Hannah Masterson

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Hannah Masterson


Hannah Masterson is a resident of Townshend, Windham County, Vermont. Her father is Will Masterson.

During the events of The Whisperer in Darkness (2011) played by Autumn Wendel

Albert Wilmarth is walking to Henry Akeley's house when he stops at Will's house to ask for directions to Henry's house. Will gives him directions and as they are talking, Hannah takes a peek at Albert. Later at Henry's house, Hannah walks towards Albert and tells him to be quiet. She points at him to go out the bedroom window. Hannah tells Albert to run, but he says that he can't leave Henry behind. Walter Brown informs P.F. Noyes that Albert has escaped and Hannah tells Will that she saw Albert going to the bridge and they all leave. Will returns to the house and points a gun at Albert and says the Mi-Go can't be stopped and the doorway they are opening leads to Earth. He says that Noyes has to lead a ritual and again insists that the Mi-Go can't be stopped. Albert tells him the draft copy mentions the shaman has to go into the portal first in order for it to work. Will again says there is nothing they can do and shoots himself in the head.

Albert takes Henry's brain cylinder with him and goes with Hannah to her barn. He tells Hannah about his daughter who died from the Spanish Flu and says that he has to go and try and stop the ritual. She tells him the best way to get to Round Mountain where the ritual is to be performed and says that she will be safe as Will placed hexes over the barn door and the Mi-Go can't enter. Albert returns back to the barn. The Mi-Go circle the barn, but Albert and Hannah are able to get Will's crop dusting plane started and they fly it out of the barn as the Mi-Go use their mind powers to try and stop them. The Mi-Go attack them and start to destroy the plane. Hannah throws a canister at one of the Mi-Gos, injuring it, but another one grabs Hannah and then drops her to her death.