Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

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Hansel and Gretel help a town recover its children from a group of witches who plan on using the children to gain powers.


Fantasy, Action


Hansel - Jeremy Renner

Gretel - Gemma Arterton

Muriel - Famke Janssen

Mina - Pihla Viitala

Edward - Derek Mears

Edward Voice - Robin Atkin Downes

Horned Witch - Ingrid Bolso Berdal

Red Haired Witch - Joanna Kulig

Ben - Thomas Mann

Sheriff Berringer - Peter Stormare

Jackson - Bjorn Sundquist

Mayor Engleman - Rainer Bock

Father - Thomas Scharff

Adrianna - Kathrin Kuhnel

Young Hansel - Cedric Eich

Young Gretel - Alea-Sophia Boudodimos

Deputies - Matthias Ziesing, Sebastian Huelk

Gamekeeper - Geir Vegar Hoel

Tracker William - Jeppe Beck Laursen

Tracker Jonathan - Christian Rubeck

Mute Tracker - Stig Frode Henriksen

Tall Witch - Zoe Bell

Candy Witch/Mother - Monique Ganderton

Dairy Man - Fritz Roth

Teenage Boy - Lucas Mann

Mary Behlmer - Lucy Ella Von Scheele

Little Boy - Isaiah Michalski


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Detailed Synopsis

A Father runs into his house and Adrianna tells him to take Hansel and Gretel into the forest. Father takes Hansel and Gretel into the woods and then leaves them. After some time they find a house made of candy in the woods which they enter. They are then captured by Candy Witch who forces Hansel to eat candy and makes Gretel clean for her. The Candy Witch is preparing to cook Hansel when Gretel unlocks her chains and grabs a knife. The Candy Witch shoots a beam from her wand which travels through Gretel without harming her. Gretel then stabs the Candy Witch and she and Hansel push her into the oven and the Candy Witch burns to death.

Many years later in Augsburg, Germany, Dairy Man is selling milk bottles with pictures of missing children on them. Ben grabs a bottle and runs away towards a crowd gathered around Sheriff Berringer and his Deputies who have accused Mina of practicing witchery. Sheriff Berringer starts to torture Mina by dunking her head in water until Mayor Engleman calls for order. Sheriff Berringer continues to accuse Mina of being a witch and threatens to burn her as Gretel walks up to him and puts a gun to the back of his neck. Hansel walks over to Mina and physically checks to see if Mina is a witch, and doesn't find any signs, while also telling the crowd the symptoms of a witch. They tell the crowd that Mayor Engleman has hired them to find their missing children. Mayor Engleman tells them about a cottage outside the village that might have clues about the missing children. Gretel kicks down the door of the cottage and finds Tall Witch inside and she and Hansel are forced to chase the Tall Witch until they eventually catch her. They tell Mayor Engleman that they didn't find any information about the missing children but did find a manuscript depicting a blood moon, which is a holy night for witches. Mayor Engleman pays Hansel and Gretel half of their pay before introducing them to Jackson and they decide to continue in their search in the morning. That evening, Sheriff Berringer pays Tracker William, Tracker Jonathan and Mute Tracker to find the children. The Trackers are hesitant to leave in the night, but Sheriff Berringer insists. In camp, Tracker William wants to put the camp fire out, while Tracker Jonathan thinks he is worrying too much. Muriel appears outside the glow of the campfire with the Gamekeeper's dogs sitting next to her. She asks them why they have come to the woods and after they tell her they are looking for missing children, her visage changes into a hideous crone. The dogs then attack and kill Tracker William. Muriel walks up to Tracker Jonathan and rips out his brain. Mute Tracker is then ripped apart by tree limbs. Muriel touches the forehead of the Gamekeeper who then proceeds to eat grubs from the ground. In a bar, Jackson is showing Gretel on a map where the abductions have happened when Ben walks up to them and introduces himself. He then asks them if they can sign his scrapbook he has made of all their stories in the news. As Ben is asking a series of questions the Gamekeeper stumbles into the bar, tells everyone the witch killed the Trackers and then explodes.

Muriel returns to her lair and asks Horned Witch and Red Haired Witch if the preparations are complete. In the witch's cave, a young boy is forced to eat maggots and then Muriel cuts hie head off and serves portions of the boy to Horned Witch and Red Haired Witch. After eating portions of the boy, Horned Witch is temporarily immune to fire. In the market area, Mina approaches Hansel and asks him if he has ever met a witch he didn't want to kill. She finds out about Hansel's diabetes, which she calls the sugar sickness. She tells Hansel he is handsome and he awkwardly walks away. Later, Horned Witch is in the forest when she hears the sound of a Little Boy asking for help. She approaches the little boy and finds out it is a trap set by Hansel, Gretel and Jackson. After some time they eventually capture her and bring her to Sheriff Berringer's jail. Horned Witch psychically connects with Red Haired Witch which allows Red Haired Witch to see everything happening to Horned Witch. Horned Witch tells Hansel and Gretel about the blood moon spell and Gretel figures out that the kids are being taken based on their birth month. Muriel and Red Haired Witch attack the town by shooting fire balls at it from their wands. Red Haired Witch then goes to the home of Mother, Teenage Boy, Mary Behlmer, and Little Boy. She causes Teenage Boy to shoot his Mother and then takes Mary Behlmer and puts her into a cage and tells Edward to bring her back to their lair. Muriel breaks into the jail and attacks Gretel and Jackson, while Hansel fights Red Haired Witch. Muriel throws Gretel out of the jail and then forces Jackson to blow his brains out.

The next day, Sheriff Berringer blames Mayor Engleman for what happened the night before and then shoots Mayor Engleman dead. Gretel wakes up to Ben cleaning her up and then he tells her what happened the night before and how Sheriff Berringer blames her and Hansel for what happened. While going through Ben's scrapbook she comes across an image that reminds her of her mother and Ben tells her the woman was a witch that was burned alive. Hansel is woken up by Mina who helps him after he falls from a tree and then takes him to a pool to recuperate. While searching for Hansel, Gretel is captured by Sheriff Berringer and his Deputies. As Sheriff Berringer is about to rape Gretel, Edward attacks him and the Deputies, killing them including Sheriff Berringer by stomping on his head. Edward takes Gretel to a pool and gives her water and a salve and tells Gretel that he saved her because trolls help witches. While searching for Gretel, Hansel finds his childhood home. He enters it and finds Gretel and Muriel tells them how Adrianna and their Father died. She then stabs Hansel and captures Gretel.

Later, Hansel wakes up to Mina and realizes she is a witch, and Mina tells him that she found the Abramelin Grimoire, which is the book of protection against black magic. Hansel, Mina and Ben then head towards the witch's camp. The captured children are brought into the center of the witch camp and as a group of witches gather, Muriel tells them that after tonight no witch will ever burn again. Hansel walks into their camp and demands they release Gretel and the children and the witches respond by laughing at him. Red Haired Witch then walks towards Hansel to kill him and he blows her head off. Hansel and Mina then proceed to attack the witches. As Muriel is about to kill a shackled Gretel, Edward punches her away, but is then knocked off of the cliff by Muriel. Before Horned Witch can start sacrificing the children, Hansel shoots and kills her. The sun rises and Muriel flies away on her broom. With most of the witches dead, Hansel and Mina go to find Muriel, while Gretel goes to help Edward. Ben sees Muriel flying and shoots at her, injuring her. Gretel finds Edward and uses an electrical gadget to make his heart start beating again. Hansel, Mina and Ben track Muriel to the Candy Witch's home. She zaps Mina and grabs Ben and forces Hansel to drop his weapon. Mina and Muriel get into a witch fight, but Muriel easily beats Mina and stabs her in the chest. Hansel then shoots Muriel and holds Mina until she dies. Gretel runs to help Hansel and she and Hansel then kill Muriel by cutting her head off with the end of a shovel. Hansel, Gretel, Ben and Edward then travel the world hunting witches.