Hack-O-Lantern (1988)

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A descendant of Satanists grows up to be next in line as the leader of a Satanic cult.


Horror, Slasher


Grandpa - Hy Pyke

Tommy - Gregory Scott Cummins

Amanda - Katina Garner

Vera - Carla Baron

Roger - Jeff Brown

Bill - Michael Potts

Beth - Patricia Christie

Brian - Larry Coven

Young Tommy - Bryson Gerard

Young Vera - Heidi Lepucki

Young Roger - Lance Harvey

Nora - Angel Rush

Sarge - Dave Campbell

Carrie - Marya Gant

Bob - Michael Mincinski

Lou - Tracy Shuttleworth

Lou's Girlfriend - Susan Hoffman

Bob's Girlfriend - Jai Emerick

Witches - Brenda Cedarblade, D.D. Gonzales, Jacqueline Lee Kaagen, and Sahida Patel

Branding Witch/Party Stripper - Diane Trimble

Trick-or-Treaters - Andleib Seth, Milan Chawla, Michael Maye, Mark A. Pecaro, and Justin Rajendra

Kali - Michelle Brooks

Dream Band - D.C. La Croix

Party Band - Mercenaries

Party Girl - Michelle Foxx

Cowboy 1 - Charles Hyatt

Cowboy 2 - Jeff Amberg

Gangster - Wayne Harvey

Geisha - Mena Sanjo

Party Comedian - Bill Tucker

Sword Warrior - Gyan Singh

Spaceman - Ramesh Pandey

Caribbean Girl - Chandra Williams

Cat Girl - Dr. Dalika Gokhley

Stunt Devil - Bill Bates

Body Double - Michelle Foxx

Snake Dancer - Regina Starr

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Detailed Synopsis

In 1968, Grandpa drives to Tommy's house and honks his horn. Tommy runs outside and Grandpa tells him Happy Halloween and offers him any pumpkin from the back of Grandpa's truck. Grandpa tells Tommy that he is very special and gives him a present and then leaves. Tommy throws the pulp at Vera as he carves the pumpkin and Vera complains to Amanda. Roger runs up to Vera with a toy rifle and tells her to give him all her candy. Tommy cuts his hand and licks his blood and tells Amanda, he likes the taste of blood. Amanda realizes Grandpa gave Tommy the pumpkin and smashes it. Bill asks Amanda why Grandpa favors Tommy and goes to confront Grandpa. Bill arrives at Grandpa's property and sees a group of Witches in the barn. Grandpa surprises Bill and tells him that he shouldn't have come. Bill tells Grandpa to leave Tommy alone and a Witch hits Bill in the head with a hammer and Bill is dragged back to his car and Grandpa pours gasoline on it and tells Bill to burn in Hell before lighting it on fire. Tommy opens the present Grandpa gave him and finds a medallion inside.

13 years later, Grandpa goes to Tommy's house and gives him a robe and tells him that tonight, Tommy shall learn what power is and then leaves. As Grandpa is driving away, Amanda stops him and tells him to stay away from Tommy and Grandpa tells her that he has great plans for Tommy. Grandpa grabs Amanda and tries to rape her like he did on Amanda and Bill's wedding day. Amanda pulls away and Grandpa angrily drives away. Beth goes to Tommy's house and Amanda tells her that Vera is getting ready. Beth plays a prank on Vera and asks her if Tommy is going to the party. Beth then tells Vera that she is going as Princess Diana. Sarge tells Roger that he is lucky that he gets to monitor a Halloween party. Tommy listens to music on his bed and daydreams that he is playing with a Dream Band. A version of Kali appears and starts to dance. The Dream Band sings a song about someone being the Devil's son. Kali makes the Dream Band members disappear, stabs Tommy with a trident and decapitates him. Roger rides his motorcycle home and Amanda tells him that Tommy keeps on acting up. Nora buys champagne and beer and Lou's Girlfriend sees Bob staring at Nora and asks him what Nora has that she doesn't. Bob says that he heard Nora has a tattoo on her butt and then tells Bob's Girlfriend that he heard Nora is into some weird stuff. Lou says Nora hangs out with Tommy and Lou's Girlfriend calls Nora a rich bitch. Brian then tells them that he promised Vera he would her decorate for the party.

Grandpa sees Tommy with Nora and tells him that he must be pure for the ceremony that night and then tells Nora to drive Tommy home. Vera tells Beth that she plans on having sex with Brian that night. Amanda tells Roger that she doesn't like Vera hanging out with Brian. Vera introduces Beth to Roger and Beth flirts with Roger. Roger goes to speak with Tommy and tells Tommy he should do something with his life. Tommy pushes him to his closet door and shows Roger his Satanic alter. Amanda puts flowers on Bill's grave. Amanda overhears Beth tell Vera that she wants to have sex with Roger. Nora sees someone outside her house wearing a devil costume and thinks it is Tommy. She lets them into her house and they stab Nora with a cultivator in the side of her neck. Grandpa drives to where the Halloween party is going to be and tells Vera that he is dropping off some pumpkins. Grandpa then comments on how attractive Vera is growing up to be. He tries to give her a hug and Brian steps in between them. Grandpa threatens Brian and Vera tells Brian who her Grandpa is. Roger drives up and Vera asks him what he thinks about Beth. Roger goes into the building and invites Beth to go riding on his motorcycle. Tommy goes home and hears Vera and Brian having sex and throws Brian out of the house. Tommy goes into his room and puts a mask that resembles the devil mask and a knife into a bag and then leaves.

As Brian is walking through the cemetery, he hears a noise and starts to run. He falls into a dug up grave and the person in the devil costume kills him with a shovel. Vera sees Amanda is covered in dirt and Amanda tells her that she was working in the orchard. Amanda then complains to Vera that her and the others just want to leave her. Grandpa and the other Witches have a ceremony and share the blood of a goat. They then initiate Branding Witch into the coven and brand her with a pentagram. Roger and Beth ride to the cemetery and Roger catches Trick-or-Treaters playing in the cemetery. They tell him that they dropped their candy and were picking it up and Beth tells them to go home. Roger and Beth have sex in the cemetery and then Roger drops her off at Amanda's house. At the party, the guests including Gangster, Caribbean Girl, and Cat Girl dance as the Party Band plays music. The Party Stripper arrives and Cowboy 1 asks her if she needs a cowpoke. The Party Stripper then starts to strip. Party Comedian walks outside and tells jokes to the party goers outside. Beth takes Vera to the cemetery to show her where she and Roger had sex. Vera sees a hand poking out of the dirt and pulls on it, revealing Brian's body. Vera thinks Tommy murdered him and goes to Grandpa's barn. She goes inside and starts yelling at Tommy. Grandpa tells her that she has intruded on the sacred blood ceremony and has the other Witches grab her. Grandpa tells Tommy to kill Vera, but Tommy frees her. Grandpa tells Tommy that he has failed Satan and excommunicates Tommy.

At the party, a Snake Dancer dances with her snake. She puts the snake in the face of Cowboy 2 who sways away from it. Cowboy 2 walks up to Geisha and flirts with her, but is rejected. Bob flirts with Carrie, but she rejects him and walks to Roger. She flirts with Roger, but he tells her that he is on duty. Carrie goes into the restroom and the person in the devil costume follows her in and she starts telling them about meeting Roger. Vera and Beth go to the party and tell Roger about Grandpa telling Tommy to kill her. Carrie asks the person in the devil costume to help her with her corset and the person in the devil costume tightens Carrie's corset so tight her ribs crack and then stab her in the back. Roger and Sarge go to Grandpa's barn, but find it empty. Party Girl tells Vera and Beth that they almost missed the party. Vera and Beth go int the restroom and see Carrie's body, but think she is drunk. As Vera is going to the bathroom, the person in the devil costume uses a rope to strangle Beth to death.

Vera walks back in and sees Beth's body hanging in the closet and tries to get help from Carrie until she notices the blood on Carrie's back. Vera runs out of the restroom and goes to who she thinks is Tommy in the robe, but is Grandpa. The person in the devil costume come out of the restroom and they and Grandpa fight. The person in the devil costume stabs Grandpa in the chest with the cultivator. Roger rides up to the building and Grandpa tells Roger that the power is in the blood and puts his hand on Roger's face and then dies. Roger shoots the person in the devil costume, but they stagger away. They remove their mask, revealing the killer to be Amanda. She stumbles to the cemetery and falls to the ground at Bill's gravestone. Tommy finds her and she tells him that she only wanted to keep the family together. Tommy tells her that he loves her and they hug and Amanda dies. The Witches have another ceremony, which Roger leads.