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Frank Drebin


Frank Drebin is a Lieutenant in the Police Squad which is a special division of the Los Angeles Police Department. He used to date Victoria, however she ran out and married someone while he was out on a mission. Frank Drebin is Dutch-Irish and his father was from Wales. He was partners with Nordberg for nine years and they are best friends. Frank once had a girlfriend who traveled with the Chicago Male Chorus and Symphony even though she didn't play an instrument or couldn't carry a tune. Frank once shot 5 actors wearing togas as they enacted the assassination scene during a production of Julius Caesar in the Park.

During the events of The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! played by Leslie Nielsen

While working undercover in Beirut, Frank Drebin spies on a meeting between Idi Amin, Arafat, Khadafi, Gorbachev, Khomeini and Pahpshmir. After a litany of insults against the United States and Americans Frank removes his disguise and proceeds to beat up the world leaders before leaving with a warning to them to never be caught in America. Frank's airplane from Beirut arrives and he is met by Ed Hocken. Frank mistakenly believes a large crowd is there to congratulate him on the success of his mission but they are there to see "Weird Al". Frank asks how Nordberg is doing and Ed tells him he has a 50/50 chance of living and is on life support. Frank and Ed visit Nordberg at Our lady of the Worthless Miracle hospital. Frank asks Nordberg who injured him, but Nordberg is only able to give cryptic responses about Love, boats and heroin. Frank and Ed try to comfort Mrs. Nordberg but fail. Mrs. Nordberg hands Ed a photo she found in a drawer of a ship named I Luv You out of Caracas. During a news conference the Mayor discusses the upcoming visit by Queen Elizabeth II. Frank and Ed visit the dock where Nordberg was found. Frank and the harbor foreman bribe each other for information. Frank learns that Nordberg was working for one of Vincent Ludwig's ships. Frank goes to Vincent's apartment and is greeted by Dominique. Frank is introduced to Vincent and he questions him about Nordberg. Vincent seems concerned about the health status of Nordberg and if Nordberg has been able to communicate any information. Before leaving, Frank is introduced to Jane Spencer, Vincent's assistant. She gives Frank the shipping and receiving records for Pier 32. Frank invites Jane out on a date, but accepts a rain check. Frank returns to the police station to find out if any of the lab techs were able to find anything on Nordberg's jacket found on the dock. While in the police lab, Ted Olsen shows Frank and Ed some of his new experimental devices including a Swiss army shoe and a cuff link dart that fires capsules that temporarily incapacitate the target. Frank takes a pair of the cuff links. Ted tells Frank they found traces of heroin on Nordberg's jacket. Ed then gives Frank 24 hours to clear Nordberg of any wrongdoing. Frank returns to the hospital to talk to with Nordberg. At the hospital Thug 1 uses the hypnotic beeper to turn Dr. Alford into an assassin. Frank arrives a the front desk and realizes something is wrong when the assigned police officer for Nordberg's room is gone. Dr. Alford attempts to use a pillow to smother Nordberg, however he is stopped by Frank. Dr. Alford and Frank then hijack vehicles and chase each other. The chase ends when Dr. Alford, while riding a missile crashes into a fireworks factory, killing him. Frank returns home to find his apartment door open and Jane boiling a roast. Frank and Jane then have safe sex. They spend the next day together before he goes on a stake out that night. Frank breaks into Vincent's apartment and finds a paper signed by Pahpshmir promising 20 million dollars to be deposited on proof of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Frank accidentally sets the paper and Vincent's apartment on fire forcing him to go out on the balcony. The next day Frank and Ed are sitting in the Mayor's office explaining why Frank illegally entered Vincent's apartment and the Mayor tells Frank he is not to show up at the Queen's reception. Jane stops by Frank's apartment and tells him Vincent Ludwig wants to have a meeting with him tonight. He tells her he believes Vincent is involved in illicit activities, but Jane disagrees. Frank goes to the 7th street stockyards to meet Vincent, and is ambushed by Thug 1. Thug 1 runs out of bullets and when he tries to physically attack Frank, he falls into a vat of meat processing water and drowns. Frank shows up at the Queen's reception and tells Ed about the attempt on his life at the stockyards. Frank goes up to Vincent, who is sitting with Jane and tells him the gloves are off and accuses Jane of setting him up. Disoriented from a loud trumpet blast, Frank tackles the Queen when he thinks Vincent is about to shoot her with a Revolutionary War musket Vincent is presenting to the Queen. Frank is fired from the police force. Jane tells Frank she overhead Vincent talk about having a baseball player assassinate the Queen at the baseball game. Frank walks down to the clubhouse area of the stadium and knocks out and assumes the identity of Enrico Pallazzo, who is supposed to sing the National Anthem before the game. Frank gives a poor rendition of the National Anthem and runs back to the clubhouse area while being chased by a group of cops. He then uses a bat to knock out an umpire and then walks out onto the baseball field dressed as the home plate umpire. During the game Frank pats down the players in search of the assassin. With the game almost over and the assassin not yet found, Frank does everything he can to avoid a third out. A third out is called and Vincent awakens his assassin, Reggie Jackson. Jane yells out a warning to Frank and Vincent grabs her and takes her away. Frank tackles Reggie which leads to a bench clearing brawl. Reggie is about to shoot the Queen when Frank fires one of his cuff link darts at him. The dart ricochets and hits a woman in the balcony, causing her to fall and incapacitate Reggie. When Frank removes his umpire mask, the crowd believes it is Enrico Pallazzo who saved the Queen. Frank chases Vincent to the top of the stadium. Vincent holds an Uzi to Jane and threatens to kill Frank for ruining his life, and Frank in return grabs an innocent bystander and points a gun at her. Jane bites Vincent in the wrist causing him to drop his Uzi and Frank shoots him with a cuff link dart. Vincent falls over the edge and his body is driven over, run over with a steam roller and has a college band walk over it. A band player steps on the beeper Vincent had, causing Jane to activate as an assassin. Jane picks up the Uzi and points it at Frank however Frank convinces her to drop the weapon when he tells her how much he loves her and gives her an engagement ring. The Mayor reinstates Frank onto Police Squad with a promotion to Captain. Nordberg arrives in a wheelchair and Frank gives him a hearty slap on the back.

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