Hashtag Horror (2015)

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A group of twelve year old girls bully each other until one of them breaks.


Horror, Psychological

Horror, Slasher


Georgie - Emma Adler

Mom - Jessica Blank

Ted - Ted Christensen

Molly - Annabelle Dexter-Jones

Harry Cox - Balthazar Getty

Lisa - Lydia Hearst

Dr. White - Timothy Hutton

Sylvia - Sadie Jensen-Blank

Ava - Blue Lindeberg

Emma - Natasha Lyonne

Gloria - Taryn Manning

Dark Figure - Mackenzie G. Mauro

Sofia - Bridget McGarry

Cat - Hayley Murphy

Reporter - Brenna Perez

Jamie - Stella Schnabel

Sam - Sadie Seelert

Alex Cox - Chloe Sevigny

Francesca - Mina Sundwall

Tatiana's Voice - Tara Subkoff

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Detailed Synopsis

On the side of the road, Harry Cox and Lisa are having sex in his car. She tells him she is excited about their upcoming weekend together and then she gets out of the car and leaves. Alex Cox calls Harry and asks him where he is. He tells her he will be away looking at an upcoming artists works, and she accuses him of sleeping with Lisa and is upset he will be away during their anniversary. Alex hangs up on Harry and his throat is suddenly slashed and his death is recorded and displayed on a live streaming program. Next Lisa is killed and her murder is live streamed. Sam has a psychic premonition of the murders and tells herself it wasn't real. Emma drives Sam to a party hosted by Sofia and offers to take her to the movies instead, and asks if she would rather hang out with their neighbor Katie. She then warns her about hanging out with the new rich kids and Sam tells her to drop her off far away from Sofia's house. Sam then admits that she is embarrassed of the model of Emma's car. Sam knocks on the door, but no one answers and she goes inside. In a room in the house, Georgie asks Sofia why she invited Sam, Francesca says she doesn't like Sam, and Ava says Sam smells weird. Sofia then tells them Cat invited her. Sam walks up and hears them talking about her and tells Sofia her house is nice, and Sofie tells her she hates it and her old house was bigger.

Dr. White is on the phone with Cat's principal as Cat sits across from him. He thanks the principal for not suspending Cat and then lies and says he has to respond to a medical emergency. He gets off the phone and tells Cat she has to stop bullying her friends and she tells him, they bully each other as a joke. He asks her if she is taking her Xanax and tells her he wants her to stay away from Bennett. He tells her he isn't going to ground her and she needs to try harder and she says she hates him. Alex goes looking for Ted and he tells her his crew wont be able to finish moving all of their stuff in. Alex asks Ted to stay a little longer and mentions he has stayed late so they could have sex, but he tells her he will come back on Monday. Alex shows Jamie the new house and tells her she and Harry live in different wings of the house. Alex calls for Molly and tells her to look for her phones. Molly tells her she can't find them and suggests they might be in her car and Alex accuses Molly of saying it is her fault she can't find her phones. Jamie asks if Molly is mentally handicapped and Alex tells her she thinks Molly stole her designer accessory. Alex then finds the phones in her pocket. As Dr. White drives Cat to Sofia's he gets angry with her when she won't get off of her phone. He asks her not to use her phone for five minutes and speeds off after dropping her off and trying to take the phone away from her. Jamie tells Alex that their house was designed by a friend of Andy Warhol named Ray Jameson who murdered his guests during a party and disappeared afterwards.

Georgie and Ava wonder where Cat is and when Sofia reminds them her mom died recently, Francesca mentions the rumor that Cat's mom died overdosing on pain killers that Dr. White gave her. Cat arrives and the girls try on dresses and as they do, Cat posts images of them online the entire time. Sofia asks Cat to take their picture and Cat tells them they all look stupid. Cat tells them the story she heard about the house and Ray Jameson. Sofia accuses Cat of lying again and then tells her to take a photo of her and the others. Cat takes a photo of them with her phone and then hash tags it "FAT UGLY BITCHES". Sofia sees the tag and tells Cat she is mean and Cat calls her a hypocrite and tells Sofia she only acts nice. Georgie tries to change the subject and Cat says she looks like a fat little sausage in her dress. Sofia tells her she is being mean, but Cat insists she isn't, because some of the girls laughed including Sam and Ava. Alex walks in and talks to the girls as she talks with Tatiana on her cellphone. Alex tells Sofia she is going to be gone for an hour and offers to bring home a pizza, but Sofia tells her they are all on a diet. Before leaving, Alex tells the girls getting ready is better than any party they will ever go to and to enjoy themselves when they are young.

Alex walks to her car with a drink in hand and drops her keys before she gets in and drives off. Sofia and the others start playing with Alex's jewelry and when Sam puts on a tiara, Francesca tells her she isn't a princess and Sofia takes a photo of her with her cell phone and tags it as poor girl. Cat finds a gun and starts pointing it at the others. When Francesca tells her to put it down, Cat accuses her of being a lesbian. Sofia is cutting herself in the bathroom when Georgie knocks on the door. Sofia opens the door and tells Georgie she is free to vomit and they all know she pukes in the toilet. Afterwards Cat, Ava and Francesca start picking on Georgie about her weight. Sam tries to make Georgie feel better by telling her she is funny, and Cat says it is because fat people make people laugh. Cat continues to make fun of Georgie and tells Georgie she should kill herself. Sofia tells Cat she went too far and eventually kicks her out of her house after Cat continues to bully Georgie. Cat begs to stay and then runs off. Sofia and the others take selfies in front of the art in her house as Cat runs in the woods. Cat calls Dr. White, but he doesn't answer her call and she leaves a message telling him she is scared and can't take it anymore. Georgie looks at her phone and sees Cat has posted a GIF of her eating with the hashtag "FAT TRANNY BITCH" and tells the others that no matter what, she will always be known as fat, because the picture Cat posted will come up if anyone searches her name and her life is over. She admits to the others that she has an eating disorder. Sam tries to comfort her and then they all get on their cellphones. She suggests they stop looking at their cellphones and Sofia agrees and takes their cellphones and locks them up and then throws away the key outside.

Georgie pours everyone an alcoholic drink and they get drunk. They all start dancing and someone posts a photograph of them with the hashtag die bitches. Sofia and the others play the honesty game and learn depressing facts about each other and their parents. Sam has a premonition of blood flowing and the others see her scars from self harming. She suggests they listen to music and they put on artistic masks found in the house and dance. The doorbell rings and after Sofia opens the door, Dr. White bursts in. He goes looking for Cat and then threatens Sofia and the others, and tells them they only care about themselves and should be institutionalized. He grabs a knife and Ava runs off. Sam goes looking for Cat and finds the car with Harry Cox dead inside. Dr. White leaves and Georgie and Francesca bully Sofia about Alex having slept with Dr. White. Sam runs into the house and tells the others she saw a car covered in blood and when Sofia recognizes it as Harry Cox's, she accuses her of lying. Sofia then tells Sam that she has to leave. Sofia leaves to go look for Cat. Alex is going to her Alcoholics Anonymous meeting when Dr. White shows up and tells her, Cat is missing. He threatens to press charges and he suggests she is a mess and should kill herself. Sam stands in front of the mirror in the same way and wearing the same clothes as when she saw the premonition and sees more murders. She returns to Francesca and Georgie and apologizes and Georgie starts picking on Sam. Dr. White calls Cat's number and demands she call him back and starts knocking over dead trees to build a trap for her while screaming into the woods.

Sofia finds Harry's car and finds him dead. Alex is with Gloria at the AA meeting when she gets a call from Sofia using Harry's phone. Alex thinks Harry is calling her and Gloria tells her to take control of her life and Alex tells Sofia she is through with who she believes is Harry and hangs up and turns off her phone. Sam is walking in the basement when she finds Ava dead and someone chases her and stabs her. Francesca and Georgie find Dr. White's phone and find photos and videos of murders. Sam finds Sofia and tells her to go to the neighbors house and ask for help while she calls the police. Francesca calls Georgie a fat mean pig and Georgie calls her a skinny lesbian and a Dark Figure records them fighting on their phone. Francesca leaves the house and after begging her to stay, Georgie starts eating cupcakes and calling herself a fat mean pig. Sam is looking for the key to the room holding her and the others cell phones when she is attacked. She is saved when Dr. White bangs on the window and her attacker runs away. Georgie is looking out the window when her throat is slashed. The attacker tries to get Sam, but she manages to close the door. As Francesca is wandering in the woods, she is stabbed and as she begs for help, she bleeds to death. Sam finds Georgie's body and Dr. White runs to Sam. He calls 911 and Sam sees the killer remove their mask to reveal themselves to be Cat. Dr. White apologizes to Sam and tells her he didn't think Cat would hurt anyone and is then shot dead by Sofia as Cat watches. Sam tells Sofia, the murderer is Cat and they watch the murders happen on Cat's phone. Alex is driving home when she sees Sam and Cat pointing guns at each other and Cat shoots herself in the face. A Reporter tells the audience about the six murders. A Mom is watching on her laptop as Sylvia tries to get her attention. Mom gives Sylvia a computer pad and Sylvia plays a video as a video posted by Cat mentions her reason to kill, which is to have the most likes.