Friends: Season 1 Episode 1 The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate

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Monica gets a new roommate when Rachel runs away from her marriage.

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Friends (1994-2004)


Rachel Green - Jennifer Aniston

Monica Geller - Courteney Cox

Phoebe Buffay - Lisa Kudrow

Joey Tribbiani - Matt Le Blanc

Chandler Bing - Matthew Perry

Ross Geller - David Schwimmer

Paul - John Allen Nelson

Franny - Clea Lewis

The Waitress - Cynthia Mann

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Detailed Synopsis

At the Central Perk coffee house, Monica Geller tells Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, and Chandler Bing about her upcoming non-date with Paul. Chandler then tells them about his dream where he is naked, but instead of having a penis, his genitals are a phone. Ross Geller arrives and Monica tells the others that his wife Carol Willick moved out. Rachel Green walks into the coffee shop wearing a wedding dress. Monica walks up to her and Rachel starts to explain things to her and the others after The Waitress asks Rachel what she wants to drink. She tells them that thirty minutes before her wedding, she realized she was more attracted to the gravy boat wedding present than her fiance Barry and how much he looked like Mr. Potato Head. They all go back to Monica's apartment and Rachel argues with her dad over leaving the wedding and tells him she is going to stay with Monica, before even asking Monica. Paul goes to Monica's apartment and she introduces him to everyone. Ross invites Rachel to come over and help him, Joey and Chandler put together his new furniture, but she declines his offer.

During their non-date, Paul tells Monica that he broke his ex-wife's watch to deal with his anger of her leaving him. Rachel leaves numerous messages on Barry's answering machine. Joey tells Ross that women are like ice cream and there are many flavors to enjoy and he needs to grab a spoon and enjoy life. Paul reveals to Monica that he hasn't been able to perform sexually ever since his wife left him. In the morning, Rachel makes coffee for Joey and Chandler, but it tastes terrible. Paul leaves Monica's apartment and Rachel is surprised to learn that everyone else has jobs. While at work, Monica learns from Franny that Paul uses the same line about not being able to perform, with everyone he goes out with. Monica tells the others about Paul and the guys can't believe she fell for the line. Rachel shows up with new boots, but no job and the others force her to cut up her credit cards. At the end of the night, Rachel finds Paul's watch, which he left and Monica steps on it. Before leaving, Ross asks Rachel if he could maybe ask her out sometime. The next day at the coffee shop, Rachel surprises the others by getting a job at the coffee house as a waitress.