Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)

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People and animals are petrified after someone opens the Chamber of Secrets at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Fantasy, Children's


Harry Potter - Daniel Radcliffe

Ron Weasley - Rupert Grint

Hermione Granger - Emma Watson

Uncle Vernon - Richard Griffiths

Aunt Petunia - Fiona Shaw

Dudley Dursley - Harry Melling

Dobby - Toby Jones

Mr Mason - Jim Norton

Mrs Mason - Veronica Clifford

Fred Weasley - James Phelps

George Weasley - Oliver Phelps

Mrs Weasley - Julie Walters

Ginny Weasley - Bonnie Wright

Mr Weasley - Mark Williams

Percy Weasley - Chris Rankin

Draco Malfoy - Tom Felton

Lucius Malfoy - Jason Isaacs

Mr Borgin - Edward Tudor-Pole

Aged Witch - Jenny Tarren

Hagrid the Giant - Robbie Coltrane

Mr Granger - Tom Knight

Mrs Granger - Heather Bleasdale

Girl in Bookstore - Isabella Columbus

Gilderoy Lockhart - Kenneth Branagh

Short Man - Daily Prophet - Peter O'Farrell

Angus (Diagon Boy) - Ben Borowiecki

Station Guard - Harry Taylor

Neville Longbottom - Matthew Lewis

Seamus Finnegan - Devon Murray

Argus Filch - David Bradley

Professor Snape - Alan Rickman

Albus Dumbledore - Richard Harris

Professor McGonagall - Maggie Smith

Crabbe - Jamie Waylett

Goyle - Josh Herdman

Professor Sprout - Miriam Margolyes

Penelope Clearwater - Gemma Padley

Nearly Headless Nick - John Cleese

Colin Creevey - Hugh Mitchell

Dean Thomas - Alfred Enoch

Susan Bones - Eleanor Columbus

Oliver Wood - Sean Biggerstaff

Alicia Spinnet - Leilah Sutherland

Katie Bell - Emily Dale

Angelina Johnson - Danielle Taylor

Marcus Flint - Jamie Yeats

Professor Flitwick - Warwick Davis

Girl with Flowers - Violet Columbus

Man - Moving Picture - Peter Taylor

Lee Jordan - Luke Youngblood

Adrian Pucey - Scott Fearn

Slyth Beater No 1 - David Holmes

Slyth Beater No 2 - David Massam

Slyth Beater No 3 - Tony Christian

Slyth Keeper - David Churchyard

Madam Pomfrey - Gemma Jones

Moaning Myrtle - Shirley Henderson

Justin Finch-Fletchley - Edward Randell

Madam Pince - Sally Mortemore

Ernie MacMillan - Louis Doyle

Hannah the Hufflepuff - Charlotte Skeoch

Boy in Study Hall 1 - Brendan Columbus

Boy in Study Hall 2 - Robert Ayres

Professor Dippet - Alfred Burke

The Sorting Hat - Leslie Phillips

Millicent Bulstrode - Helen Stuart

Brunette Lady - Moving Picture - Daisy Bates

Count - Moving Picture - David Tysall

Tom Riddle - Christian Coulson

Young Hagrid - Martin Bayfield

Cornelius Fudge - Robert Hardy

Aragog - Julian Glover

Reader - Les Bubb



Mrs Norris


Ford Anglia


Whomping Willow


Cornish Pixies



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Detailed Synopsis

Harry Potter is sitting in his bedroom looking at a photo album with a photo of himself as a baby and his parents, Lilly Potter and James Potter and his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Hedwig starts to screech and Harry tells her he can't let her out of her cage. Uncle Vernon Dursley calls for Harry and when he walks downstairs, Aunt Petunia Dursley, who is finishing a cake, tells Harry, Uncle Vernon is in the living room. Uncle Vernon, who is fixing Dudley Dursley's tie, tells Harry he better control Hedwig. When Harry asks if he can let Hedwig out of his cage, Uncle Vernon tells him no, because he is worried Hedwig will send a message to Harry's friends. Harry then tells him none of his friends have written to him all summer. Uncle Vernon warns Harry not to mess anything up when Mr Mason and Mrs Mason come to dinner. Harry walks back to his room and finds Dobby jumping on his bed. Dobby introduces himself and when Harry asks him to sit down, Dobby tells him he hasn't met many decent wizards that treated him as an equal and then punishes himself by hitting his head on Harry's furniture. Dobby warns Harry not to go back to Hogwarts due to a plot to make terrible things happen at the school. Dobby admits to Harry that he hid all of the mail his friends sent him and runs away from Harry downstairs. Dobby sees the cake Aunt Petunia made and uses magic to levitate it. Harry slowly follows the cake with his arms outstretched to try and grab it as it travels towards Mrs Mason. Dobby snaps his fingers and the cake falls on Mrs. Mason's head, covering her in cake.

Uncle Vernon puts bars around Harry's windows and tells him he will never go back to Hogwarts or see his friends. Harry hears a noise, and Ron, Fred Weasley and George Weasley drive up to his window in their Ford Anglia. They pull the bars off Harry's window and Harry escapes with them just before Uncle Vernon grabs for him. As they are driving away, Ron tells Harry Happy Birthday. They land at the Weasley farm and sneak in. Mrs Weasley comes down stairs and yells at the Weasley boys. Ginny Weasley runs downstairs and stares wide eyed at Harry and then runs away. Mr Weasley walks in and tells everyone of the nine raids he conducted and then meets Harry. Mr Weasley is asking Harry questions about non magic users when Errol flies into the window with a piece of mail. Percy Weasley takes the letter which includes all of the children's Hogwarts letters, including Harry's. They travel to Diagon Alley using Floo Powder. During Harry's turn he mumbles the name Diagon Alley and appears in Borgin & Burkes in Knockturn Alley. He hides as Draco Malfoy and Lucius Malfoy enter the store and Lucius sells some of his things to Mr Borgin in case his house is raided by the Ministry of Magic. Harry walks out of the store and is asked by Aged Witch if he is lost. He is surrounded by other witches and wizards and Aged Witch tells Harry to come with her. Hagrid sees Harry and saves him from the others and tells Harry he was looking for Flesh Eating Slug Repellent. Hermione runs up to Harry and Hagrid and greets them and fixes Harry's glasses. They go into Flourish and Blotts where Gilderoy Lockhart is selling copies of his book Magical Me and pass by Girl in Bookstore. Hermione goes to her parents Mr Granger and Mrs Granger. Short Man - Daily Prophet takes a photo of Lockhart and when Lockhart recognizes Harry, Short Man - Daily Prophet grabs Harry and shoves him towards Lockhart who has his photo taken with Harry. Lockhart then uses Harry to help sell his books. Draco and Lucius walk up to Harry and Lucius grabs Harry and uses the end of his cane to part Harry's hair to reveal his scar. Lucius tells Harry his scar is legendary as is the wizard who gave it to him and Harry calls Voldemort a murderer. When Lucius comments on Harry using Voldemort's name, Hermione mentions fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself. Lucius insults Hermione and her parents and Ron and his siblings and grabs Ginny's second hand book and calls Mr Weasley a disgrace to wizards and puts Ginny's book back, plus another into her cauldron pail.

The Weasley's go to the train station and teleport through platform 9 3/4, except Ron and Harry, who are last. They try to teleport, but find the bricks solid and crash into them. Station Guard walks over and asks them what they are doing and they apologize. They decide to use the Ford Anglia to fly to Hogwarts and Harry has to remind Ron to turn on the invisibility booster. They are almost run over by the Hogwarts Express and crash land at Hogwarts into the Whomping Willow after Ron breaks his wand trying to get the Ford Anglia to stop. They are thrown out of the Ford Anglia which then drives off. Harry tells Ron about Dobby and Mr Filch, who is holding Mrs Norris, stops them and tells them that might be there last night in the castle and tells them they are in trouble. They are brought to Professor Snape's office where Professor Snape tells them they were seen by seven people flying in the Ford Anglia and they damaged the Whomping Willow. He threatens to kick them out and Albus Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall walk in and Professor McGonagall gives Harry and Ron detention. The next day, Professor Sprout walks into class and tells the students they are going to be re-potting Mandrakes. She warns them that the Mandrake seedlings can cause those who hear their cry to faint and tells the class to put on their ear muffs. Neville Longbottom falls down and Professor Sprout thinks he neglected his earmuffs, but Seamus Finnegan tells her, Neville just fainted. Penelope Clearwater is walking with Percy when they greet Nearly Headless Nick. Ron tapes his wand back together and Colin Creevey snaps a photo of Harry. There is a screeching and Dean Thomas tells Ron, Errol is coming. Errol delivers a Howler message to Ron from Mrs Weasley who yells at Ron through the Howler.

In class, Lockhart introduces himself to the students as their new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and Hermione and Susan Bones swoon over him. He un-cages Cornish Pixies in class and they start to unleash havoc onto the class. He runs away after asking Hermione, Harry and Ron to capture the Pixies when the Pixies steal his wand. Hermione casts an Immobulus spell which causes Pixies to slowly float in the air. Oliver Wood tells the Gryffindor Quidditch team of Harry, Alicia Spinnet, Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson and Fred and George, he devised a new program. As they walk into the practice green, Marcus Flint tells them they were given the practice time to train their new Seeker, Draco. Ron walks up with Hermione and asks how the Slytherin team got the Nimbus 2001's and Marcus tells him Lucius bought them for the team. Draco comments to Ron that his father can afford the best and Hermione accuses Draco of buying himself onto the team, to which Draco calls her a Mudblood. Ron tries to cast an Eat Slugs spell on Draco with his broken wand, which backfires, causing Ron to vomit up snails and the Slytherin team including Adrian Pucey, Slyth Beater No 1, Slyth Beater No 2, Slyth Beater No 3 and Slyth Keeper laugh. Harry and Hermione take Ron to Hagrid's hut who asks why Ron tried to curse Draco. Hermione tells Hagrid, Draco called her Mudblood. For detention, Harry is forced to help sign Lockhart's fan mail. He thinks he hears a voice, which Lockhart doesn't hear. As Harry is walking back to the Gryffindor common room and he hears the voice again and runs into Hermione and Ron. They run to where the voice is coming from and see spiders running out of the castle. They then see blood splattered on the wall with the words "The chamber of Secrets has been opened enemies of the heir...beware". They find Mrs Norris hanging in the air and a crowd gathers around and Mr Filch threatens to kill Harry when he thinks it was him that hurt Mrs Norris. Dumbledore and the professors walk up and Dumbledore tells the students except for Harry, Ron and Hermione to return to their rooms. Professor Snape says it is suspicious how Harry was present at the time and Lockhart tells him, Harry was with him. Dumbledore then mentions Professor Sprout's Mandrakes and tells Mr Filch, Mrs Norris will be fine. As they are walking to the common room, Harry wonders if he should tell Dumbledore about the voice he heard and Hermione tells him hearing voices isn't a good thing and Count - Moving Picture agrees with Hermione.

Professor McGonagall teaches the class how to transform animals to water goblets, which Ron fails due to his broken wand. Hermione asks Professor McGonagall about the Chamber of Secrets and she tells them about the founding of Hogwarts and how Salazar Slytherin wanted magic to be taught only to pure blood magical families. He eventually built the Chamber of Secrets and sealed it until his future heir would come to reopen it to unleash the horror within that would then kill those born from muggles. Harry and Ron think Draco is heir of Slytherin, but Hermione doesn't think so. She tells them she might have a way to find out and they go to the library where she finds a book with directions to make a Polyjuice Potion, which allow the drinker to change into someone else. During a Quidditch Match, the Gryffindor team is overwhelmed by the Slytherin team with their faster broom sticks and Lee Jordan announces another point for Slytherin. During the game, Oliver has his broom broken by a rogue Bludger. The Bludger chases after Harry who sees the Snitch and chases after it with Draco behind him. Draco crashes and so does Harry, but he manages to grab the Snitch anyways. Hermione destroys the Bludger and Lockhart tries to fix Harry's arm, which was broken by the Bludger, but removes all of his bones in the process. Madam Pomfrey gives Harry a potion to regrow his arm bone. As he is laying in the hospital he hears the voice again and Dobby appears on his bed. He tells Harry it was him who stopped the barrier from letting Ron and him onto the Hogwarts Express and also made the Bludger chase after him. Dobby tells Harry he is treated poorly by his family and he can only be free if his master presents him with clothes. Dobby warns Harry, history is to repeat itself, but refuses to tell him more. Madam Pomfrey, Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore escort two other professors who bring Colin into the nurse's station on a stretcher in a petrified state. They take Colin's camera from his hands to look if he took a photo of his attacker, but the camera exhibits a poof of magic. Dumbledore tells Professor McGonagall the Chamber of Secrets has been opened again.

Harry tells Hermione and Ron about what he heard last night in the nurse's station. Hermione then introduces them to Moaning Myrtle who lives in the girl's restroom. Lockhart and Professor Snape introduce a Dueling Club so the students can practice defending themselves. Harry and Draco are pitted against each other and during the match, Draco creates a magic snake. The snake starts to slither towards Justin Finch-Fletchley and it appears that Harry is commanding the snake with Parseltongue. Professor Snape destroys the snake with a spell and Justin Finch-Fletchley angrily thinks Harry was sending the snake after him. Hermione tells Harry not many people have the gift of Parseltongue and Salazar Slytherin was a Paselmouth. Harry is shunned by his peers and Ernie MacMillan tells Hannah the Hufflepuff, Boy in Study Hall 1 and Boy in Study Hall 2, he told Justin Finch-Fletchley to hide in case Harry marked him as his next victim. As Harry is walking back to the common room, he hears the voice again repeating kill over and over and finds Nearly Headless Nick petrified next to a petrified Justin Finch-Fletchley. Mr Filch sees Harry standing over the body of Justin Finch-Fletchley and leaves to tell others. Harry again sees spiders running away as Professor McGonagall arrives and takes Harry to see Dumbledore. Harry walks into Dumbledore's office and sees Fawkes and The Sorting Hat. Harry asks The Sorting Hat if he was put in the right house and The Sorting Hat tells him he would have done well in Slytherin. Harry walks up to Fawkes who erupts in flames and falls to ashes. Dumbledore tells Harry phoenixes bursts into flames when they die, but are then reborn from the ashes. Hagrid barges into the room and tells Dumbledore, Harry is not the guilty one. Dumbledore tells Harry he doesn't believe it was him that opened the Chamber of Secrets.

Before Christmas break, Hermione sits down next to Ron and Harry and tells them the Polyjuice Potion is almost done, they just need hair from Crabbe and Goyle, and shows them cupcakes mixed with a Sleeping Draught. She tells them she took a hair from Millicent Bulstrode's robe. Crabbe and Goyle eat the magic cupcakes and fall unconscious. Harry and Ron return to Hermione and they all drink their potions. Ron and Harry leave without Hermione and head towards the Slytherin common room. Draco sees them being questioned in the hall by Percy and walks back with them to the Slytherin common room. They ask Draco about who might be the heir of Slytherin, but Draco doesn't know. He does tell them Lucius said the Chamber had been opened 50 years ago and a student expelled. The magic of the Polyjuice Potion starts to fade and Harry and Ron run back to the girl's restroom and find out Hermione accidentally took a car hair from Millicent's robes and now has a temporary cat face. Ron and Harry see the girl's restroom flooding and go inside. Moaning Myrtle tells them someone threw a book at her and Harry picks it up and takes it with him. On the back is the name Tom Marvolo Riddle and words appear when he writes his name and asks questions about the Chamber of Secrets. Harry is shown a vision from fifty years ago on the 13th of June. He sees Tom Riddle watching as a dead student is carried away in a stretcher. After talking with Professor Dippet, Dumbledore tells Tom, Hogwarts is to be closed due to the death of the student and Tom asks Dumbledore if the person responsible was caught if the school could stay open. Tom confronts a Young Hagrid and tells him he is going to turn him in. Hagrid insists Aragog didn't kill anyone and Aragog runs away as Tom tries to destroy him. Tom then tells Hagrid he will lose his wand for what he did.

Harry tells Hermione and Ron that Hagrid opened the Chamber of Secrets, but they don't trust Tom's word. Neville runs up to Harry and then takes him back to Harry's room, which has been torn apart and his things strewn on the ground and Harry realizes the journal is missing. Before their game, Professor McGonagall tells the Gryffindor Quidditch team, their match has been cancelled. She and Harry go to get Ron and then she takes them to the clinic where Hermione is laying in bed, petrified. New rules are put in place at Hogwarts and Professor McGonagall tells the students if the culprit of the attacks is not caught, Hogwarts will be closed. Harry and Ron sneak to Hagrid's hut using the cloak of invisibility and knock on the door. Hagrid lets them in and as they ask Hagrid about the Chamber of Secrets there is a knock on the door. Ron and Harry get underneath the cloak and Hagrid lets Dumbledore and Cornelius Fudge come inside. Cornelius tells Hagrid that he will have to take Hagrid to Azkaban due to the attacks on the students. Lucius walks in and tells Dumbledore the governors have decide it is time for Dumbledore to step aside as Headmaster of Hogwarts. As Hagrid is leaving with Cornelius, he mentions to follow the spiders and someone will have to feed Fang. Harry, Ron and Fang follow a group of spiders into the Dark Forest. They come to a clearing surrounded by large trees and Aragog comes out of his hole in the ground. Aragog tells them Hagrid didn't open the Chamber of Secrets and the creature that killed the student is an ancient creature spiders fear. After telling them the student died in the girl's restroom, Aragog tells them his children need to feed and as they are surrounded, the Ford Anglia drives up and saves them. After the Ford Anglia makes it out of the Dark Forest, Harry, Ron and Fang get out and the Ford Anglia drives back into the forest. While Harry and Ron visit Hermione in the clinic, Harry finds a page from a library book stuck in her hand which talks about the Basilisk, which Harry realizes is in the Chamber of Secrets. He figures out no one has died, because everyone who has seen it saw it through a reflection or something else. They hear an announcement and sneak over to Professor McGonagall telling Professor Snape, Madam Pomfrey, Professor Flitwick, and Mr Filch, Ginny was taken to the Chamber of Secrets and all the students must be sent home.

Lockhart walks up and Professor McGonagall tasks him with finding Ginny. Ron and Harry run to tell Lockhart what they know and find him packing his belongings. He admits to them he stole all of his stories from others and tells them he is gifted with memory charms. They force Lockhart to come with them as they go to the girl's restroom and they ask Moaning Myrtle what she remembers before she died. Harry figures out how to open the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets and they go inside. They find the Basilisk's lair to be full of bones and tunnels. Lockhart acts like he has fainted and then steals Ron's wand. He casts an Obliviate spell against Harry, but it backfires due to Ron's wand being damaged. A large amount of rocks fall from the ceiling and Harry tells Ron to stay with Lockhart and to start to dig themselves out while he goes to save Ginny. Harry goes into the main chamber and finds Ginny lying on the ground unconscious. Tom Riddle walks up to Harry and tells him as Ginny grows weaker, he grows stronger and it was Ginny that opened the Chamber of Secrets and sent the Basilisk after the Muggle Borns. Tom Riddle then reveals himself to be the younger version of Voldemort. Fawkes flies into the Chamber and drops The Sorting Hat onto the ground. Tom Riddle calls the Basilisk to him and it starts to chase Harry. Fawkes flies and helps Harry by clawing out the Basilisk's eyes. Harry escapes from the Basilisk and the Sword of Gryffindor materializes inside The Sorting Hat. Harry grabs it and uses it to kill the Basilisk, but is wounded in the process.

As he is dying from the venom of the Basilisk, he takes the tooth that was impaled into his arm and stabs Tom Riddle's journal with it, destroying the manifestation of Tom Riddle and the journal. Ginny wakes up and Fawkes sheds a tear on Harry's wound, neutralizing the venom. Fawkes then flies all of them back to the surface. Dumbledore awards special awards to Ron and Harry and gives Ron papers to have Hagrid released from Azkaban. Harry tells Dumbledore he worries about the similarities between Tom and himself and Dumbledore tells him Voldemort transferred some of his powers to Harry when he tried to kill him. Lucius walks into the room with Dobby and is upset to see Dumbledore back at Hogwarts. Dumbledore shows Lucius the journal that was used to entrance Ginny and Dobby motions at Lucius to Harry. As Lucius is leaving, Harry hands him the journal and accuses Lucius of sticking it in Ginny's pail at the bookstore. Lucius hands Dobby the journal and tells Harry to prove his accusation. Harry tells Dobby to open the journal and Dobby finds one of Harry's socks inside of it. Dobby becomes free due to Lucius presenting Dobby with clothes and as Lucius is about to attack Harry with a spell, Dobby defends Harry and Lucius threatens Harry. Those who were petrified recover, including Hermione, who is welcomed back by Ron and Harry. Before the end of the year feast, Dumbledore asks for a round of applause for Professor Sprout and Madam Pomfrey and all of the students and professors clap, including Madam Pince. Hagrid returns and personally thanks Harry, Ron and Hermione and everyone gives Hagrid a round of applause.