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[[File:Sergeant_Turner_2_-_Edited.png|350px|thumb|right|Inspector Frank Butterman]]
[[File:Inspector_Frank_Butterman_-_Edited.png|400px|thumb|right|Inspector Frank Butterman]]
== Background ==
== Background ==

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Inspector Frank Butterman


Frank Butterman is the inspector for the police department in Sandford, Gloucester. His son is PC Danny Butterman. Frank's wife, Irene Butterman, killed herself after Sandford lost the Village of the Year competition. He is a member of the National Watch Alliance.

During the events of Hot Fuzz (2007) played by Jim Broadbent

Frank calls Nicholas Angel and tells him he will be moving into a cottage, and then calls back and says the cottage isn't ready yet. Nicholas meets Frank and Frank congratulates him on his arrests, but tells Nicholas, Sandford is not like London and is the safest village in the country. He tells him about his predecessor, Sergeant Popwell, who apparently had a nervous breakdown on the job. Frank takes Nicholas on a tour of the police station and takes him to meet DS Andy Wainwright and DC Andy Cartwright. Nicholas is shown the swear box, where officers must put money if they curse on the job. Next, Nicholas is taken to the main office where he meets Sergeant Tony Fisher, PC Bob Walker and Saxon and PC Doris Thatcher. Finally, he is taken to meet Tom Weaver of the Neighborhood Watch Alliance. Tom Weaver shows Nicholas video feeds that are recorded from around Sandford and complains about the hoodie gang and The Living Statue. Nicholas finds out the office is eating cake as a punishment for Danny misplacing his helmet, and as punishment for Danny's drunken incident, will have to eat ice cream for a month. After Nicholas refuses free tickets from Martin Blower to see Romeo and Juliet, Frank insists he go with Danny. Frank tells Nicholas and Danny he wants them to take Bob and Saxon to investigate a call from Ellroy Farm where Arthur Webley has been cutting hedges that don't belong to him. At the pub, Frank tells Nicholas someone needs to go home after George Merchant starts peeing on the floor. At the Save the Church Roof festival, Frank tells Nicholas he can take a break and when Tim Messenger is killed, Frank tells them it was just an accident. Nicholas tells Frank he thinks all of the deaths are linked and Frank orders all the officers to work. After Nicholas starts yelling in the station, Frank calls Nicholas into his office and Nicholas tells him he knows who the murder is. The entire department goes to Somerfield market and Nicholas accuses Simon Skinner of being the murder, but Simon has an alibi and his store footage shows him to be at the store during the day. A few days later, Nicholas tells Frank he thinks that there is more than one killer and Frank tells him Sergeant Popwell had the same thoughts and suggests Nicholas sleep on his ideas. Nicholas runs to the castle and finds the NWA sitting around a circular table chanting. After the chanting, Joyce Cooper tells the others, Janet Barker has decided on calling her twins Roger and Martin. Tom tells the others that Nicholas has been killed and their next move is to eradicate the hoodie gang. Nicholas tells them they are all under arrest and Simon tells him everyone died in order for Sandford to win the Village of the Year Contest. Frank reveals himself to be a member of the group and tells Nicholas he decided on his path after his wife committed suicide after Sandford lost the Village of the Year Contest. Nicholas tells them all they are coming with him, but they pull out weapons and Michael Armstrong and Danny appear at his side. Nicholas grabs a knife away from Michael and threatens to kill Danny before running away. He appears to be stabbed by Danny who drives Nicholas to the edge of Sandford. As Danny and Nicholas are in a shootout with Roy Porter and Mary Porter, they are surrounded by Frank and the rest of the department in riot gear. Nicholas manages to convince the other officers that they have been manipulated and leaves Bob and Saxon to deal with the NWA members in town as Frank runs away. Simon escapes with Frank from Somerfield market after the police arrive. After avoiding The Swan, the vehicle crashes into the model village. Frank takes Danny hostage and tries to escape in the police car after Danny fires into the air, but crashes when The Swan attacks him. Frank is then arrested.