Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

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Harry Potter competes against three other students in the Triwizard Tournament.


Fantasy, Children's


Frank Bryce - Eric Sykes

Wormtail - Timothy Spall

Barty Crouch Junior - David Tennant

Harry Potter - Daniel Radcliffe

Hermione Granger - Emma Watson

Ron Weasley - Rupert Grint

Arthur Weasley - Mark Williams

Fred Weasley - James Phelps

George Weasley - Oliver Phelps

Ginny Weasley - Bonnie Wright

Amos Diggory - Jeff Rawle

Cedric Diggory - Robert Pattinson

Lucius Malfoy - Jason Isaacs

Draco Malfoy - Tom Felton

Viktor Krum - Stanislav Ianevksi

Cornelius Fudge - Robert Hardy

Death Eaters - Philip Rham, Olivia Higginbottom, Ashley Artus, Alex Palmer, Paschal Friel, and Richard Rosson (Rubber Ritchie)

Barty Crouch - Roger Lloyd Pack

Ministry Witches - Sheila Allen, Su Elliot, Anne Lacy and Flip Webster

Ministry Wizards - David Sterne, Christopher Whittingham, Liam McKenna, and Campbell Graham

Food Trolley Lady - Margery Mason

Cho Chang - Katie Leung

Neville Longbottom - Matthew Lewis

Rubeus Hagrid - Robbie Coltrane

Nigel - William Melling

Albus Dumbledore - Michael Gambon

Argus Filch - David Bradley

Seamus Finnegan - Devon Murray

Padma Patel - Afshan Azad

Filius Flitwick - Warwick Davis

Madame Olympe Maxime - Frances de la Tour

Parvati Patel - Shefali Chowdhury

Gabrielle Delacour - Angelica Mandy

Fleur Delacour - Clemence Poesy

Minerva McGonagall - Maggie Smith

Severus Snape - Alan Rickman

Igor Karkaroff - Pedja Bjelac

Karkaroff's Aide - Tolga Safer

Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody - Brendan Gleeson

Dean Thomas - Alfred Enoch

Ernie MacMillan - Louis Doyle

Vincent Crabbe - Jamie Waylett

Gregory Goyle - Josh Herdman

Hannah Abbott - Charlotte Skeoch

Rita Skeeter - Miranda Richardson

Photographer - Robert Wilfort

Sirius Black - Gary Oldman

Angelina Johnson - Tiana Benjamin

Roger Davies - Henry Lloyd Hughes

Band Lead Singer - Jarvis Cocker

Band Lead Guitar - Jonny Greenwood

Band Drums - Philip Selway

Band Bass Guitar - Steve Mackey

Band Rhythm Guitar - Jason Buckle

Band Keyboards - Steve Claydon

Moaning Myrtle - Shirley Henderson

Assistant Judge - Alan Watts

Lord Voldemort - Ralph Fiennes

James Potter - Adrian Rawlins

Lily Potter - Geraldine Somerville

Eloise Midgen - Samantha Clinch




Hungarian Horntail

Mrs Norris




Licorice Snaps

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Detailed Synopsis

Nagini slowly slithers to the Riddle house. As Frank Bryce is making tea in the caretaker's house, he sees a light come on in the abandoned Riddle house. He walks to the house and hears Voldemort speaking to Peter Pettigrew. Frank looks into a room and sees Peter speaking to what appears to be a tiny figure in a chair. Voldemort tells Barty Crouch Junior to gather their old allies. Nagini slithers into the room and tells Voldemort that Frank is listening outside, and Voldemort uses a spell to kill Frank. Hermione Granger wakes Harry Potter up from his nightmare and then wakes Ron Weasley and tells him to get dressed. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Mr Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley and Ginny Weasley hike into the woods and meet up with Amos Diggory and Cedric Diggory. They gather around an old boot near the edge of a cliff and use the boot as a Portkey to travel to the Quidditch World Cup. Arthur shows them the tent they are going to be staying in, and as Harry goes inside he looks in amazement as the tent is much bigger on the inside than the outside. As Arthur takes the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione to their seats in the stadium, Lucius Malfoy and Draco Malfoy make fun of how far away the Weasley seats are from the field. The Irish teams flies into the stadium followed by the Bulgarians, including Viktor Krum. Cornelius Fudge welcomes the crowd to the 422nd Quidditch Wold Cup and the game starts. After the game, Arthur runs into the tent and tells everyone they have to leave. The campground is attacked by Death Eaters and as everyone is trying to escape, Harry is separated from the rest of the group and knocked unconscious. Barty Crouch Junior walks around the camp after it has been destroyed and makes the sign of the Dark Mark in the sky. Harry wakes up and is found by Ron and Hermione and then by Barty Crouch and a group of Ministry Witches and Ministry Wizards. Barty initially accuses Harry, Hermione and Ron of conjuring the Dark Mark in the sky. Harry tells Barty that he saw a man nearby and Barty and the Wiches and Wizards head in that direction.

On the Hogwarts Express, Food Trolley Lady asks if anyone wants something. As Harry is looking at the trolley, Cho Chang walks up and buys something from the trolley and she and Harry smile at each other. Hermione notices Harry scratching at his scar and she tells him, he should tell Sirius Black about what happened in his nightmare. Harry then writes a letter to Sirius and gives it to Hedwig to deliver. At Hogwarts, Neville Longbottom and the other students stare in awe as Hagrid directs a carriage being pulled by seven pegasus as it lands on the school grounds. The students, including Nigel, then watch as a large ship rises out of the water. As Albus Dumbledore is talking to the students, Mr Filch runs up and tells him something. Dumbledore continues and tells the students that Hogwarts will be hosting the Triwizard Tournament. Dumbledore introduces Madame Olympe Maxime and the students of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, including Fleur Delacour. He then introduces Igor Karkaroff and the students of Durmstrang, which includes Viktor Krum. Dumbledore introduces Maxime to Hagrid, who accidentally stabs his fork into the palm of Professor Flitwick. The Goblet of Fire is brought into the hall and Dumbledore tells the students that whoever wins the tournament will have eternal glory. Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody walks into the hall and is greeted by Dumbledore and Harry watches as Moody takes a drink from a small flask. Seamus Finnegan asks Harry and Dean Thomas what they think Moody is drinking. Barty Crouch tells the students that no student under the age of 17 will be able to apply to participate for the Triwizard Tournament.

In class, Moody introduces himself as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He teaches the students about the Unforgivable Curses by using them on a tailless whip scorpion, finishing the class by using Avada Kedavra to kill the tailless whip scorpion. As the days go on different students put their names in the Goblet of Fire, including Cedric. Fred and George make an Age Potion to try and enter the tournament, but their trick fails. As Viktor puts his name in the Goblet of Fire, he stares and smiles at Hermione. During the champion selection, Cedric, Viktor, Fleur and Harry's names are chosen. Maxime and Karkaroff accuse Harry of cheating, but Barty Crouch says Harry must compete. Professor McGonagall tells Dumbledore he can't allow Harry to compete, but Professor Snape thinks they should allow Harry to compete until they figure out what is going on. A Photographer takes a photo of the contestants and then Rita Skeeter interviews them. Harry gets a letter from Sirius Black telling him to meet him on Saturday. Harry goes to the Gryffindor common room and Sirius appears in the fireplace. Sirius asks Harry about his dream and tells him Hogwarts isn't safe. While Harry is with Neville, Hermione, Ginny and Ron come up and Hermione tells Harry a message Ron tells her, but refuses to tell Harry himself, due to his jealousy of Harry.

Harry meets with Hagrid who tells him to use his Cloak of Invisibility. Hagrid then meets with Maxime and shows her the dragons that will be used as the first challenge. Hagrid tells Harry that Ron saw the dragons when he was visiting his brother Charlie, who had brought the dragons from Romania. In school, Ernie MacMillan, who is standing next to Hannah Abbott, shows Harry his "Harry stinks" badge. Harry walks up to Cedric and tells him that dragons will be the first challenge. Draco, who is with Crabbe and Goyle, taunts Harry's chances of surviving the tournament. Draco is about to cast a spell on Harry when Harry's back is turned when Moody sees him and transforms Draco into a ferret. McGonagall turns Draco back from a ferret and then chastises Moody. Moody takes Harry into his office and works out a strategy to defeat the first challenge.

Each contestant picks a representation of the dragon they will face from a bag. Fleur pulls out a Welsh Green, Viktor pulls out a Chinese Fireball, Cedric pulls out a Swedish Short-Snout and Harry pulls out a Hungarian Horntail. They are then tasked with collecting the dragon egg guarded by the dragons. Harry is the last to go and uses magic to make his broom come to him. Harry rides his broom around Hogwarts as the Horntail chases after him, but Harry manages to collect the egg in the end. Ron apologizes to Harry and Hermione comments on the odd relationships males have to Angelina Johnson. The next day, Padma Patel and Parvati Patel say hello to Harry as they walk by, but he focuses his attention on Cho. Nigel drops off a package to Ron, which turns out to be a hideous dress robe for the upcoming Yule Ball. As McGonagall is explaining the dance to the Gryffindors, Ron makes a comment about Eloise Midgen's appearance, but is then brought in front of everyone to dance with McGonagall. As the days go by, the students start to ask each other out to the ball. On the day of the ball, Harry and Ron go with Padma and Parvati, Cedric goes with Cho, Hermione goes with Viktor and Fleur goes with Roger Davies. After the formal dance, the Weird Sisters perform. During the ball, Ron and Hermione get into a fight when Ron gets jealous. Before the next challenge, Cedric gives Harry a hint on how to get the required clue from the dragon egg. He goes to the bathroom where Moaning Myrtle haunts and takes a bath and puts the egg underwater, revealing the hint. While trying to figure out a way to breathe underwater, Harry gets a hint from Neville to use gillyweed.

During the next challenge, each challenger must collect a loved one from the Black Lake. After swallowing the gillyweed Harry grows gills and his hands and feet become finned. He hears Merpeople singing and heads in their direction. Fleur is captured by the Grindylows and removed from that part of the competition. Harry eventually comes to an area where he sees Ron, Hermione, Cho and Gabrielle Delacour tied to the bottom of the lake. Cedric frees Cho, and Viktor saves Hermione after Harry is stopped from saving her by the Merpeople. Harry frees Ron and notices Fleur hasn't freed Gabrielle yet and frees her while the Merpeople are distracted. As he is carrying Ron and Gabrielle to the surface, he is attacked by the Grindylows. He uses magic to escape from the Grindylows and wins second place. As Barty Crouch is congratulating Harry, Moody walks up and Barty notices a mouth tick that Moody exhibits and seems to recognize it. Later, Harry finds Barty dead in the woods. Harry goes to Dumbledore's office to speak to him and while he is waiting he grabs some Licorice Snaps, and one bites him. Harry looks into Dumbledore's Pensieve and witnesses the memory of Karkaroff's trial. Karkaroff starts to give names of his fellow Death Eaters and the Assistant Judge hands Barty notes on the people being named. During the trial, Karkaroff names Barty Crouch Junior as a member of the Death Eaters and as Junior is arrested, he exhibits the same mouth tick that Barty Crouch noticed Moody was exhibiting. Harry tells Dumbledore about the dream he had and how he saw Junior in the dream. Snape accuses Harry of stealing from his potion stock and threatens to use Veritaserum on him.

The final challenge begins and the challengers enter a maze. Fleur is attacked by Viktor and exits the challenge. Viktor attacks Cedric, but is stunned by him and Harry stops Cedric and tells him, Viktor has been bewitched. Harry and Cedric grab the Goblet at the same time and appear in the Riddle cemetery. Peter Pettigrew walks over with Voldemort and Voldemort has Peter kill Cedric. Peter dumps the tiny form of Voldemort into a cauldron, places a bone from the grave of Voldemort's father, cuts off his own right hand and then places blood from Harry into the cauldron and Voldemort is reborn. He sends out the Dark Mark and a group of Death Eaters appear among them the fathers of Crabbe and Goyle. Lucius Malfoy is also present and Voldemort gives Peter a metal hand to replace the one Peter cut off. Voldemort challenges Harry to a duel and as they are dueling, their wands appear to cancel each other out. The dead spirits of Frank Bryce, Cedric, James Potter and Lily Potter appear and James tells Harry to run to the Goblet, which acts as a Portkey. Harry is transferred back to the maze location and Dumbledore notices something is wrong. Harry yells that Voldemort is back and Moody pulls Harry away while Amos cries over Cedric's body. Moody asks Harry how it felt to stand in front of Voldemort. Moody starts to transform and as he is about to kill Harry, Dumbledore bursts into the room and stuns Moody with magic. Snape pours a potion into Moody's mouth. Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall find the real Moody locked in a chest and the fake Moody fully transforms back to Barty Crouch Junior. Later, Dumbledore gives a eulogy for Cedric and tells the students that Voldemort murdered him. The students say goodbye to each other until another year starts.