Gogo Yubari

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Gogo Yubari


Gogo Yubari is the 17 year old bodyguard of O-Ren Ishii in Tokyo, Japan.

During the events of Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003) played by Chiaki Kuriyama

The night O-Ren assumed power of the Yakuza council, Boss Tanaka slams his hand on the table and Boss Benta asks why the outburst. Boss Tanaka asks why they are celebrating and accuses the council of being perverted. Boss Honda demands Boss Tanaka apologize, but Boss Tanaka continues to insult O-Ren and Boss Ozawah tells him he is insulting the council. O-Ren asks Boss Tanaka to speak his mind and he once again insults her. O-Ren then runs across the table and cuts off Boss Tanaka's head in front of Boss Orgami and the rest of the council. O-Ren then tells the council the subject of her ancestry is not to be discussed ever again in a negative manner. O-Ren and her Crazy 88 walk into an izakaya run by Proprietor and are welcomed by her and Charlie Brown and where The 5, 6, 7, 8's are playing. O-Ren senses something and throws a dagger through the thin wall and sends Gogo to look. Gogo searches outside the room, but returns when she doesn't see anything. Crazy 88 3 looks at Charlie Brown and points out his similar looks to the comic character. The Proprietor agrees he looks like Charlie Brown and the others laugh. Crazy 88 1 (Miki) tells Charlie Brown to bring them four pepperoni pizzas and Crazy 88 6 (Girl) tells him to give her a kiss. The Bride yells out for O-Ren and O-Ren and the Crazy 88 run outside the room. The Bride cuts off Sofie Fatale's left arm, who she is holding in front of her, and the crowd screams and runs outside. O-Ren tells Charlie Brown to run away, which he does, and then sends Crazy 88 1 to attack The Bride. Crazy 88 1 attacks The Bride and she cuts his sword in half and then stabs him through the chest. O-Ren orders the others to attack and The Bride kills Crazy 88 3, Crazy 88 2 and Crazy 88 5. Crazy 88 4 and Crazy 88 6 attack her and she kills them both. Gogo walks down the stairs and fights The Bride using a meteor hammer. As Gogo is about to strangle The Bride with the meteor hammer chain, The Bride hits her with the nail end of a large piece of wood in the head, killing her.