Golden Winter (2012)

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A litter of puppies are abandoned when their owner's home is foreclosed.




Oliver Richmond - Andrew Beckham

Jessica Richmond - Shannon Elizabeth

Jeff Richmond - Jason Brooks

Ralphie - Frank Banz

Ben - Charles Irving Beale

Mrs. Geitzen - Madeleine Falk

Scooter - Samuel E. Hafermalz

Frankie - Joe Hursley

Marybeth Geitzen - Ava Kolker

Tommy - Jon Kondelik

Mrs. Mildred Bell - Rae Latt

Mr. Williams - Richard Lund

Timmy Geitzen - Christian Mooney

Mr. Garvey - Clyde Tull

Mr. Geitzen - Jim Turner

Charley - Zach Louis

Biff - Heath L. Williams II

Jimmy - Austin J. Wolff

Voice of Rory - Haylie Duff

Voice of Jumper - Kim Little

Voice of Tinkle - G.K. Bowes

Voice of Snoozer - Darrel Guilbeau

Voice of Scarf - Steve Sirkis

Voice of Mother Dog - G.K. Bowes

Voice of Mean Dog 1 - Kyle Hebert

Voice of Mean Dog 2 - Darrel Guilbeau

Voice of Chihuahua - Roel Navarro

Voice of Fluffy - Megan Miller

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Detailed Synopsis

A man and woman pack their belongings into their car as Mother Dog watches. Meanwhile Rory, Jumper, Tinkle, Snoozer and Scarf are playing with Christmas ornaments. Tinkle runs to Mother Dog and tattles on Rory for not going to pee with her. Mother Dog tells Rory that their owners have left them and while she tries to get help, Rory is the leader. Rory tries to get them to play the quiet game, but they quickly lose interest and start playing dog tag. Jeff Richmond drives up the driveway and after looking inside the window, he notices the owners of the home have left. He places a notice of eviction on the door and as he is walking away he hears Mother Dog barking. He calls Tiffany and tells her to inform Mr. Garvey that the eviction notice has been placed at the Cooper home and to call Animal Control to pick up Mother Dog. While trying to scare his siblings, Rory gets them all stuck in the garage when they knock boxes against the door. Tommy and Ben come to the door and take Mother Dog away to the shelter.

Rory manages to get the door open, and watch as Animal Rescue takes Mother Dog away. The puppies try to use the telephone to call 911, but it is disconnected. They hear noise coming from downstairs and see Jimmy, Charley and Scooter breaking into the house. Scooter shows Jimmy the eviction notice and Jimmy realizes no one will be coming to the house until after New Years. Biff brings Oliver Richmond into the house blindfolded. Jimmy makes Oliver swear loyalty to the Ghost Gang in order to join. Charley then gives Oliver his initiation wedgie. Jimmy asks where everyone told their parents they would be at and Oliver tells him it doesn't matter, because his parents don't pay attention to him anyways. Rory brings Oliver his and the others pedigree papers and the other puppies run over to Oliver. Biff sees the puppies and calls over the other members of the gang. Jimmy comes up with the idea to sell the puppies. Rory comes up with the idea to escape and find Mother Dog. Oliver finds the puppies trying to escape and realizes Rory is missing. Jeff calls him and invites him to play soccer. Oliver grabs his backpack and then leaves. Jessica Richmond is talking to a client when Oliver gets home. She tells him Jeff had to go to the Elk's Lodge to do some work for Mr. Garvey. Jessica offers to take Oliver to the Elk's Lodge. Oliver goes inside the Elk's Lodge and Jeff tells Oliver, Mr. Garvey asked him to help organize the office Christmas Party and he can't afford to be fired. Jeff offers to play soccer with Oliver once he finishes, but continues to do work as the hours count down. Rory pokes his head out of Oliver's backpack and Oliver rides his bike back towards the foreclosed house.

Biff tells Oliver that the puppies have run away. Rory runs away following the scent of his siblings. The puppies run into a junk yard after they smell food. A Chihuahua tells the puppies the food is his and then Mean Dog 1 and Mean Dog 2 walk up to back him up. Mean Dog 1 and Mean Dog 2 tell the puppies they kill and eat dogs that try and steal their food and Chihuahua shows them where they bury the bones of the dogs they eat. The puppies run away and are cornered by the Chihuahua, Mean Dog 1 and Mean Dog 2. The puppies are about to be killed when Oliver and Rory show up and Oliver sprays the Mean Dogs and Chihuahua with water. Jeff asks Jessica if she thinks things are moving too fast, but she thinks that is just how their life is. Oliver takes the puppies around in a wagon to try and find Mother Dog. He stops at Bell's Animal Rescue and Mrs. Mildred Bell tells Oliver, Mother Dog is at the veterinarian getting her shots and will be ready to be adopted tomorrow along with a two hundred dollar adoption fee. Scooter overhears Oliver tell the puppies that he will figure out some way to get two hundred dollars and tells Jimmy. Charley starts to fake cry and Jimmy tells Oliver that Timmy Geitzen stole a necklace Charley was going to buy for his mother. Jimmy then tells Oliver that he wants him to get back the necklace so they can return it to the store and get the two hundred dollar reward for bringing the necklace back. Rory tells the other puppies that Jimmy lied about Timmy stealing the necklace.

Oliver and the others go to Timmy's house and Rory and the puppies also go to Timmy's house. Oliver breaks into the house and Rory gets into the house using Fluffy's cat door while Scarf waits outside as a lookout. While Oliver is inside of the house, Jimmy takes a photo of Oliver with his cellphone. Charley sees the Geitzen's driving towards the house and he and the others abandon Oliver. Snoozer runs over to the Geitzens and acts like he is hurt. Mr. Geitzen tells Mrs. Geitzen to call the veterinarian. The other puppies run up and Marybeth Geitzen starts to pet them. Oliver hears the puppies barking and Rory takes the necklace and runs away with it. Biff bangs on the back door and tells Oliver that the Geitzens are home and they ride away on their bikes after they see the puppies running away. The Geitzens walk into their house and find it a mess and Fluffy wearing the necklace. Oliver tells Biff that they have to get out of the Ghost Gang and make a plan to come back later and take the puppies and leave the gang. Oliver goes home and tells Jessica he wants a dog for Christmas, which he has already picked out. He tells her she and Jeff are never home and he also wants to adopt five puppies. Oliver tells Jessica he is running away and then leaves. He goes back to the foreclosed house to try and get the dogs and is grabbed by Frankie. Ralphie walks in holding Biff by the collar. Jimmy tells Oliver that they found a buyer for the puppies that is going to sell them to a fur farm in China. Oliver calls home and tells Jessica he is staying at a friend's house and she tells him she will need him to be at the party at the Elk's Lodge. Jeff tells Jessica maybe Oliver is right and they don't spend enough time with him. He then suggests they cut back on their expenses so they can spend more time with Oliver.

The next day Frankie tells the Ghost Gang his plan to have them dress as elves so they can steal a donation that is supposed to be made during the party at the Elk's Lodge. Frankie warns the gang that if they tell anyone then Frankie and Ralphie will kidnap their parents. As Biff goes to get the puppies to hand to the buyer, he finds them gone and Oliver tells Jimmy he set them free. Jimmy shows Oliver the photo he took while Oliver was breaking into the Geitzen house and threatens to send it to the police if Oliver doesn't get the puppies back. The puppies decide to help Oliver. Mrs. Bell calls Oliver's phone and tells Frankie, who answers the phone, that Mother Dog was adopted that morning. Mr. Garvey tells Jeff that he did a great job setting up the party. Frankie and the others arrive at the Elk's Lodge and Scooter motions the real Santa and elves to park in the back. Frankie tells Mr. Williams, who is dressed like Santa to head into an alley and then locks him and the elves behind a chain link fence. Frankie and the others then get into Mr. Williams' van and drive to the front of the Elk's Lodge. Oliver sees a present move and finds Rory in it and the other puppies nearby. As Jeff is going to get the donation money, Jessica tells him Oliver didn't come home and isn't answering his phone.

Mr. Garvey hands two sacks of money to Ralphie. Jumper takes a flying leap and knocks over the Christmas tree onto Ralphie, knocking him unconscious. As Jimmy, Scooter and Charley are trying to help Frankie, Oliver and Biff throw net Christmas lights on them. Snoozer and Scarf start attacking Frankie and Ralphie and tear off Ralphie's fake beard, revealing to Mr. Garvey that he isn't Mr. Williams. Mr. Garvey tells Jeff to call the police and Tinkle pees and Frankie and Ralphie slip on it and crash into the food table. Frankie tries to get away but is trapped by Jeff who is wielding a baseball bat. Frankie grabs Mother Dog and threatens to stab her with some deer horns and Jeff tells Oliver he bought Mother Dog as his Christmas present. Oliver kicks multiple soccer balls into the head of Frankie until he falls unconscious. The puppies celebrate with Mother Dog and Jeff tells Mr. Garvey he is quitting so he can spend time with his family. Mr. Garvey then tells Jeff he is going to promote him to a new forbearance program for the bank to run it. Jessica tells Oliver they plan on moving to a smaller house to help on expenses. Jessica and Jeff then agree to adopt Mother Dog and all of her puppies. On Christmas, Oliver gets the soccer net he wanted and Jeff suggests they can play in the park, while Oliver says they can bring Biff along. Mother Dog tells the puppies she is proud of them and especially Rory. The puppies then play tag as they run around the foreclosed home that is now owned by Jeff and Jessica.