Humanoids from the Deep (1980)

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Humanoid sea creatures invade a California town.


Horror, Monster


Jim Hill - Doug McClure

Susan Drake - Ann Turkel

Hank Slattery - Vic Morrow

Carol Hill - Cindy Weintraub

Johnny Eagle - Anthony Penya

Linda Beale - Denise Galik

Peggy Larsen - Lynn Theel

Jerry Potter - Meegan King

Tommy Hill - Breck Costin

Deke Jensen - Hoke Howell

Dickie Moore - Don Maxwell

Billy - David Strassman

Radio Announcer - Greg Travis

Miss Salmon - Linda Shayne

Becky - Lisa Glaser

Jake Potter - Bruce Monette

Hill Baby - Shawn Erler

Old Man - Frank Arnold

Amy - Amy Barrett

Jo Williams and Her Whitewater Boys

Piano - Jo Williams

Bass - Henry T. Williams

Banjo - Lyle Isom

Fiddle - Jonathan Lehan

Jackie Jensen

Paula Slattery




Hank the Sheriff

The Mayor

Charles Borden

James Edwards


Slattery's Crewman


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Detailed Synopsis

Jim Hill and Tommy Hill are walking to their boat when they stop to say hi to Deke Jensen and Hank Slattery. Johnny Eagle arrives on his boat and complains about the new cannery that is soon to be coming which he thinks will deplete the fish population, but Hank thinks the cannery will be beneficial for the town. As Deke, his son Jackie Jensen, Schmitty, and Harry are fishing on Deke's boat, they catch a Humanoid in their net. They are trying to relieve pressure off of the boat when Jackie is knocked into the water and dragged to his death by the Humanoid. As Schmitty is running with a flare gun on the deck he trips and fires it into the ground which ignites the gasoline Jackie had spilled and the boat explodes killing Deke, Schmitty and Harry. Jim sees Deke's boat explode and has Tommy call the Coast Guard. Later at home, Jim is playing with the Hill Baby while he and Carol Hill talk to Hank the Sheriff about the explosion of Deke's boat. The Hill's dog Baron goes outside and it is attacked and killed by a Humanoid. The next day Carol finds slime on the family's trash cans and her and Jim follow the slime trail to the ocean where they find the remains of Baron. At the pier, Hank Slattery and his crew find the remains of the fishing boat dogs and the only surviving dog happens to be Johnny Eagle's. That night Peggy Larsen is getting ready when she is startled by noises and is surprised by Jerry Potter who snuck into her house. At the 75th Annual Noyo Salmon Festival, Jo Williams and her Whitewater Boys are playing including Jo Williams on Piano, a Bass player, Banjo player, and a Fiddle player. The Mayor introduces from Canco, Charles Borden, his assistant James Edwards and their associate Susan Drake. Charles Borden stands up to the microphone and says his company will be the greatest thing for the town since the ocean. Hank the Sheriff tells The Mayor that every dog on the dock was torn to pieces. Johnny Eagle walks into the hall carrying his dead dog and he accuses Hank Slattery of killing it and he tells everyone that he is going to court to stop the cannery. Dickie Moore grabs Johnny on orders of Slattery and drags him outside. A fight breaks out between Johnny, Jim and Tommy versus Slattery, Dickie, Jake Potter and Slattery's Crewman, before Hank the Sheriff breaks up the fight.

The following day, Jim and Tommy take Susan Drake, Charles Borden and James Edwards out on a fishing trip. As Peggy Larsen and Jerry Potter are swimming in the ocean, Jerry is dragged under water and killed and Peggy is dragged into the water. Slattery tells Dickie Moore, Jake Potter and Slattery's Crewman that they need to take care of Johnny Eagle one way or another. Johnny stops by to thank Jim and Tommy for helping him in the fight and invites Tommy and Linda Beale to eat dinner with him. Billy and his girlfriend Becky are in a tent when they are attacked and killed by Humanoids. At night, Slattery Dickie Moore and Slattery's Crewman sneak onto Johnny's property while he is having dinner with Tommy and Linda and set his house on fire with a Molotov cocktail. Linda takes Johnny's truck to get help and Tommy is grabbed by a Humanoid and attacked. Johnny sees Tommy being attacked and kills two Humanoids. As Linda is driving, she is attacked by a Humanoid which she manages to drive over and kill. Another Humanoid breaks through the rear truck window and Linda in a panic, drives off a bridge causing the truck to explode when it hits the ground. The next morning Susan Drake tries to rent a boat from Old Man, but he advises against it.

Johnny docks his boat with Tommy unconscious inside and Hank the Sheriff tells him Johnny has a lot of explaining to do. Tom takes Tommy and Carol to the hospital. Johnny tells Hank that large creatures attacked him and Tommy and Jim tries to get a group to go with him and Johnny and Susan Drake agree to help him search for the Humanoids. While searching the coastline they see a group of Humanoids which they manage to kill. As Susan is photographing the area, they find Peggy still alive. A Humanoid corpse is brought to a Canco lab and James Edwards warns Susan to inform Charles Borden first about anything she finds out. Susan reveals to Jim and Johnny that a group of salmon treated with DNA 5 have mixed with Coelacanth to create the hybrid Humanoids and that they are driven by a need to mate with human women. Radio Announcer is announcing live at the Salmon Festival with Miss Salmon, while the Jo Williams band plays. Jim returns to port with Johnny and Susan and shows a gathered group of people a body of a Humanoid. All of a sudden a large group of Humanoids attacks the pier and the people at the festival. Jim tells Susan to dump fuel from his boat as he drives around in the water. During the attack Radio Announcer is killed, while Miss Salmon manages to wound the Humanoid and get away. A boy grabs Slattery and tells him his sister Amy needs help. Carol fires a flare into the water setting it on fire from the gasoline. As Slattery is helping Amy, he is grabbed and injured by a Humanoid but helped by Johnny. Dickie Moore saves a woman by killing a Humanoid that grabbed her. Eventually all the Humanoids are killed or driven off along the pier. A group of Humanoids break into Jim and Carol's house and Carol manages to stab one to death, before Jim arrives to help her. Jim and Carol return to the pier and stare at the devastation. In Susan's lab, Peggy gives birth to a Humanoid baby that erupts from her stomach.