Godmonster of Indian Flats (1973)

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A mutated sheep is born while a man representing a mining company from the East tries to buy up land rights in Nevada.


Horror, Monster


Barnstable - Christopher Brooks

Eddie - Richard Marion

Change Girl - Marianne Browne

Elbow Johnson - Terry Wills

Bar Girl - Erica Gavin

Alta's Girls - Evalyn Stanley, Joan Zerrien, Ann Wagner

Dr. Clemens - E. Kerrigan Prescott

Madame Alta - Peggy Browne

Sheriff Gordon - Robert Hirschfeld

Phillip Maldove - Steven Kent Browne

Banjo Band - Jack Curran, Chip Gash, Murray Mac, Bruce Ratcliffe

Deputies - P.S. Kreiger, Frank Ford, Walter Daniels, Richard Walton, George Costello

Mariposa - Karen Ingenthron

Charles Silverdale - Stuart Lancaster

Garbage Mike - Andre Brummer

Bartender - Gordon Lane

Lady Barker - Ann Lane

Shootout Stuntmen - Reno Jaycee's Ghostriders

Silverdale's Posse - Washoe Horsemen's Association

The Citizens of Virginia City



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Detailed Synopsis

Eddie arrives in Reno, Nevada and goes to the Primadonna Casino. He wins playing the slot machine and is paid in cash by the Change Girl and she introduces Eddie to Elbow Johnson and Bar Girl. Elbow Johnson buys Eddie a drink and then invites him to Virginia City, in Silverdale County. They drive to Virginia City in Elbow Johnson's car and go into Union Brewery Saloon where a Banjo Band is playing. Eddie meets one of Madame Alta's Girls, who steals money from Eddie's pockets and when Eddie confronts her, Elbow Johnson defends the Bar Girl and Eddie is roughed up and kicked out of the bar by Sheriff Gordon and Phillip Maldove as the Deputies watch. Dr. Clemens drives Eddie back to Eddie's ranch and Eddie passes out in his sheep pen. The next day Dr. Clemens and Mariposa drive back to Eddie's ranch and find him laying next to a sheep and an embryonic creature. Dr. Clemens then takes the embryo back to his lab in Indian Flats.

Phillip Maldove rides his motorcycle to Charles Silverdale's property who complains about tourists. Dr. Clemens, Eddie and Mariposa bring the hybrid creature to Dr. Clemens' lab and he asks Eddie to keep the embryo a secret. Over lunch, Silverdale tells Barnstable that his property isn't for sale as he wants to keep the area as it once was. He introduces Barnstable to Phillip Maldove and correctly guesses that Barnstable's employer is a mining company. Phillip visits Garbage Mike and asks him if he has seen anything interesting in anyone's trash, and Mike tells him he found some interesting stuff from Dr. Clemen's lab. Sheriff Gordon is with his dog Lance working on the County Communication system when Mariposa stops by asking to get equipment. He gives her some cables and then she drives off after Eddie harasses Sheriff Gordon. Eddie then explains the night the embryo was born to Mariposa and they kiss. Mariposa visits Madame Alta who gives her a crystal ball reading and tells her she is sowing the seeds of her own destruction.

Phillip Maldove visits Madame Alta and asks her to find out what is going on at Dr. Clemens' lab. While exploring a cave, Dr. Clemens and Mariposa find the skeletal remains of other sheep human hybrids but are forced to flee when phosphorous gas starts seeping out. During the Tourist Festival Parade, Phillip Maldove complains to Silverdale about certain people hanging out with Alta's Girls. While Barnstable is trick shooting, Sheriff Gordon has Lance play dead and then accuses Barnstable of shooting Lance. A funeral is held for Lance presided over by Phillip Maldove and afterwards Silverdale tells Madame Alta he planned the fake shooting of Lance so Barnstable would have a harder time trying to buy up the land. Barnstable goes door to door trying to buy land, but is rejected one by one. He goes to the Flying Narcissus Bar and has a drink. Phillip Maldove walks into the bar and then pulls a gun on Barnstable when he hears Barnstable flirting with Madame Alta. Madame Alta intervenes and Maldove leaves. Dr. Clemens tells Eddie and Mariposa that radioactivity might have caused the embryonic mutant. The crowd at the Tourist Festival watches as Shootout Stuntmen perform tricks. A Bartender hands a beer to a winner during a contest. Lady Barker presides over a pie eating contest. Eddie convinces the kids in the contest to throw their pies at Phillip Maldove, who afterwards loads his gun and after getting drunk goes looking for Barnstable. He finds him in a bar and invites Barnstable to his place. Phillip tells Barnstable that Silverdale is talking with Riche, his boss, directly and offers to make a deal which Barnstable rejects. As Barnstable is leaving, Phillip hits Barnstable with a bottle over his head and then shoots himself in the shoulder and puts the gun in Barnstable's hand. Barnstable is locked in a jail cell and Silverdale arrives and tells him he shot Maldove.

An electrical fire starts at Dr. Clemens lab, but they get it under control. Maldove leads Silverdale's Posse and they grab Barnstable from the jail while Sheriff Gordon sits and eats and does nothing. Before the Posse is about to hang him, Barnstable escapes in Madame Alta's car. They drive to Dr. Clemen's lab, but are followed by the Posse who then assault Dr. Clemens' lab. Dr. Clemens gives up Barnstable to the Posse to save his embryo and they grab Barnstable. The embryo who is now a full grown Godmonster, escapes from the lab and kills a member of the Posse. Silverdale and Dr. Clemens decide to chase after the Godmonster, but keep it under wraps, while Mariposa runs off to try and find it herself. Mariposa finds the Godmonster and as she tries to convince it to follow her, Eddie sees them and throws a rock at it and the Godmonster runs away. Silverdale makes a public announcement to The Citizens of Virginia City telling them not to panic and a curfew is in affect. Silverdale tells Dr. Clemens if they capture the Godmonster they could put it up for display. The Godmonster walks through the area terrorizing citizens who react in fear. Silverdale's Posse finds the Godmonster and surround it and lasso it and Dr. Clemens then injects it with a tranquilizer. Silverdale tells Barnstable that he prevented Barnstable from buying the people's land and bought it himself in the interest of conservation. Silverdale then tells Barnstable that he then sold the mining interests on his terms to Mr. Riche as he drives Barnstable into town. Silverdale walks to the center of a group of people and announces the end of the crisis and the capture of the Godmonster as Mariposa and Eddie watch. The crowd becomes angry when they find out Silverdale sold their mining leases to Mr. Riche and a fight breaks out. The crowd then charges at the cage holding the Godmonster and push it over the edge of the dump after Maldove is shot and killed. The Godmonster explodes as Silverdale excitedly yells that he beat Barnstable. A group of sheep then gather and eat as a noxious smoke envelopes them.