Ginger Snaps (2000)

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A teenage girl experiences changes when a hairy monster transfers its curse.


Horror, Monster


Brigitte - Emily Perkins

Ginger - Katharine Isabelle

Sam - Kris Lemche

Pamela - Mimi Rogers

Jason - Jesse Moss

Trina - Danielle Hampton

Henry - John Bourgeois

Mr. Wayne - Peter Keleghan

Ben - Christopher Redman

Tim - Jimmy MacInnis

Nurse Ferry - Lindsay Leese

Ms. Sykes - Wendii Fulford

Mother - Ann Baggley

Toddler - Graeme Robertson and Maxwell Robertson

Janitor - Pak-Kong Ho

Hockey Kid - Bryon Bully

Puppy Kid - Steven Taylor

Creature and Gingerwolf - Nick Nolan

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Detailed Synopsis

A Mother is raking the leaves while her Toddler is playing in his sandbox. The Toddler finds some blood in the sandbox and The Mother walks over and sees a dog paw in the sand. She goes to her dog Baxter's dog house and sees Baxter's remains. Brigitte hears the Mother screaming and the Mother runs to the street and yells that the Creature got Baxter. The next door neighbor's dog Norman starts to bark and Brigitte tells him to shut up. She walks into the basement and tells Ginger that Baxter is dead. Ginger tells her that she wants to commit suicide by slitting her throat. Brigitte worries that if they commit suicide, the neighbors will just laugh, but Ginger thinks they will be in awe of them. Ginger brings up that they swore they would die together and Brigitte pledges again to die with Ginger. They take various photos of each other dead by accidents or suicide which is then presented to their high school class. The class cheers, but Mr. Wayne tells them he was sickened and tells them to go to his guidance counselor office later. Jason asks if they could see the photos with Ginger again. During girl's lacrosse, Jason, Ben and Tim watch in the bleachers. Jason tells Ben and Tim that he wants to have sex with Ginger. Ginger sees him staring at her and Brigitte seems uncomfortable. They look at the other students and Brigitte imagines that Trina will die in the hair dye aisle from taking too many diet pills and laxatives. One of Trina's friends tells her what Brigitte said and during the game, Trina pushes Brigitte into the corpse of a dead dog.

Ginger walks into the locker room and sees the Janitor helping Brigitte out and accuses him of being a pervert. After school, Brigitte comes up with the idea of kidnapping Trina's dog and making it look like the Creature ate it. Sam drives his work van to the school and sells Jason some drugs. Trina tries to flirt with Sam, but he drives off. Jason walks up to Ginger and asks her out, but she rejects him. Hockey Kid is playing with Norman when Brigitte makes Ginger promise she won't become like the normal girls. Pamela shows Ginger and Brigitte the flowers she got, but they walk away. At dinner, Pamela thinks Ginger might be about to get her first period. Henry doesn't think it is the right topic for dinner, and Pamela blames him for Ginger and Brigitte not taking it seriously. During the evening, Brigitte starts having second thoughts about kidnapping Trina's dog. While walking through the playground, they come across the corpse of a dog. Brigitte notices the corpse is still warm and Ginger starts having her period. The Creature suddenly grabs Ginger and drags her through the woods. Brigitte runs into the woods after them and helps Ginger escape. They run across the road and as the Creature is following them, it is hit by Sam driving his work van and killed. Brigitte and Ginger run away while Sam gets out of the van and looks at the Creature.

Ginger and Brigitte go to their house and Brigitte notices Ginger's wounds are already starting to heal. Brigitte looks at the Polaroid she took and sees the head of the Creature. During class, they watch a video on intruder cells taking over a body. They go to the store and buy tampons. Jason sees Ginger buying them and invites her to smoke a joint with him. Ginger, Jason, Ben and Tim go into Sam's van to smoke a joint. As Brigitte is looking at the damage on Sam's work van, he walks over and she asks him what he hit. Sam catches Ginger and the others smoking in his van and kicks them out. Trina walks up and insults Ginger and Trina's dog starts barking at Ginger. Brigitte drops her things, including the Polaroid of the Creature and Ginger kicks Trina's dog. Ginger shows Brigitte the hair that is growing out of the claw wounds on her shoulder and Brigitte brings up that Ginger was bitten on a full moon. Ginger starts bleeding again and her and Brigitte go to the nurse's office. Nurse Ferry assures them that it is just normal with a period. She then explains the different stages of a period. During dinner, Pamela brings Ginger a cake and Ginger thinks Brigitte told Pamela about her period. Brigitte tells Ginger that she is changing, but Ginger just says she is jealous. Brigitte marks in her calendar when the next full moon will be and reads books and watches movies on werewolves.

As the month goes on, Ginger shows up at school dressed more fashionably and her hair starts to develop silver streaks. She stops spending as much time with Brigitte and instead starts flirting with Jason. Sam walks up to Brigitte and hands her the Polaroid she dropped on the ground. They discuss the possibility that the Creature was a werewolf and then Brigitte walks away. During the night, Brigitte checks on Ginger, who is sleeping, and sees she is growing a tail. Brigitte tells Sam that she is changing and he thinks there must be a cure. He tells her that when he had an infection, someone gave him a silver ring and it cleared it up and hands Brigitte the ring. During dinner, Pamela tells Brigitte that Ginger is just going through changes. During the night, Ginger has sex with Jason in his car. She comes home and is crying and Brigitte sees Ginger covered in blood. Ginger starts vomiting in the toilet and tells Brigitte that she killed Norman. Brigitte pierces Ginger and puts the silver ring in her belly button. The next morning, Hockey Kid goes outside to feed Norman and finds him dead. At school, Brigitte tapes down Ginger's growing tail. Jason walks up to Ben and Tim and tells them he had sex with Ginger. Tim then notices blood on Jason's pants. Sam goes to the school and tells Brigitte he has another idea if the silver ring doesn't work. During the lacrosse game, Trina shoves Brigitte to the ground and Ginger attacks her and gives her a bloody nose. Ms. Sykes sends Ginger to the office and Ginger is forced to talk with Mr. Wayne.

While Jason is peeing, he starts to pee blood. Brigitte tells Ginger that she infected Jason and they go to talk with Sam. He tells her that Monkshood might work, but it only grows during the spring. As Ginger is shaving, she notices she is growing a dewclaw. Trina confronts Brigitte and tells her to give her dog back. Ginger grabs Trina and drags her into the house. Trina grabs a knife and slips and falls on some spilled milk and hits her head and dies. Pamela and Henry come home and Ginger and Brigitte cover up for the blood, by acting like they are doing more death photos for class. Brigitte distracts Pamela from noticing Trina's body in the chest freezer by asking her what guys want. Brigitte and Ginger go to remove Trina's body and find it frozen in the freezer. Brigitte uses a screwdriver to chip away at the ice and accidentally cuts of two of Trina's fingers. They move her body into their old playhouse and bury her there. Henry thinks Ginger and Brigitte are up to something. Brigitte comes up with the idea to run away and to tell school that Ginger is sick at home. Jason pulls Brigitte into the janitor's closet and tells her that he is growing a tail and killed his own dog last night. The Janitor opens the door and Jason runs away. Pamela pulls Brigitte aside and demands to know what is going on after telling Ginger that the police want to speak with her.

Brigitte shows Ginger the monkshood she found from Pamela's craft supplies. She locks Ginger in the bathroom and brings the monkshood to Sam. They process the monkshood down in order to inject it. Sam figures out that Ginger is the one that is changing, not Brigitte and tells her that she has to be prepared that the cure might kill her. Brigitte goes home and finds Ginger has broken out of the bathroom. Mr. Wayne catches Ginger flashing Ben and Tim and sends her to his office. While running to school, Brigitte hears Puppy Kid screaming for help. She sees Jason assaulting Puppy Kid and tells him to leave Puppy Kid alone. Jason attacks Brigitte and she injects the cure into him, causing him to mellow out. Brigitte goes to Mr. Wayne's office and finds Ginger inside and Mr. Wayne dead. While out in the yard, Henry finds Trina's fingers. Pamela puts them in a Tupperware container and in the fridge. In the evening, Brigitte goes to look for something to clean up Mr. Wayne's office. The Janitor goes to Mr. Wayne's office and Ginger attacks him. Brigitte yells at her to stop and Ginger kills him. Pamela digs in the old playhouse and finds Trina's body. She picks up Brigitte and shows her Trina's fingers.

At the Greenhouse Bash Halloween party, Ginger goes to Sam's office. Pamela tells Brigitte that they can fake their deaths and start over again. Ginger tries to have sex with Sam. Brigitte goes into the office and cuts her hand and infects herself with Ginger's blood. Pamela tells cops that she is the killer so Brigitte and Ginger can get away. Sam and Brigitte take Ginger back to the house in his van. Ginger starts to transform some more. They get to the house and Ginger escapes into the house. Brigitte and Sam get the monkshood from Pamela's supplies and make another batch. Ginger attacks Sam and Brigitte grabs the syringe with the cure and follows Sam's blood trail down to the basement. She starts to feel the effects of changing and drops the syringe on the stairs. Ginger has completely transformed and Brigitte starts to lick up Sam's blood, but then spits it up. Ginger bites Sam in the neck, killing him, and chases after Brigitte. Brigitte finds the syringe and grabs a knife. Ginger lunges at Brigitte and impales herself on the knife. Brigitte then crawls over and hugs Ginger as Ginger slowly stops breathing.