Guinevere (Camelot)

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Guinevere is a resident of Britain. Her father is Leodegrance, her cousin is Bridget, her aunt is Sara and she is engaged to Leontes. Guinevere's uncles were killed by King Lot.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 1 Homecoming played by Tamsin Egerton

Arthur has a dream where Guinevere walks out of the ocean and they have sex.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 2 The Sword and the Crown played by Tamsin Egerton

Arthur is sitting on the beach when Guinevere walks out from the ocean like in his dream. Arthur walks towards her and she grabs him and pulls a knife on him. He tells her that he had a dream of her and that he was there to mourn his mother. He tells her that Lot killed his Arthur's Foster Mother in revenge for Arthur killing Lot's Outrider. She tells him that Lot killed her family and uncles. Ector appears and calls to Arthur and Arthur runs to him. Arthur has his coronation ceremony and Arthur is sitting next to Brastias when he sees Guinevere and walks over to her. Arthur and Guinevere walk to the edge of the castle and while they are talking, Leontes joins them and Arthur finds out that Guinevere and Leontes are engaged.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 3 Guinevere played by Tamsin Egerton

Guinevere is in her bedroom with Bridget and tells her that she is worried she is rushing into marriage and Bridget brings up that Guinevere and Leontes have been engaged for five years. Guinevere wonders if Leontes is the one she was meant to marry. Leodegrance opens the door and tells Guinevere that she has to leave as they are being attacked. Guinevere and Bridget go outside and Guinevere tries to attack Ginger and is pulled away by Bridget. Leontes walks up to Arthur in a hurry and then takes him to see Guinevere and Bridget. Leodegrance tells Arthur about the bandit attack and Leontes asks if they can stay at Camelot. Merlin says no, but Arthur says they can stay. Leodegrance mentions Guinevere and Leontes' upcoming marriage and Merlin insists they have the wedding at Camelot. Queen Igraine shows Guinevere and Bridget to their room and asks Guinevere if she loves Leontes and Guinevere tells her that she doesn't even know if she knows the word love.

Later, Arthur goes into Guinevere's room and tells her to meet him at the beach. Guinevere goes to the beach and Arthur tells her not to marry Leontes. They have sex and Guinevere tells him that they can only do it that one time. As Arthur and Guinevere are heading back to Camelot they come across a dead deer and she takes some of its blood. Bridget brings Guinevere a gift from an unknown person. Guinevere opens the box it is in and sees it is a seashell. Arthur presides over Guinevere and Leontes' wedding. After the wedding, Guinevere and Leontes have sex and Guinevere uses the deer blood to make Leontes believe she was a virgin.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 4 Lady of the Lake played by Tamsin Egerton

The day after the wedding, Guinevere asks Leontes when they can leave Camelot and he tells her that Arthur needs him at Camelot for the time being. Igraine walks up to Guinevere and tells her the worst thing a wife can do is heed the attention of someone other than her husband. Arthur sees Guinevere and tells her that he couldn't sleep and asks her if Leontes is better than him in bed. She tells him that what happened on the beach meant nothing. Arthur goes to the training grounds and challenges Leontes to a fight as Guinevere, Bridget and the other warriors watch. Leontes wins, but when he is walking away, Arthur kicks him in the back and puts a knife to his throat and says to never give in and stares up at Guinevere. Guinevere confronts Arthur and tells him that he can't win her.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 5 Justice played by Tamsin Egerton

As Guinevere is washing herself, a goat bleats at her. She leads it outside with Bridget and they notice how more and more people are coming to Camelot, but it is disorganized. She returns the goat to the Cook and tells him it is the second time the goat has gotten loose. Guinevere walks up to Arthur and asks him if she can organize things within Camelot and he agrees. During the tribunal, Guinevere walks with Katelyn and tells her that the village rules are that the headman gets to have sex with every village girl when she becomes a woman and Wade was coming to have sex with her. Colfur tells Arthur and Guinevere that Wade's father raped his wife and Katelyn is the product of the rape. Katelyn walks up and tells Colfur that she knows that he isn't her father, but she still loves him.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 6 Three Journeys played by Tamsin Egerton and Lily Walsh

Guinevere has a dream of herself as a child when Leodegrance told her the story of Zeus and Artemis and her birthday wishes. Bridget knocks on her door and tells her that a Messenger is there to see her. Arthur finds Guinevere in a village on her way to see a sick Leodegrance and Bela tells Guinevere that going through the forest is dangerous. She says that people said it would be different with a new king, but he's done nothing for them. Arthur and Guinevere take the coastal road and he complains about how every time he fails, someone dies. In the morning, Arthur and Guinevere are being robbed while they are asleep. Arthur kills two of the robbers and the third one runs away. Guinevere and Arthur ride onto Sara's property and Guinevere goes to Leodegrance. He calls her Alice and Guinevere repeats the story he told her from when she was young and he dies. As Arthur and Guinevere are returning to Camelot, they stop for the night and Guinevere asks Arthur to hold her. When Arthur and Guinevere get near Camelot they kiss.

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During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 7 The Long Night played by Tamsin Egerton

Arthur, Kay, Igraine, Merlin, Guinevere, Leontes, Gawain, Brastias, Ulfius, and Bridget ride to Morgan's castle. During the feast Arthur's men get drunk and Morgan offers her love and devotion to Arthur. Dancers start dancing in front of the group and at the end of the dance stick swords in front of the diners. The Dancers leave with most of Arthur's men except, Arthur himself, and Leontes.

After dinner, Gawain goes back to watch over Arthur and the castle suddenly is attacked by flaming arrows. A Girl is surrounded by flames and Arthur goes to save her. Everyone gathers for a meeting and Morgan wonders who is attacking her and Merlin thinks Aldwulf, a warrior king from the east might be behind the attack. Igraine tells Guinevere and Bridget to be calm. Gawain gets Morgan's forces ready and Guinevere asks Leontes if her and Bridget can help. Morgan and Guinevere debate about love and Morgan asks her how she feels about Arthur. Guinevere offers to fight and Brastias and the other warriors help her, Bridget and the Dancers how to fight. Morgan overhears Arthur tell Guinevere that he loves her. In the morning, Morgan's Captain returns and says that they defeated Aldwulf's men. Arthur and the others ride back to Camelot.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 8 Igraine played by Tamsin Egerton

Arthur and Guinevere talk and Arthur tells Guinevere that he meant what he said at Castle Pendragon and she tells him that them being together will never happen again. While Igraine and Guinevere are preparing Redwald's body, Igraine asks her what happened between her and Arthur. Guinevere admits to her that she did cheat with Arthur on her wedding day.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 9 The Battle of Bardon Pass played by Tamsin Egerton

Guinevere wakes up and sees Leontes staring at her and he asks her if she had an affair with Arthur. She at first denies it, but then admits to it. While Arthur is having a meeting with Ulfius and Brastias, Guinevere goes to him and tells him that Leontes knows about their affair. Guinevere apologizes to Leontes for cheating on him, but he doesn't believe it was only once and tells her that Igraine was the one that told him. Guinevere accuses Igraine of telling Leontes about her affair. After Leontes forgets his Bible, Guinevere rides to Bardon Pass and Kay figures out that Arthur cheated with Guinevere. Wallace gives Arthur the chance to surrender, but Arthur refuses. Harwel and the mercenaries attack and Mercenary 4 attacks Guinevere, but is killed by Leontes. Arthur tells the others to retreat while he stays behind.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 10 Reckoning played by Tamsin Egerton

Gawain and the survivors of the battle of Bardon Pass arrive at the location where they are to rendezvous with Arthur. Leontes tends to Kay's wound and he and the others realize that Arthur stayed behind to prove himself to them. Guinevere tends to Hilda's wound and Leontes shows her how to tend an arrow wound. Later, Arthur returns with Leontes' body and Guinevere cries. Leontes' body is put on a funeral pyre along with Igraine's. Guinevere tells Arthur that she never told Leontes goodbye.