Hector Cyr

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Hector Cyr


Hector Cyr is a wealthy mythology professor. He travels the world to swim with crocodiles. Hector has a helicopter, which he knows how to fly. Hector believes that crocodiles are godly. He has a brown belt in Karate.

During the events of Lake Placid (1999) played by Oliver Platt

Hector arrives to Lake Placid in his helicopter and starts demanding things and he tells Jack Wells he is there to help them find the crocodile. Sheriff Hank Keough, Kelly Scott, Jack and Hector go out on the lake with canoes. They come across a school of white perch who are showing signs of fear and Sheriff Keough and Kelly's canoe is suddenly upended. They make it back to camp and Kelly calls U.S. Fish and Wildlife, but they tell her they won't send anyone without a confirmed sighting. Sheriff Keough walks into Hector's tent and finds him having a party and flirting with Deputy Sharon Gare and tells everyone to leave. Sheriff Keough then tells Hector he thinks he is a mental case. As Sheriff Keough goes to pee, he is surprised by Hector who is laying a spring trap. The next day, Deputy Burke drives the boat as Jack, Sheriff Keough, Kelly and Hector ride along. Hector and Jack dive into the water while Kelly turns on a machine that emits the sound of struggling crocodiles. Hector and Jack find the remains of cows underwater and Hector surfaces and they pull him on the boat and as Deputy Burke goes to pull up the speaker, the Lake Placid Crocodile bites his head off. Hector tells Sheriff Keough he is sorry about Deputy Burke and tells him a nightmare he had where his head was disconnected from his body. As Sheriff Keough is walking away, he is caught by one of Hector's traps and after he is released, he chases after Hector. As he is chasing after Hector, a bear runs out of the woods and charges at Hector. The bear is then suddenly grabbed by the Crocodile and dragged underwater. Kelly tells them the Crocodile is an Asian Pacific Crocodile. Sheriff Keough wants to shoot the Crocodile, but Hector wants to study it and insults Sheriff Keough and dares him to punch him in the face, which Sheriff Keough does. Hector shows Sheriff Keough a video of a crocodile attacking a wildebeest. The next day Hector and Deputy Gare go out on his helicopter while Jack, Kelly, Sheriff Keough and Deputy Stevens search the forest. Hector dives into the water to try and find the Crocodile's habitat, and Deputy Gare calls Sheriff Keough on the radio and tells him. The Crocodile surfaces near Hector and Hector prays to Sobek. Deputy Gare turns on the helicopter and Hector climbs into it and they take off. The Crocodile grabs the helicopter's pontoon, but lets go when Deputy Gare shoots it. Hector tells Kelly he isn't going back into the water and tells her they shouldn't kill the Crocodile. Hector and Jack argue about trying to trap the crocodile and Kelly agrees with Hector and Jack finally agrees to try and trap it. They take one of Mrs. Bickerman's cows and hang it from the bottom of Hector's helicopter. Hector sees a blip on his radar and warns the others the Crocodile is heading their way. The Crocodile takes the bait, but Hector crashes his helicopter. The Crocodile charges after the truck with Kelly, Jack and Sheriff Koeugh and Kelly falls out of the truck. She swims to Hector and his helicopter after almost being eaten. The Crocodile attacks the helicopter and is trapped in it and Jack shoots it with the tranquilizer gun. Another crocodile suddenly emerges from the water and grabs Hector's leg and Sheriff Keough shoots and kills it. Officer Coulson and members of the Florida Fish and Wildlife arrive and they take over. Hector tells Kelly they are going to take the Crocodile to Portland until they find a permanent place to put him. A Paramedic tells Kelly, Jack and Sheriff Keough that someone should go with Hector in the ambulance and Sheriff Keough says he will go and he says bye to Jack and Kelly.

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