House on Willow Street (2016)

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A group of kidnappers are terrorized by their kidnapping victim.


Horror, Supernatural


Hazel - Sharni Vinson

Katherine - Carlyn Burchell

Ade - Steven John Ward

James - Gustav Gerdener

Mark - Zino Ventura

Mrs. Hudson - Gina Shmukler

Mr. Hudson - Ter Hollmann

Vatican Priest 1 - Ashish Gangapersad

Vatican Priest 2 - Jonathan Taylor

George - Dimitri Bajlanis

Hazel's Mom - Zelmia Bezuidenhout

James' Mom - Monica Ann Fourie

Sarah - Nicole De Klerk

Young Hazel - Mia Slabbert

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Detailed Synopsis

Hazel has a nightmare of her house burning down from when she was young. She sits up from her bed revealing scars on her back. Ade calls her and tells her, he is outside. They park outside of a house and photograph Katherine. Later they have a meeting with Mark and James. Mark says the kidnapping has to be surgical and James says it will take time to properly plan, but Hazel tells them they only have six weeks. James reiterates that it will need proper planning, and Ade says the family is predictable in their movements. Hazel then tells them that the family has access to a large amount of diamonds. Mark notices that Ade dyed his hair and asks if he is hiding from someone or running from something.

Six weeks later, they take a van to Willow Street and park their van outside of Katherine's house. James and Ade go to break into the house and James finds the door unlocked and the security system down. James goes into the parents room and sees them in their bed and steals a key. Ade sees a framed picture of Katherine staring straight ahead. He goes into her room and finds it empty and etches carved into the closet. He turns around and Katherine is standing behind him. James grabs her from behind and they handcuff her into the van before transporting her to their hideout in a warehouse. They put a chain around her neck with a bell on it and sit her in a chair. Mark then turns on a series of closed circuit televisions and places a photo of Sarah on one of the screens. Hazel pulls the hood off of Katherine's head and accuses Ade of hitting Katherine, but he tells her that is how they found her. Katherine warns Hazel to let her go and when Hazel threatens her with a gun, the lights suddenly go out. James thinks he sees something, but when he flips the power switch, nothing is there. As he walks away, the bloody image of James' Mom appears behind him. While filming their ransom video, Katherine continues to resist. Hazel tells Katherine. Mr. Hudson took things from people and if she complies then she will go home sooner. Hazel then makes the video with Katherine demanding 300 karats of diamonds and they send it to Mr. and Mrs. Hudson electronically.

Hazel calls the Hudsons, but no one answers on their home or cellphones. Hazel tells Mark and James that they have to go back to the house. Ade says they need the money so he can fly out of the country to Panama and Mark tells him that he should go to the Hudsons' house then. Katherine starts ringing the bell connected to her neck and the lights go out again. Mark tells Hazel that the circuit breaker is in the basement and she flips the power back on. The lights start to flicker and when she turns around with her flashlight, Katherine is standing behind her with red veins popping out and a dark green tongue. As the power comes on, Katherine disappears and then reappears in her chair. Katherine tells Hazel she should let her go or everyone will die, but Hazel ignores her. As Hazel gives Katherine a sleeping roll, Katherine grabs her and tells Hazel she knows about her parents and how she feels guilty for them dying in the fire and not her. Ade and James return to the house and notice the place smells and there is rotten fruit. James hears a noise and thinks Mr. and Mrs. Hudson are hiding in the basement. He finds a tape recorder and the bodies of Vatican Priest 1 and Vatican Priest 2. Upstairs, Ade discovers Mr. and Mrs. Hudson are dead in their beds. Ade walks out of the room and notices the framed picture of Katherine has changed its pose. As he turns around the body of George appears and screams at him. It starts walking towards him, and then disappears. James and Ade leave the house and get back into the van and drive away.

George suddenly appears in the road and Ade crashes trying to avoid him. Mark follows a pair of wet footprints and the apparition of Sarah appears and he shoots at it and it disappears. James crawls out of the van and as he is stumbling in the woods, he is attacked by his Mom who sticks a tongue proboscis down his throat. Hazel goes looking for Mark and the building suddenly starts to billow smoke and fire. Hazel then briefly sees her dead Mom. Hazel also finds scratches on the building telling her to save herself. Ade finds James and helps him get back to the warehouse. They bring James into a room as he starts to foam at the mouth. Ade tells Hazel and Mark what he and James found in the house including the Vatican Priests that appeared to be ready for an exorcism. They watch Katherine's video diary cassette Ade brought back from the house. Katherine says she found a symbol in the basement and how the house has a history of death since it was built and relates a series of deaths including those of Hazel's parents. She then says that anyone that goes to the house that is grieving falls under the curse of the Tranghoul, the Devourer of Tormented Souls. Katherine then admits that she is tormented by her recent abortion. The diary continues and Katherine is seen to be changing physically. James starts to scream and spit out blood, while the others watch another videocassette, The Consultation and Exorcism of Katherine Hudson. Vatican Priest 1 tells the Hudsons about the Codex Vaticanus, which he tells them is supposedly written by God. Vatican Priest 2 then tells them the Codex Vaticanus acts like a force field and Vatican Priest 2 tells them their house is at the point on the planet furthest away from the Codex. The Vatican Priests tie Katherine down and tell the Hudsons that Tranghoul needs four souls in order to manifest on Earth. The Vatican Priests pour gasoline on Katherine and as they are about to light her on fire, Katherine puts out the flame and makes the gardening tools impale the Priests and Hudsons.

After watching the videos, Mark, Ade and Hazel decide to run away and then call the cops to tell them about Katherine. They go to look for James and see him floating in the air outside the building. Mark and Hazel go to the basement and when Mark threatens Katherine, she tells him there is no escaping. Katherine makes the lights go out and Mark tells Hazel to find the others and get away. Katherine makes a deal with Mark that if he brings her Hazel and Ade then she will let him go. As Ade is looking for James, he thinks he sees George again and admits that he moved his body to make it seem like George was driving, but the cops know the truth, so it doesn't matter. He finds James in the restroom and he shoots James as James is about to attack him. Hazel and Ade run back to the main room with the cameras and Mark pulls a gun on them. He brings them back into the basement and Mark unlocks the chain around Katherine's neck. Katherine starts to choke Hazel and Ade and at the last minute, Mark has a change of heart and grabs Katherine. Hazel and Ade run away and Katherine sticks her tongue proboscis down Mark's throat. Hazel and Ade are trying to figure out how to get out when Hazel's Mom appears and points her the way. They go into a room, but the grate over their escape is stuck. Katherine walks in and Hazel shoots at her with the shotgun, but Katherine is able to render the pellets useless. Ade gets the grate open and after Hazel gets in, he tells her to run. He stays to confront Katherine and the bodies of James and Mark. After Ade shoots at Katherine, Katherine stops the bullets and makes them hit him in the chest. Ade then shoots himself in the head so Katherine can't steal his soul. Hazel makes it out and finds the overturned van and goes inside and finds her lighter. She grabs a large wrench and is grabbed by Katherine, James and Mark. As Katherine is about to stick her proboscis down Hazel's throat, Hazel's Mom's ghost appears and holds back James and Mark. Hazel handcuffs Katherine and as Hazel is watching her Mom fight and kill James and Mark, Katherine escapes by biting off a portion of her arm. Hazel goes to look for Katherine and attacks her with the wrench. She puts her back into the van and pours gasoline on her and then lights the gasoline and the van explodes. Hazel hears sirens and runs away.