In Leon, Mexico, 13 hours before Doomsday, Frank reads from his computer that the cross they found must be returned to the temple at Chichen Itza before the long count calendar ends. Trish wants to take the cross to the national museum, but Frank insists they take it to the temple. At the Mexican Border at California, 15 hours before Doomsday, Frank, Trish and Dr. Hunter are in a car on their way to Chichen Itza. As Frank, Trish and Dr. Hunter are driving, the ground opens below them and Dr. Hunter dies after letting go of the golden cross and falling down the open chasm. Frank tells Trish, Dr. Hunter sacrificed himself for them and he tells her what is happening with the world is a chance for a new beginning and they need to take the cross to Chichen Itza. Trish starts to get weak from an injury she sustained jumping from the vehicle and she notices Frank is still wearing his wedding ring from when they were married and he tells her their separation was his fault for being selfish and chasing success. As they arrive at Chichen Itza, Trish collapses and dies and Frank takes her wedding ring she wore around her neck. Frank puts the cross in a calendar like disc and turns it. He enters a hidden chamber and reads a prophecy that a woman will give birth in the temple and the chosen messengers will come together. Sarah and Wakanna arrive at the temple and meet Frank and around the same time, Lloyd and Susan arrive. Doomsday happens as Wakanna starts to give birth. Sarah prays to God and the baby is born on December 21st, 2012.

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