Hank Andrews

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Hank Andrews


Hank Andrews owns Heaven's Gate mortuary in Cliffside, California. His wife was Mrs. Andrews and his son is Paul Andrews.

During the events of Mortuary (1983) played by Christopher George

Hank holds a seance with a group of women, including Eve Parson. At the Sheriff's Department, Sheriff Duncan accuses Greg Stevens of stealing from Hank. Sheriff Duncan asks Greg where Josh is and Greg accuses Hank of having a seance, which he denies. Sheriff Duncan tosses Greg the keys to his van and tells him to leave. Hank is talking to a Mortuary Customer as Greg walks in and when Hank goes to sign the receipt for a wreath, he threatens Greg, if he continues to tell Sheriff Duncan he does seances or catches him in his warehouse, he is going to end up in a casket. Hank walks in to the embalming room and yells at Paul and tells Greg to leave. He and Eve meet with Sheriff Duncan at the marina. He later leads a seance with Eve and other women. Hank tries to communicate with Dr. Parson's spirit, who tells those gathered he was murdered. Hank catches Paul in the embalming room and accuses him of harassing Christie Parson and Sheriff Duncan was asking questions about him concerning Dr. Parson's death. Paul reveals to Hank he murdered Eve and accuses everyone of being against him. Paul then kills Hank, but feels bad immediately after doing it.