Friday the 13th (1980)

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Camp counselors are killed one by one when Camp Crystal Lake is reopened.


Horror, Slasher


Mrs. Voorhees - Betsy Palmer

Alice - Adrienne King

Marcie - Jeannine Taylor

Annie - Robbi Morgan

Jack - Kevin Bacon

Bill - Harry Crosby

Brenda - Laurie Bartram

Ned - Mark Nelson

Steve Christy - Peter Brouwer

the Truck Driver - Rex Everhart

Sgt. Tierney - Ronn Carroll

Officer Dorf - Ron Millkie

Crazy Ralph - Walt Gorney

Barry - Willie Adams

Claudette - Debra S. Hayes

Trudy - Dorothy Kobs

Sandy - Sally Anne Golden

Operator - Mary Rocco

Doctor - Ken L. Parker

Jason - Ari Lehman

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Detailed Synopsis

At Camp Crystal Lake in 1958, Barry and Claudette are singing with a group of other camp counselors. An unseen person enters one of the cabins full of kids and stares at the children. Claudette and Barry leave the group and enter one of the empty buildings and go upstairs and start to kiss. The unseen person goes upstairs and stabs Barry in the stomach and then kills Claudette.

Presently on Friday June 13, Annie is walking through the town of Crystal Lake. She enters a store and asks the locals how far Camp Crystal Lake is. Trudy asks the Truck Driver if he knows exactly how far it is and Operator is surprised to hear they are opening Camp Crystal Lake again. Trudy suggests the Truck Driver might be able to take her half way and Annie and the Truck Driver leave the store. As they are walking, Crazy Ralph stops them and asks Annie if she is going to "Camp Blood" and then tells her she will never come back again. the Truck Driver asks Annie if her boss Steve Christy told her anything about the job and she tells him she was told she would be cooking for about 50 inner city kids and 10 staff. the Truck Driver suggests she quit and tells her about Barry and Claudette's murder, the boy that drowned in 1957, a series of fires later on, and the water going bad in 1962. Annie tells the Truck Driver she can't quit and he eventually drops her off in Hope, New Jersey. Jack, Marcie and Ned are driving in Ned's truck to Camp Crystal Lake. They make it to Camp Crystal Lake, which was established in 1935, and help Steve Christy remove a tree stump. Alice comes over and everyone introduces themselves. Christy helps Alice replace a gutter and then tells her she is talented and pretty after he looks at her drawing pad. Alice runs over to Bill and asks him if he needs more paint. Before leaving, Steve tells everyone, including Brenda what he wants them to work on while he is gone.

While Brenda is putting up an archery target, Ned fires an arrow at it and he flirts with her. While hitchhiking, Annie is picked up by someone in a jeep. The jeep drives past Camp Crystal Lake and when the driver refuses to stop, Annie jumps out of the vehicle and tumbles, hurting her knee. The jeep reverses and Annie starts to run away in the woods. The person in the jeep catches up to Annie and then slits her throat. While everyone is swimming, Brenda thinks she sees something in the woods. Ned acts like he is drowning, but starts kissing Brenda when she is giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation. Alice finds a snake in her cabin and calls for Bill, who runs into the cabin with a machete. The rest of the camp counselors go into the cabin and Jack flushes the snake out from under the bed and Bill kills it. Officer Dorf drives into camp and accuses them of smoking weed. He tells them he is looking for Crazy Ralph and then is called back to the station. As Alice is putting a pot away, Crazy Ralph steps out of the pantry and says Camp Crystal Lake is cursed and says they are doomed if they stay, before leaving. The power goes out and Jack, Brenda and Bill go to turn on the generator.

Ned sees someone enter a cabin and follows them inside to see who they are. A storm starts and Jack and Marcie run into the cabin and start having sex. Brenda suggests to Bill and Alice that they play strip Monopoly. While Jack and Marcie are having sex, Ned's dead body is in the bunk bed above. While Marcie goes to pee, Jack is stabbed through the chest with an arrow. As Marcie is peeing, she hears a noise and thinks it is Ned and Jack playing a prank on her. She is then killed by someone who hits her in the face with an ax. Brenda realizes that she left the windows to her cabin open and suggests they continue strip Monopoly the next day and leaves. Steve pays Sandy for his dinner and then leaves in his jeep. As Brenda is getting ready for bed in the restrooms, she is watched by someone. Steve's jeep stalls and he is forced to walk back to Camp Crystal Lake. Sgt. Tierney sees Steve and gives him a lift towards Camp Crystal Lake. As Brenda is reading a book in bed, she hears a voice calling for help. She goes outside and towards the archery range and the flood lights suddenly turn on and she screams. As he walks back into the cabin, Alice tells Bill she thought she heard Brenda scream and they go to her cabin. They find a bloody ax in her bed and go into Jack and Marcie's cabin and find it empty. After not finding anyone in the restroom either, they decide to call someone. They break into the main office, but find the phone lines dead and Jack's vehicle dead. While they are driving, Sgt. Tierney tells Steve that not only is it bad enough that it is Friday the 13th, but also that there is a full moon. He goes on to tell him that during these times there are more rapes, robberies and homicides. Sgt. Tierney gets a call from dispatch and drops Steve off. As Steve makes it to the entrance to Camp Crystal Lake, someone flashes a flashlight into his face, and as he walks towards them, is stabbed. The lights go out in camp and Bill goes to check the generator. Alice wakes up and goes looking for Bill. She finds his poncho in the generator room and as she is closing the door, finds him impaled on it with three arrows and with his throat slashed.

She runs back into the main cabin and barricades the front door. Brenda's body is thrown through a window and then Alice sees a jeep drive up. She runs outside and Mrs. Voorhees introduces herself with a smile. Alice tells Mrs. Voorhees what has happened and they go into the cabin and see Brenda's body. Mrs. Voorhees says Steve never should have reopened the camp and then tells Alice about her son Jason, who is the boy that drowned, as she puts it, while the counselors where making love and not paying attention. Mrs. Voorhees hears a voice in her head calling for help and blames Alice for killing Jason. Mrs. Voorhees pulls out a knife and Alice knocks her down with a fire poker. Alice runs to the jeep and finds Annie's body inside and runs away and then sees Steve's body hanging down. Mrs. Voorhees starts to mimic the voice of Jason telling her to kill Alice and chases after her. Alice goes into the shed and Mrs. Voorhees turns the generator back on. Alice finds a rifle, but can't find any ammunition. Mrs. Voorhees starts to slap Alice, but is knocked unconscious when Alice hits her with the butt of the rifle. Alice returns to the main cabin and tries to find a hiding place. Mrs. Voorhees attacks her with a machete and Alice knocks her unconscious with a frying pan, before dropping it and going outside. She goes to the dock and is again attacked by Mrs. Voorhees. Alice knocks the machete out of Mrs. Voorhees' hands and cuts off Mrs. Voorhees' head. Alice gets into a canoe and takes it out onto the lake. A police car arrives and as Alice is staring towards shore, Jason lunges from the lake and grabs her. She wakes up in the hospital and the Doctor orders her to be given some Valium. Sgt. Tierney tells Alice, her parents are on the way and she asks if anyone else is alive. She asks if Jason is still alive and when Sgt. Tierney tells her they didn't find a boy, she says "then he is still there".