Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988)

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Sam Hell is sent by the government to rescue a group of fertile women from the evil Commander Toty.


Post-Apocalyptic, War


Squidlips - Julius LeFlore

The Poor Dufus - RCB

Sam Hell - Roddy Piper

Captain Devlin/Count Sodom - William Smith

Spangle - Sandahl Bergman

Patton - Edye Byrde

Briefing Officer - Lee Garlington

Centinella - Cec Verrell

Runaway Girl - Suzanne Solari

Arabella - Kristi Somers

Looney Tunes - Rory Calhoun

Leroy - Cliff Bemis

Bull - Nicholas Worth

Commander Toty - Brian Frank

Crosse - Danelle Hand

Unfortunate Frog Guard - James Casey

Medtech Personnel - Stephanie Bolton, Joni Crider, Debbie Federico, Deborah Hale, and Georgina Shore

Border Guards - Jeff Dolan and Vern Urich

Frog Bartender - Rick Bross

L'il Mutant - Annie McKinon

The Passives - Ellen Crocker, Kim Hewson, Ilana Ishaki, and Janie Thorson

Frog Guards - Joe Ripley, Kevin Hooper, Johnnie Saiko, Stephen Bougandoura, Terry Ray, Brad Baker, Vern Cullison, Demetrius Edwards, Tim Fox, David Hayes, Keith Holt, David Monroe, Dan Sherwood, John Bennett, Sholalyn Bundy, Dan Coplan, Jeff Hutchinson, Jay Noiman, John Nuter, Ray Shaffer, and Gary Thomson

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Detailed Synopsis

"In the latter days of the 20th century there arose a difference of opinion. The leading experts at the time believed a nuclear war would involve the exchange of a few bombs and then the suitably horrified combatants would sit down at the peace table. They were wrong. In just 10 days, 10,000 years of human progress was virtually blown to dust. Ten years later, they tried again."

Squidlips grabs a souvenir Statue of Liberty from the rubble. The Poor Dufus sees him and steals the statuette from him and then throws it away. Squidlips pulls out a revolver and shoots The Poor Dufus Dead and ribbits. Sam Hell is being interrogated by Captain Devlin for assaulting his daughter. Patton walks into the room with Spangle and tells Devlin he is to release Hell to them on the account that Devlin's daughter changed the account of her story when she found out she was pregnant. She then tells Devlin he has been reassigned to the border. Devlin tries to attack Hell with a broken bottle, but Spangle grabs his arm and throws him to the ground. As com systems call for different Medtech Personnel, Patton reads Hell's history of impregnation and tells Hell he has the highest spermatozoon count they have ever tested. She tells him she is authorized to offer him a clean record if he agrees to work for the government impregnating women. He agrees to it and Patton continues that the Provisional Government needs people to reproduce so they can win the population war. He tries to take off the chastity built he was given and she tells him only Medtech has the code. Hell watches a pre-recorded briefing given by Briefing Officer that mentions that 18 months ago a group of Greeners ambushed the 7th Mobile Brigade and kidnapped a group of civilians. Spangle introduces Hell to Centinella and they all head into the desert in a pink vehicle.

They arrive at the Provisional Government Border Station No. 1444 and are stopped by Devlin and the Border Guards. He threatens to kill them and dump their bodies and Centinella cocks her turret machine gun and Devlin is forced to let them go. Spangle tells Hell that the civilians that were kidnapped were all pregnant women and his job is to help free them and then get them all pregnant. While Centinella is refueling the vehicle, Hell says he has to pee. He tries to run away, but after a certain distance, his chastity belt starts to beep and Spangle walks up to him and tells him the chastity belt is rigged with an explosive that will detonate if any one but Medtech personnel removes it and if he goes beyond a certain distance from her earring a stinger will go off in his crotch and her tracking device in her earring will find him anywhere. During the night, Spangle tries to seduce Hell, and when he falls for it, she initiates the stinger using her earring and tells him, she did to follow orders to keep him stimulated. He is woken up by Centinella who climbs into his sleeping bag with him. As they are having sex, Spangle walks up and forces them to stop when she threatens Hell with the chastity belt stinger. The next day they enter the Mutant Reservation and then stop for the night. The motion tracker starts to go off and they use it to find Runaway Girl. Spangle runs a test on her and finds out Runaway Girl is one of the fertile women captured by the Greeners. Spangle injects her with Novaldol to increase Runaway Girl's fertility rate and then tells Hell he has to have sex with her. Hell at first resists and Spangle does a seductive dance to get him excited, and afterwards, he has sex with the Runaway Girl. As he does, Squidlips watches with binoculars.

In the morning, Runaway Girl tells Spangle where to find Frogtown and that the others are at Commander Toty's palace. Spangle gives her a tracking device and then sends her on her way after Runaway Girl hugs and thanks Hell for getting her pregnant. Before they arrive in Frogtown, Spangle dresses in a slave outfit and warns Hell not to try and take advantage of the situation. They go into a bar where Arabella is dancing on stage to the music of L'il Mutant and Frog Guards are drinking. Hell orders a drink from the Frog Bartender, but spits it out when he tastes it. Looney Tunes comments that Hell could never hold his liquor and he and Hell hug. They catch up and Looney Tunes tells Hell that the Greeners are mining uranium in Frogtown. He tells Hell that if he wants to do trading, he will have to speak with Leroy. Arabella walks up to Spangle and tells her "I love you" and Spangle realizes she is their contact in Frogtown. Hell meets with Leroy and Hell offers to sell Spangle to him and gathers information on the captured civilians from him and about Bull, who captured them. As they are negotiating, Bull uses a whip to grab Spangle and demands to know who brought her. When he finds out that Hell and Leroy were having a private barter, he tells Hell no private barters are allowed and takes Spangle after shutting down Leroy's bar and knocking Hell unconscious.

Hell wakes up in Arabella's room and she tells him what has happened. Squidlips motions Bull forward and tells him Spangle's secret. Arabella tries to have sex with Hell, but he pushes her off and then asks her to put a bag on her head and his chastity belt starts to beep. They go to try and find Spangle, but Arabella trips into garbage and Hell has to go by himself. He finds Spangle, who has been brought in front of Toty and Count Sodom. Hell witnesses Sodom's sale of weapons to Toty, but falls onto the box of weapons, breaking it open, but also falling unconscious. Spangle wakes up surrounded by The Passives dancing over her. She tells Crosse, she is there to rescue her with a plan. Hell wakes up to being tied up and Bull preparing to torture him. Crosse tells Spangle that she will face the dance of the three snakes. As Bull is about to use a chainsaw to cut off Hell's chastity belt, the chainsaw runs out of gas and he goes to get more. Bull cuts it off and Hell thinks Spangle lied to him and the belt lightly explodes, knocking Bull unconscious. A Frog Guard comes in to get Spangle and she knocks him unconscious, but is then grabbed and taken by two more. Arabella frees Hell, but is stabbed by Bull and killed, and Hell stabs Bull to death. Toty orders L'il Mutant to start playing music and Spangle to dance. An Unfortunate Frog Guard finds Looney Tunes sneaking around and Looney Tunes shoots him dead with a flare that also signals Centinella. Spangle starts to dance seductively causing Toty's three genitals to start dancing in response. Toty orders Spangle to come to her and she kicks his three genitals one by one and is then saved by Hell, but Toty escapes. Spangle notices Hell's necklace and he tells her it belonged to his daughter. They fight their way through the Frog Guards and free The Passives. Toty and a group of his Frog Guards stop Hell, Spangle and The Passives as they are about to meet up with Centinella, and are helped by Looney Tunes. They make it out, but Looney Tunes is wounded.

Toty follows them in a tank-like vehicle. Looney Tunes dies in the vehicle from his wound and Toty's vehicle starts firing at Spangle's vehicle. Centinella returns fire and kills a Frog Guard, but is wounded in the process and they are forced to stop by Count Sodom, who is standing in the road holding an RPG. He orders everyone out of the vehicle and then reveals himself to be Devlin. Devlin tells his plan to develop a nuclear weapon to destroy the world again. Crosse hands Hell his sword and Hell throws it at Devlin, wounding him enough to cause Devlin to run away. Hell goes after Devlin while Spangle and the others wait behind. Hell catches up with Devlin and shoots and kill him and takes his RPG. He goes back and finds the Medtech vehicle destroyed and then kills Toty by kicking him off a cliff and cutting off his hand after he tries to climb back up. He goes back to the ruins of the vehicle and Spangle and the others leave their hiding spot in the rocks. Spangle runs to him and tells him she knew the plan would work and he kisses her and Hell gives Centinella his daughter's necklace. Spangle reminds Hell of his commitment to impregnate all of The Passives and Hell laments how his job is never done.