In the Aftermath (1988)

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A soldier left for dead while searching for supplies during the apocalypse, meets a young girl with an egg.


Post-Apocalyptic, War


Frank - Tony Markes

Angel - Rainbow Dolan

Doctor Sarah - Filiz Tully

Goose - Kenneth McCabe

Psycho Soldier - Kurtiss J. Tews

Soldier - Edward Holm

Soldier - Brian Ellenburg

Officer - Mike Hickam

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Detailed Synopsis

On October 12th, while out searching for air, Goose finds a clean feather and shows it to Frank. Goose keeps the feather and they continue on their way. Frank figures out what day it is by remembering his former girlfriend's birthday. They come across a dead soldier sitting outside in an office chair and without protective gear, dead next to an empty air canister. They walk into a factory and Frank thinks he found water, but it turns out to be an acidic liquid. While heading towards a cinder block building, they walk over the remains of another Soldier. They enter the building and split up to search it. Frank finds a dead Officer and another dead Soldier suffering from radiation poisoning and then finds a working tape player. He presses play and classical music starts to play. He takes a magazine from the hands of the dead Soldier and finds the pages open to a photo of a man surfing. He enters another room and sees a large amount of empty oxygen canisters and a Psycho Soldier. Psycho Soldier starts asking Frank about how much oxygen he has and where he got his air purifier unit. Psycho Soldier says he could kill for six days of pure oxygen and as Frank tries to leave, Psycho Soldier attacks him. Psycho Soldier knocks Frank unconscious with a home made spear and then takes his protective gear and puts it on. The Psycho Soldier takes Frank's rifle and then shoots Goose when Goose notices Psycho Soldier is not Frank and just wearing his gear.

Frank wakes up and sees Goose lying dead, finds the feather Goose had kept and puts it back on Goose's outfit. He drags Goose's body back into the building. An Angel appears and as Frank walks towards her, she walks away and he follows her. She stops and he sees her clutching an egg, but then Frank collapses. Frank wakes up on a bed with his head bandaged and looks around and sees a piano sitting outside his room. He gets up and finds a tube coming into the room that has water dripping from it and another one with oxygen coming from it. Doctor Sarah enters the room and asks how Frank is doing and introduces herself. She tells them they are the only two in the building and gives him an antibiotic. Frank makes a drawing of the Angel and later, he and Sarah eat a hot meal. Sarah asks about the drawing and Frank tells her about the Angel and how he thought she was carrying a giant egg. Frank plays the carnavalito tango on the piano for Sarah. Frank puts on protective equipment and goes outside to try and find the Angel. The Angel appears and tells Frank she is there to assist him. She gives him the egg and then walks away. Sarah finds Frank and he shows her the egg. A feather falls from the sky and Sarah keeps it. The egg starts to glow and the atmosphere becomes clean of radiation. Sarah and Frank take off their gas masks, take a breath of clean air and celebrate.