Frank Ventura

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Frank Venture


Frank Ventura is an architect in Italy. He has a beach cottage at the Bay, Italy where he conducts orgies. Frank is in a relationship with Laura.

During the events of A Bay of Blood (1971) played by Chris Avram

Frank and Laura are in bed together when Frank playfully accuses Laura of being possessive and he tells her, he is going to the Bay to get a signature. Frank calls someone and tells them that he expects that by tonight, they will own Countessa Federica Donati's property and can start construction soon. As Renata Donati and Albert drive, they pass by Frank, who stares at them. Frank is leaving Simon's house as Renata and Albert walk down the path. Frank calls Laura and tells her that Simon signed all of the paperwork. Renata and Albert go inside Frank's house, and he hears them from the basement.

Renata goes to the bathroom and finds the bodies of Bobby, Duke, Denise and Brunhilde. Frank runs at her with an axe and she stabs him with a pair of scissors. Anna Fossati finds Frank lying on the floor and Renata cuts her head off with an axe. Later, Laura sees Frank and he tells her to get Simon. During a flashback, a meeting occurs between Frank, Federica and Laura. During the meeting, Laura steals Federica's diary and later reads entries to Frank. Frank comes up with the idea of having Federica killed by Filippo. Simon has a meeting with Frank after killing Brunhilde and the others and Frank tells him to put their bodies in a room of his house and in the morning, to dump them in the Bay. Frank offers to give Simon money if he brings him Federica's will. In the present, Albert finds the will in Frank's house. The lights go out and Frank attacks Albert and Albert kills Frank.