I Am Legend (2007)

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A virologist searches for a cure to a viral plague that causes violent changes.


Post-Apocalyptic, Viral


Robert Neville - Will Smith

Anna - Alice Braga

Ethan - Charlie Tahan

Zoe - Salli Richardson

Marley - Willow Smith

Mike - Military Escort - Darrell Foster

TV Personality - April Grace

Alpha Male - Dash Mihok

Alpha Female - Joanna Numata

Sam - Abbey and Kona

Military Driver - Jay - Samuel Glen

Male Evacuee - James McCauley

Woman Evacuee - Marin Ireland

Sergeant - Pedro Mojica

Evacuation Cop - Anthony Mazza

Military Police - Steve Cirbus

Little Girl Evacuees - Calista Hill, Gabriella Hill and Madeline Hill

Military Scanning Tech - Adhi Sharma

Evacuation Cop 2 - Tyree Simpson

Coast Guard Ground Crew - Blake Lange

Male Evacuee 2 - Alexander DiPersia

Male Evacuee 3 - Abraham Sparrow

President - Patrick Fraley

Special Blond Model - Caitlin McHugh

Civilian - Deborah Collins

Dr. Alice Krippin - Emma Thompson

Creature Vocals - Mike Patton

Infected - Exo, Lynna Davis, Moses Harris, Jr., Eric Jenkins, Heather Lang, Deborah Lohse, Luke Miller, Okwui Okpokwasili, Paradox Pollack, Hollie K. Siedel, Mark Steger, Anthony Vincent, Katherine Brook, Anika Ellis, Kennis Hawkins, Reed Kelly, Drew Leary, Jon-Paul Mateo, Courtney Munch, Erin Owen, Will Rawls, Hannah Sim, Charlie Sutton, Greg Wattkis, Vince Cupone, John Grady, Marc Inniss, Grasan Kingsberry, Asa Liebmann, Ian McLaughlin, Kimberly Shannon Murphy, Victor Paguia, William Schultz, Eric Spear, David Hamilton Thomson

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Detailed Synopsis

A TV Personality interviews Dr. Alice Krippin who has created a viral cure for cancer by using the measles virus to fight cancer including 10,009 successful clinical trials.

Three years later, Robert Neville is driving across a post-apocalyptic New York City with his dog Sam. A herd of deer run in front of Robert's car and he goes driving after them to hunt them for food. He chases one down and is about to shoot it when the buck is attacked and killed by a lioness and Robert leaves as the lioness' cub and mate join her to eat. He returns to his home as the sun starts to wane and makes food as a recorded news program plays in the background. As the sun sets, Robert shuts and bolts his door and windows and later lays in his tub holding a rifle as loud screaming is heard outside. He dreams back to the day that his family tried to flee New York City. Robert is escorted by a Military Escort and Military Driver as he picks up Zoe and Marley from their home. He tells Zoe to go to her sister Sarah's home and buy enough food for two weeks. Robert turns the radio to an announcement made by the President stating that he has ordered a military quarantine of New York City. Robert wakes up when an Infected runs into their vehicle. In the morning Robert checks on a group of rats he has exposed to a serum to try and cure the KV Virus. While most of the rats have either died or shown no effect, one rat has shown a decrease in aggression and pigment return. As he stops at a video rental store he says hello to a couple of mannequins standing out front he calls Marge and Fred. While searching a home he comes across a nursery decorated for upcoming twins. He stocks up on gasoline before heading to the South Street Seaport where he sits everyday waiting for anyone to arrive that has heard his radio broadcast offering food and shelter.

While hunting a buck on foot, Sam follows the buck into a darkly lit building. Robert follows Sam into the building and comes across a group of Infected huddled in a circle and one eating the buck. Robert finds Sam and then shoots and kills the Infected eating the buck. He tells Sam to get out and then crashes through a window with an Infected latched onto his back. The Infected then quickly burns from the sun exposure. Robert then sets a trap and catches Alpha Female and watches as Alpha Male screams in anger. He brings the Alpha Female back to his lab and injects her with the GA series serum 391 compound 6 that worked on the rat. The Alpha Female's heart rate and breathing slow down, but her heart stops after she wakes up and tries to bite Robert and he injects her with an adrenaline shot and places her into a secure location. He has another flashback continuing where the dream left off as the Military Escort takes him, Zoe and Marley towards their pick up out of New York City. While waiting in line to be scanned a Woman Evacuee begs someone to take her child. A tech scans Zoe for the virus and after the scan comes back positive, a stand off occurs when Robert demands that she be scanned again. Military Police relents and after a second scan by Military Scanning Tech, Zoe is allowed to go beyond the checkpoint. Zoe, Marley and Military Escort get into a Coast Guard helicopter and before leaving, Marley hands Robert Sam. Coast Guard Ground Crew then walks with Robert and Military Driver as the helicopter rises into the air. Robert wakes up and once more goes out into the city. As he is driving back he sees the mannequin Fred standing in a new location. Robert shoots at Fred and as he is walking towards the broken remains he is caught in a trap and falls unconscious when his head hits the ground.

He wakes up to the sun setting and manages to free himself from the trap, but falls onto his knife, embedding it into his thigh. As he slowly crawls his way back to his vehicle Alpha Male steps out from the shadows and sics three Infected dogs on Robert and Sam. Robert manages to kill the dogs and escape in his vehicle but not before Sam is bitten by one of the dogs. They go home and after the serum fails to work, Robert suffocates a changing Sam. The next day Robert buries Sam and afterwards stares at the empty seat next to him as he drives in the city. During the night, Robert lays a trap once more for the Infected and manages to kill a large amount of them. The Alpha Male is about to bite him when a bright light scares him away. Robert is then pulled out of his vehicle by Anna. He has another dream that continues from where the last one left off. In it, a helicopter goes careening out of control and it runs into the helicopter holding Zoe, Marley and Military Escort, killing them all. He wakes up to Shrek being played on the television and his knife wound sewn up. He stumbles into the kitchen and sits down at the table with Anna and Ethan. Anna tells him that she plans on heading to Vermont where there is supposed to be a survivor colony. Robert angrily throws his plate to the ground and tells Anna he was saving the bacon and leaves the table. He comes back later and Anna tells him how she got to New York. Later, Anna visits Robert in his lab and he shows her the Alpha Female which appears to show signs of possibly being able to produce a cure.

That evening, Anna asks Robert to come with her and Ethan to the colony in Vermont, but he tells her there is no colony. They hear a noise and Robert realizes the Infected must have followed them back to the house the night before. The Infected attack his house and manage to break inside. Alpha Male attacks Robert, but flees when Robert grabs a rifle and starts shooting at it. Robert, Anna and Ethan run into the lab and ultimately into the room holding the Alpha Female. They notice the Alpha Female is starting to change back to a more normal looking human. The Alpha Male runs into the lab and Robert yells that he can save the Infected.

As the Alpha Male continues to smash his head into the Plexiglas which slowly starts to crack, Robert realizes what he needs to do. He sends Anna and Ethan away into a tunnel with a blood sample from the Alpha Female. He then grabs a grenade and as the Alpha Male breaks into the room, Robert pulls the pin on the grenade and releases the safety lever, killing himself and the Infected in the lab. Later, Anna and Ethan arrive at the Survivor Colony in Vermont and they are let inside and greeted by other survivors.

Or alternately,the Alpha Male continues to slam into the Plexiglas until Robert takes the Alpha Female out to the Alpha Male, who Robert now understands are mates. The Alpha Male and Alpha Female leave with the other Infected. Robert, Anna and Ethan travel to Vermont together after Anna leaves a message for other survivors.