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Gabriel "Gabe" is an archangel. Gabriel is an expert on the trumpet.

During the events of The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 32 A Passage for Trumpet played by John Anderson

Joey Crown follows music and finds Gabe playing the trumpet. Joey tells Gabe that he plays beautifully and gets excited when Gabe can hear him. Joey asks him if he is a ghost too, and Gabe tells him that neither of them are ghosts and the people Joey has seen are in fact the ghosts, they just don't know it yet. He continues that Joey is in a sort of limbo and can go back to the real world if he wants. Joey starts to realize some of the good things he had in his life and Gabe tells him that he has a special gift and not to waste it. Before leaving, Gabe tells Joey his name, which is short for Gabriel.