Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

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Harry Potter must confront his parent's past when Sirius Black breaks out of Azkaban Prison.


Fantasy, Children's


Harry Potter - Daniel Radcliffe

Uncle Vernon - Richard Griffiths

Aunt Marge - Pam Ferris

Aunt Petunia - Fiona Shaw

Dudley Dursley - Harry Melling

James Potter - Adrian Rawlins

Lily Potter - Geraldine Sommerville

Stan Shunpike - Lee Ingleby

Shrunken Head - Lenny Henry

Ernie The Bus Driver - Jimmy Gardner

Sirius Black - Gary Oldman

Tom The Innkeeper - Jim Tavare

Cornelius Fudge - Robert Hardy

Young Witch Maid - Abby Ford

Ron Weasley - Rupert Grint

Hermione Granger - Emma Watson

George Weasley - Oliver Phelps

Fred Weasley - James Phelps

Percy Weasley - Chris Rankin

Mrs Molly Weasley - Julie Walters

Ginny Weasley - Bonnie Wright

Mr Arthur Weasley - Mark Williams

Professor Lupin - David Thewlis

Seamus Finnegan - Devon Murray

Wizard - Warwick Davis

Argus Filch - David Bradley

Albus Dumbledore - Michael Gambon

Professor Severus Snape - Alan Rickman

Professor Minerva McGonagall - Maggie Smith

Rubeus Hagrid - Robbie Coltrane

Neville Longbottom - Matthew Lewis

Parvati Patel - Sitara Shah

Lavender Brown - Jennifer Smith

Draco Malfoy - Tom Felton

Slytherin Boy - Bronson Webb

Gregory Goyle - Josh Herdman

Pansy Parkinson - Genevieve Gaunt

Girl 1 - Kandice Morris

Dean Thomas - Alfred Enoch

Fat Lady in Painting - Dawn French

Mother in Portrait - Annalisa Bugliani

Girl with Flowers - Violet Columbus

Sir Cadogan - Paul Whitehouse

Professor Sybil Trelawney - Emma Thompson

Boy 1 - Ekow Quartey

Boy 2 - Ricky Sahota

Vincent Crabbe - Jamie Waylett

Girl 2 - Sharon Sandhu

Angelina Johnson - Danielle Tabor

Madame Rosmerta - Julie Christie

Old Man in Portrait - Freddie Davis

The Executioner - Peter Best

Peter Pettigrew - Timothy Spall

Man Reading Book - Ian Brown







Mrs Norris

Whomping Willow

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Detailed Synopsis

Harry Potter is sitting in his room practicing spells when Uncle Vernon walks in and checks on Harry. After Uncle Vernon leaves, Harry successfully casts the lumos maxima spell, causing the entire room to glow brightly. The next day, Harry opens the door for Aunt Marge and Uncle Vernon. Aunt Marge walks in and hands her dog off to Aunt Petunia. Harry asks Uncle Vernon to sign a school paper, but Uncle Vernon tells him maybe if he behaves he will sign it. Aunt Marge gets upset with the way Harry talks to her and calls him ungrateful. During dinner, Dudley Dursley eats while watching television. Aunt Marge sees Harry staring at her and she asks him if the school he goes to canes him for misbehavior, she asks Aunt Petunia about Harry's parents and calls James Potter a drunk. Harry angrily denies it and the glass in Aunt Marge's hand shatters. Aunt Marge then says it wasn't James' fault for how Harry turned out and says "if there is something wrong with the bitch, then there's something wrong with the pup". Harry yells at her to shut up and suddenly Aunt Marge starts to expand to great proportions. She floats into the air and eventually floats out of the house. Harry runs to his room and looks at the moving photo of James and Lily Potter. Uncle Vernon tells Harry to fix Aunt Marge, but he refuses and leaves with a trunk full of luggage.

Harry sits down on the edge of a sidewalk and sees a black dog. A bus pulls up and Stan Shunpike tells Harry about the Knight Bus for stranded wizards and witches. Harry gets on board and Ernie The Bus Driver starts the bus again. As they are driving, Shrunken Head gives out commentary and warns of incoming obstructions. Harry sees Stan reading a newspaper with the headline about an escaped prisoner from Azkaban and Stan tells him the escapee is Sirius Black. The bus pulls up at the Leaky Cauldron and Tom The Innkeeper helps Harry with his luggage. As Harry enters the Leaky Cauldron he passes Man Reading Book. Tom takes Harry to Room 11 where Hedwig is already inside. Cornelius Fudge tells Harry a team from the Accidental Magic Reversal Department was forced to reverse what he did to Aunt Marge. He then tells Harry that no harm was done and he will be heading to Hogwarts in the morning. Harry opens one of his new school books, The Monster Book of Monsters and it tries to bite him. As Harry leaves his room, a Young Witch Maid walks by. Ron Weasley warns Hermione Granger to keep Crookshanks away from Scabbers. Ron and Hermione see Harry and Ron tells Harry about the trip he, George Weasley, Fred Weasley, Percy Weasley, Mrs Weasley, Ginny Weasley, and Mr Weasley took to Egypt when they won a contest. The rest of the Weasley family comes into the main room and Mrs Weasley asks Harry if he has everything he needs. Mr Weasley tells Harry he is in danger and how Sirius is a servant of Voldemort. He tells Harry, Sirius' plan is to hunt down and kill Harry.

Harry tells Ron and Hermione about what happened concerning Aunt Marge. They go into a train car where Professor Lupin is already inside, asleep. As the train is traveling to Hogwarts, the train comes to a stop and the lights go out. Ron sees something moving outside and a group of Dementors come on board. One of them opens the door to their train car and starts to suck the joy from Harry's spirit. Lupin gets up and casts a spell, forcing the Dementor to retreat. Lupin tells Harry the Dementors were looking for Sirius. They arrive at school where Wizard leads the choir in a rendition of Double Double Toil and Trouble from Macbeth. Before their feast, Albus Dumbledore introduces the students to Lupin. Draco Malfoy asks Harry if he fainted when the Dementors came and Slytherin Boy makes fun of Harry. Dumbledore announces that Rubeus Hagrid will be teaching the Care of Magical Creatures course. Dumbledore then warns the students not to get in the way of the Dementors. As the Gryffindor students are going to their common room, Seamus Finnegan says the password to Fat Lady in Painting. She tells the students to wait as she tries to shatter a glass with her voice. The Fat Lady then lets out a loud scream causing the students and Mother in Portrait to cover their ears before cheating and smashing the glass.

Harry, Ron, Seamus, Neville Longbottom and Dean Thomas take turns eating candy which causes them to make noises like animals. Before class a blue bird flies around, but is smashed by the Whomping Willow. In Divination class, Professor Sybil Trelawney tells them they will be learning Tasseomancy or the art of reading tea leaves. Lavender Brown and Parvati Patel both stare into the sky as she dramatically says they will be seeing into the beyond. She asks Neville if his grandmother is okay and then asks Ron if he is a spirit. She takes Harry's cup and tells him he has the Grim. Boy 1 reads to the class that the Grim is one of the darkest omens. After class Hermione tells Harry and Ron she doesn't believe in divinations and thinks Ancient Runes is a better course and Ron remarks that both of the courses happen at the same time. Hagrid takes the class to the woods and while they are walking Draco, who is standing next to Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe, says that he is going to complain to Lucius Malfoy that they allowed Hagrid to teach. Draco then makes fun of Harry and his encounter with the Dementors and the other Slytherin play along including Pansy Parkinson and Slytherin Boy. Hagrid introduces the students to Buckbeak as they stare in wonder, including Girl 1 and Boy 2. Harry is chosen to be the first student to interact with Buckbeak and Harry manages to make friends with Buckbeak and Buckbeak lets Harry ride on him. Buckbeak lands back on the ground and Draco arrogantly pushes the other students out of the way and walks up to Buckbeak, who attacks him and Hagrid is forced to take Draco to the hospital.

During study hall, Pansy asks Draco if his arm hurts and he tells her Madam Pomfrey told him he could have lost his arm. Seamus runs in with a newspaper that says Sirius has been sighted in Dufftown and Boy 1 worries Sirius might be nearby. Lupin shows the class a wardrobe with a Boggart inside of it. He teaches them, a way to repel a Boggart is to cast the spell Riddikulus along with laughter. The students, including Girl 2 then practice chanting the spell. Neville is chosen to go first, and then the class continues with Ron going next, followed by Parvati Patel and then Harry. When it is Harry's turn, the Boggart turns into a Dementor and Lupin is forced to return the Boggart to the wardrobe. The students take a trip to Hogsmeade Village and Professor Minerva McGonagall tells Harry he will have to stay behind since he doesn't have a signed form. Harry talks with Lupin about the Boggart and what happened on the train and Lupin tells Harry about James and Lily. Later, the Fat Lady disappears from the common room portrait. Dumbledore arrives with Argus Filch, who is holding Mrs Norris, and Dumbledore tells Mr Filch to round up the ghosts to search for the Fat Lady. Mr Filch spots the Fat Lady and she tells them Sirius is in the castle. In Protection Against the Dark Arts class, Professor Snape substitutes for Lupin and teaches the students about werewolves and Animagus. The next day at the Quidditch match, while Harry is chasing the snitch, he is attacked by Dementors and loses consciousness and begins to plummet to the ground. Dumbledore stops his fall and Harry wakes up in the clinic and Harry shows him his broken broomstick.

Harry talks to Lupin again and Lupin explains why the Dementors target him more than others. Lupin then agrees to teach him a spell to combat the Dementors. Fred and George see footprints in the snow and catch Harry trying to sneak around. They grab him and Fred hands Harry a piece of parchment and George casts a spell revealing the parchment to be the Marauder's Map which shows everyone moving within Hogwarts. Harry sneaks into Honeyduke and then out into Hogsmeade Village. Draco, Crabbe and Slytherin Boy confront Ron and Hermione, who are looking at the Shrieking Shack and after Draco calls Hermione a mudblood, he is hit with a snowball. Crabbe, Slytherin Boy and Draco are pushed around and they run away. Harry reveals himself and tells Hermione and Ron about the Marauder's Map and they go back to Hogsmeade. Hermione sees Madame Rosmerta and picks on Ron for having a crush on Rosmerta. Cornelius Fudge and Professor McGonagall arrive on sled and have a meeting with Rosmerta and tell her Sirius told Lord Voldemort where Lily and James were hiding and killed a mutual friend named Peter Pettigrew and Sirius is Harry's godfather. Ron and Hermione see footsteps running away and follow them and Harry cries and tells them what he heard.

Lupin teaches Harry the Patronus Charm. Harry fails at first, but succeeds when he changes what he is thinking about when he casts the spell. Ron accuses Crookshanks of eating Scabbers when Scabbers goes missing. Hermione, Harry and Ron go to ask Hagrid how the inquiry into Buckbeak's attack on Draco went and he tells them that Buckbeak has been sentenced to death. While looking at the Marauder's Map during the night, Harry notices the name Peter Pettigrew walking in Hogwarts. He goes to try and find Peter and Old Man in Portrait tells him to put out his wand light. Peter somehow walks past Harry without Harry seeing him and Snape catches him, but not before Harry manages to change the map back to a simple parchment. Lupin walks up and takes the map. The Old Man in Portrait then yells at Snape to turn off his wand light. Lupin chastises Harry for not handing the map over and before leaving Harry tells Lupin he saw Peter's name on the map. During Divination class, Trelawney tells Hermione she knew from the start that she wouldn't have the ability for divination and tells her that her heart and soul are dry and shriveled and Hermione knocks the crystal ball to the ground and storms out of class. When Harry goes to return the crystal ball after class, Trelawney, who is in a trance, tells Harry, Sirius will return that night.

On the day of the execution, Ron, Hermione and Harry see The Executioner sharpening his axe. They see Draco, Crabbe and Slytherin Boy standing on a hill overlooking the execution site and Hermione threatens Draco with her wand before punching him in the face. They go to Hagrid's shack and Hermione offers to stay with him during the execution. Hagrid then gives Ron, Scabbers, which he found. Suddenly rocks are thrown into the shack and Harry sees Dumbledore, Fudge and The Executioner walking up. They run up the hill Draco was at and watch as The Executioner swings his axe to the ground. Scabbers bites Ron and runs away and Ron, Harry and Hermione chase after him. The black dog appears and charges at Ron and drags him under the roots of the Whomping Willow. The Whomping Willow attacks Harry and Hermione and they are thrown into a tunnel under the roots which leads to the Shrieking Shack. They follow Ron's screams and find Ron in a room with Sirius. Harry threatens to kill Sirius, but is disarmed when Lupin bursts into the room. Lupin and Sirius hug and Hermione thinks Lupin has betrayed Harry. Hermione tells Lupin she knows he is a werewolf. Lupin tells Harry it wasn't Sirius that betrayed Lily and James, but Peter. Snape runs into the room and disarms Sirius. Harry uses his wand to knock Snape unconscious. Scabbers tries to run away and is transformed back into Peter and is caught. As Sirius and Lupin are about to kill Peter, Harry stops them and says Peter needs to be taken to the castle and given to the authorities.

They all exit the cavern under the Whomping Willow and Sirius tells Harry he will be happy to be a free man again. Sirius offers to have Harry live with him and Hermione yells out when the full moon starts to peak over the horizon. Lupin starts to change into a werewolf and Peter manages to escape. Sirius yells at Harry, Ron and Hermione to run. Snape walks out of the tunnel and is swiped at by Lupin who has completely transformed. Sirius and Lupin fight and Harry throws a rock at Lupin distracting him. Something from far away howls and Lupin runs towards the howl. Sirius crawls away and Harry finds him wounded near a lake. The air starts to get colder and a group of Dementors circle above. They start to attack Sirius and Harry casts the Patronus Charm and is then attacked by the Dementors. As Sirius' soul is about to be taken, a glowing stag appears and forces the Dementors to retreat. The stag disappears and Harry collapses next to Sirius. Harry wakes up in the clinic and Hermione tells him Sirius was captured and the Dementors are about to suck out his soul. Dumbledore walks into the clinic and Hermione and Ron tell him that Sirius is innocent. Dumbledore tells Hermione and Harry where Sirius is being held and gives hints to Hermione on how to save two lives.

Hermione pulls out a necklace and places part of it around Harry's neck and turns her Timer-Turner three times. She and Harry go back in time to 7:30 that same day and she explains to Harry what the Time-Turner is. They run down towards Hagrid's hut and hide near the woods. Hermione starts to throw rocks like the ones that appeared out of nowhere before. Harry frees Buckbeak and when Cornelius Fudge finds Buckbeak missing, The Executioner chops a pumpkin in anger. They watch as Lupin and then Snape walk into the tunnel under the Whomping Willow. Harry tells Hermione it was James who cast the Patronus Charm. As Lupin is about to attack normal timeline Harry, Hermione howls like a wolf and Lupin chases after her and Harry. As Lupin is about to attack them, Buckbeak saves them and Lupin runs off. They watch as normal timeline Harry and Sirius are about to be killed by the Dementors and Harry casts the Patronus Charm. Harry and Hermione ride Buckbeak to the Dark Tower and free Sirius from prison. Before leaving, Sirius tells Harry he looks like James, but with Lily's eyes and tells Hermione she is the smartest witch of her age. He then flies away on Buckbeak. Harry walks into Lupin's office and Lupin tells him he saw him coming and points at the Marauder's Map. Lupin tells Harry he has resigned as a teacher due to someone telling others that Lupin is a werewolf. Lupin returns the Marauder's Map to Harry and then leaves. Harry walks into the main hall and finds the Gryffindor class surrounding a package on the table. Harry opens it up revealing it to be a Firebolt broomstick and the other students gasp in amazement including Angelina Johnson. Nobody knows who sent it, and Hermione pulls out a hippogriff feather that was also in the package. Harry gets on the broomstick and flies into the air.