In Bruges (2008)

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Two assassins are sent to Bruges when an assassination goes wrong.





Natalie - Elizabeth Berrington

Ticket Seller - Rudy Blomme

Film Director - Olivier Bonjour

Overweight Man - Mark Donovan

Overweight Woman 2 - Ann Elsley

Ray - Colin Farrell

Policeman - Jean Mark Favorin

Harry - Ralph Fiennes

Ken - Brendan Gleeson

Yuri - Eric Godon

Canadian Guy - Zeljko Ivanek

Imamoto - Sachi Kimura

Denise - Anna Madeley

Harry's Child 3 - Louis Nummy

Chloe - Clemence Poesy

Jimmy - Jordan Prentice

Eirik - Jeremie Renier

Marie - Thekla Reuten

Boy in Church - Theo Stevenson

Kelli - Inez Stinton

Overweight Woman - Emily Thorling

Harry's Child 2 - Angel Witney

Harry's Child 1 - Bonnie Witney

Barman - Ran Yaniv

Canadian Girl - Stephanie Carey

Boat Driver - Jamie Edgell

Priest - Ciaran Hinds

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Detailed Synopsis

Ray talks about being sent to Bruges, Belgium after assassinating a Priest. Ray and Ken arrive in Bruges and Ray complains about Bruges being a dump. They go to a hotel run by Marie and Ken requests two rooms that were reserved under the names Cranham and Blakely. Marie tells him they only have one room booked and there are no other rooms available due to the Christmas season. Ken tells Ray they will have to stay in Bruges until Harry calls them, even if it is two weeks. They go sightseeing and Ken mentions Bruges is the most preserved Medieval town in Belgium. Ken goes up the Belfry of Bruges while Ray stays behind. Ken is short on change by ten cents, but the Ticket Seller insists he pay the proper amount. An Overweight Man, Overweight Woman and Overweight Woman 2 walk up to Ray and Overweight Man asks Ray if he has been up the belfry. Ray tells him it is trash and after Overweight Man questions him when Ray says he and his family won't make it up the belfry, Ray calls Overweight Man and his family elephants. Overweight Man chases after Ray, but can't catch him and Overweight Woman 2 calls Ray rude and calls Ken a curse word after he warns them the stairs are really narrow. At the pub, Ray suggests they wait two days and then call Harry and leave, but Ken thinks they might have been sent to do another job. Ray convinces Ken to go sightseeing during the night. Ray sees a movie being filmed with a dwarf in it and runs over to get closer as the Film Director tells Jimmy he wants him to tip toe like a mouse. Chloe walks over to Jimmy and Ray refuses to continue sightseeing. He walks over to Chloe and flirts with her. As she is walking away, Ray tells her a lot of dwarves tend to commit suicide. When he continues to use the term midget, she corrects him and says Jimmy prefers the term dwarf. Ray invites Chloe to dinner and as she laughs and walks off she drops a card with her name and phone number on it.

As Ray is leaving he gives the thumbs up to Jimmy. Marie gives Ken a message from Harry which angrily tells him to be in the hotel room tomorrow night. Ray comes in late and tells Ken about his date tomorrow with Chloe. The next morning, Ken apologizes for the message Harry left and then tells Ray they are staying in. Ray reminds Ken he has a date planned and Ken compromises as long as they do whatever Ken wants to do during the day. They go to the Basilica of the Holy Blood and Ray waits outside while Ken goes to touch a supposed vial of Jesus' blood. Ray sees Jimmy walking and waves at him, but Jimmy ignores him. As Ray sees a boy walking with his family, he has a flashback to when he shot and killed the Priest and also accidentally shot a Boy in Church who was waiting to tell his sins. They go to the art museum and look at Hieronymus Bosch's painting The Last Judgement and then discuss Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. Ken tells Ray about Danny Aliband's brother who he shot and killed when the brother tried to protect Danny and Ray expresses remorse about killing the Boy in Church and contemplates suicide. Ray takes Chloe to a restaurant on his date and he tells her he shoots people for money and she tells him she sells drugs to film crews. Ray tells a joke about Belgians and child abuse and after Chloe tricks Ray into believing one of the children murdered was her friend, she leaves to freshen up. Canadian Guy remarks to Canadian Girl how unbelievable it is that Chloe keeps on blowing smoke at them. Ray and Canadian Man start to argue and Ray punches Canadian Man, who he assumes is an American, in the nose and Canadian Woman in the face when she charges at him with a wine bottle. Chloe returns and they leave the restaurant.

Ken gets the call from Harry who tells him to kill Ray after telling Ken he sent them there so Ray could have a good time before he is killed. Harry gives Ken the address to Yuri's house so he can pick up a firearm and then tells Ken to call him from Jimmy Driscoll's after he kills Ray for killing the Boy in Church. Ray and Chloe are kissing at her apartment when Eirik shows up and threatens Ray for being with Chloe. Ray takes away Eirik's gun and Chloe tells him it is full of blanks. Ray shoots Eirik in the face when Eirik threatens him with a knife and Chloe tells him, Eirik and her use the gun to rob tourists. Eirik screams that he can't see out of his left eye and Chloe leaves to take him to the hospital. Ray keeps the gun and finds a jar full of drugs and a box of ammo which he takes. At the pub, Ken motions for another beer to the Barman. Jimmy walks in with Denise and Ken asks him how the movie is going. Ken compliments Denise and Jimmy admits she is a prostitute. Ray walks in and tells him how his date with Chloe went and about the drugs he stole. Ken goes to take some cocaine and Ray goes over to Jimmy and Denise and demands to know why Jimmy didn't wave back at him. He finds out Denise is from Amsterdam, but came to Bruge to make more money prostituting. They go to a room and do drugs together along with Kelli, and Ray tells Jimmy about the dwarf suicides. Jimmy tells everyone his theory on an upcoming race war and Ken tells Jimmy his wife was black. Ken and Ray leave after Ray chops Jimmy in the neck for trying to take more of the drugs for himself.

Ken goes to Yuri's house and gets the gun to kill Ray and Yuri suggests a location to kill Ray. As he returns to the hotel, Marie tells Ken, Ray was acting weird and gave her 200 Euros to give to her unborn baby. She gives Ken the money and tells Ken where Ray was heading to. As Ken is about to kill Ray, he stops when Ray is about to shoot himself in the head. They argue about who is allowed to kill Ray and Ken takes away Ray's gun. Ken decides to put Ray on a train and send him away and deal with Harry himself and Ray cries about killing the Boy in Church. Ken tells Ray the reason they were sent to Bruges and then Ray takes a train out of Bruges. Ken calls Harry and tells him he let Ray go. Harry starts breaking his phone and angrily calls Natalie an inanimate object. He tells Harry's Child 1, Harry's Child 2 and Harry's Child 3 to be good for Natalie and Imamoto. He tells them he is going to Bruges to deal with a matter of honor. The train stops and a Policeman arrests Ray for punching the Canadian Man and Canadian Woman. Harry arrives in Bruges and goes to get a gun from Yuri and some explosive bullets. Eirik is there and when he complains about Ray blinding him permanently, Harry tells Eirik it is his own fault. Harry and Ken sit down and Ken explains to Harry why he spared Ray. Harry tells Ken, he doesn't care if Ray is suicidal and would have killed himself on the spot if he had killed a kid. Chloe pays bail to get Ray out of jail. Harry and Ken decide to go to the belfry to sort things out and Ray and Chloe also head to the belfry. The Ticket Seller tells Harry and Ken that the belfry is closed due to Overweight Man having a heart attack. Harry tries to bribe the Ticket Seller, but the Ticket Seller takes the money and throws it at Harry's head and proceeds to shove his finger into Harry's head while telling him the belfry is closed. Harry beats the Ticket Seller to death with his gun and follows Ken up the belfry.

Ray and Chloe see Jimmy dressed as a schoolboy and Ray apologizes for karate chopping him in the neck and Jimmy apologizes for his talk about a race war. Ken refuses to gun fight with Harry and Harry can't make himself kill Ken and instead, shoots Ken in the leg. Eirik sees Chloe and Ray together and as Harry is carrying Ken down the belfry, Eirik tells him Ray is in Bruges. Harry shoots Ken in the neck and starts to run down the stairs as Ken climbs back up. Ken climbs to the edge of the belfry and throws down coins to clear the area before jumping off the tower. Ray runs over to Ken who tells him Harry is there and Ken gives Ray his gun, which is broken, before dying. Harry sees Ray and starts shooting at him and chases after him. Ray runs back to the hotel to retrieve the gun Ken took from him. Ray tells Marie she needs to leave now and finds the gun and Ken's last will and testament. Ray hears Marie arguing with Harry and to avoid Marie getting hurt in their crossfire, they decide that Ray will jump out the window into the canal and Harry will run out of the hotel to catch him in the canal. Ray manages to land on a boat as it is passing below him and he tells the Boat Driver to keep on going. Harry shoots Ray in the chest and Ray runs towards the film production. He wanders around staring at the actors dressed similar to Hieronymus Bosch characters. Jimmy walks away from the Film Director and moves towards Ray. Harry catches up to Ray and shoots him multiple times in the chest as Ray sees Jimmy dressed as the school boy and calls out "the little boy". Harry sees Jimmy, whose head has been blown off from a stray round and assuming he was a kid, blows his own head off as a matter of principle. Ray is taken away in an ambulance dying as he starts to think maybe Bruges is hell and he is already there.